Payment FAQ

1. Which payment methods do you offer?

We accept the following payment methods:

2. How does EMEET notify the customer that we have received the bank transfer?

The order status will directly change from awaiting payment to awaiting fulfillment under the customer's EMEET account, at the same time customer will receive an e-mail about the status changed notification. 

3. Will there be any import tax on the product?

Import taxes are included in the price of the product.

4. Can the order payment method be changed?

Order payment method can be changed if the order is placed but not paid yet.

Order payment method cannot be changed if the order is paid successfully, customer can contact EMEET Customer Support to cancel the order if the order status is under awaiting fulfillment then place the order with the appropriate payment method.

5. My payment was declined, why?

If your credit card is declined there may be a few reasons: the card has no funds available, you entered the wrong CSV security code, the card is expired, the card does not allow internet purchases (card not present purchases), etc. In any event, by calling your issuing bank they can tell you why the card is declining.

Solutions: Try a different credit card or try using PayPal as your check-out method.

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