EMEET at CES 2024

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As one of the largest global consumer technology events, the CES2024 has garnered widespread attention within the global tech community with various companies showcasing their latest tech products and cutting-edge technologies. EMEET, together with over 4,000 companies, attracts a large number of visitors with our unique products and innovative technologies like no other.

At the Pepcom media event, a day before the opening of teh CES2024, we showcased our newly developed open-ear headphones, hybrid work solutions, and live streaming cameras to globally renowned media and influencers, attracting the attention of many, who thought highly of our product innovation and market performance.

It's worth mentioning that one of our co-founders, Leo, personally led the team to participate in this exhibition. His early investment experience in multinational companies has given him a profound and grand strategic perspective, and his fluent and proficient oral skills make him able to vividly showcase our product features in exchanges with visitors. He has led several excellent projects, including several new products at this exhibition, and attaches great importance to the market performance at this exhibition.

At this exhibition, we showcased our latest masterpiece to global users - the EMEET AirFlow open-ear headphones. This revolutionary headset might be the most comprehensive one on the market so far. Its unique detachable microphone design allows it to switch between different scenarios, balancing work and life, and experiencing the "double life" of urban beauties and workplace elites. With our self-developed VoiceCore noise reduction algorithm, the dual-channel noise reduction effect is up to 50dB, deeply eliminating close-end and far-end noise, providing users with a super clear audio experience. Whether in business negotiations, family communication, or in teleconferences, EMEET AirFlow can let you and the other party hear clearly and speak clearly.

The MEET AirFlow adopts a simple and low-profile open-ear design as the keynote. Each earbud weighs only 8.5 grams, and the skin-friendly coating treatment gives users a feather-like light touch, achieving unparalleled comfort. Adopting an ergonomic design and more than 2560 ear shapes tested, the earhook of the AirFlow has achieved a perfect combination of comfort and secure fit, which undoubtedly brings our users an unprecedented call experience and comfort.

At CES2024, we showed the world EMEET's spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. We also believe that in the future, EMEET will continue to take globalization as its development goal, providing customers with better products and services. Either hardware or software, we will strive to create more comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of global consumers.

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