30+ Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

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Are you tired of staring at the same dull office background during your Zoom calls? Or struggle to find a suitable place for a sudden video call? Why not set up some amazing virtual backgrounds?

Here we've put together a list of 30+ free free Zoom backgrounds, whether professional or funny ones, we've got you covered!

How to Change Your Zoom Backgrounds

In case you find it hard to change your Zoom background, we'll show you how to do it step by step.

1. Open Zoom on your PC.

2. Click "settings" in the upper right corner.

3. Click "Background & Effects" here.

4. Click the plus sign and add images.

5. Then choose the one you like.

How to Change Your Zoom Backgrounds During Meetings

1. Click the "^" button on the right of "Start Video".

2. Then select "Choose Virtual Background".

3. Then choose the one you like.

Free Zoom Backgrounds

As we can see from the above , Zoom offers some default virtual backgrounds for you to choose from. It also allows you to change backgrounds to show your differences or personality. The following are some free images that you can try to apply to your Zoom video conferencing.

To download the following images, you just need to right click and choose "save image as" and it's done.

Office Zoom Backgrounds

Get ready to transform your virtual workspace with these incredible office-themed backgrounds.

Comfy home office

A comfortable home office background gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation, helping you get rid of the exhaustion of the whole day.

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

Coworking workspace

If the home office somehow makes you feel lonely at work, then you can pick some coworking workspace backgrounds.

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

Go green virtual backgrounds

Adding some greenery to your workspace is always a great investment that benefits a lot more than you can imagine, so will a go green virtual background.

source: Pexels

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

Professional Zoom Backgrounds

If you're about to attend a formal video meeting with your clients or boss but can not find a suitable place, then the following professional backgrounds will certainly give you a hand.

Professional background with a grand view

source: Elite

Spacious personal professional workspace

source: Pexels

Formal background

source: Unsplash

Modern professional workspace

source: Pexels

source: Unslpash

Meeting Room

source: Pexels

Funny Zoom Backgrounds

Get bored with those formal backgrounds? Well, let's have some fun with the following funny Zoom backgrounds. But be cautious about using them during formal meetings.

Star War escort

Isn't it funny to have two storm troopers behind you during a video conferencing?

source: Unsplash

Moon surface

While everyone is video conferencing on the earth, perhaps the moon is not a bad choice.

source: Pexels

Mission control center

Now the world is in your control.

source: Unsplash

TED Talk speech

Just release your eloquence on the TED Talk stage!

source: Behance

Passionate concert

During the meeting break, what about showing your beautiful voice to the crowd.

source: Unsplash

Cool Zoom Backgrounds

If the above funny backgrounds are somehow exaggerated, but you also want some backgrounds that are not too formal, then you must take a look at the following cool backgrounds.

Cool desk setup

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash

Fascinating aisle

source: Unsplash

source: Unsplash


source: Unsplash

Library Zoom Backgrounds

If you're literally book worms, then these library Zoom backgrounds might be your cup of tea.

Library with a seat

source: Unsplash

Close up bookshelf

source: Pexels

Regal library

source: Unsplash

Warm tone library

source: Unsplash

Modern bright library

source: Unsplash

Wrapping Up

No matter if you're video chatting with your friends or family, conducting your work from a cozy apartment, bedroom, or the convenience of your kitchen table, you can utilize these 30+ Zoom backgrounds to maintain a professional appearance and ensure a distraction-free meeting environment, or to add some fun as well.

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