Technology Empowers Creativity in Education

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With the rapid development of mobile communication and Internet technology in the Internet era, the application of communication technology in the education industry is becoming more and more extensive. Teachers can conduct teaching activities through online live broadcasts, and students can also learn through the Internet. And this kind of "learning" is not simply transferring the content of the teacher's lectures to the students. In this process, the teacher communicates with the students through online live broadcast software.

Moreover, there will be many problems in the process of teacher-student interaction, and teachers can make timely and practical solutions to these problems. For example: when there are some knowledge points in the classroom, I can't grasp the thinking trends of the students well; when there are some problematic knowledge points, I don't know how to explain them to them; unable to discover problems in time and solve students' complex issues. This requires the use of communication technology to solve problems. Teachers can now use online live broadcast software to interact with students, conduct online teaching, assign homework, answer questions, and a series of online services.

Learn how the right tech support solution can allow schools to:

1. Provides teachers with greater flexibility in creating and delivering content

With the continuous development of remote education, the application of video conferencing systems in the field of education has become more and more common, especially for some schools. Video conferencing has become a part of the school's daily work and teaching. For many, however, video conferencing could be more teaching-friendly. First, video phones and tablets do not give teachers what they need when communicating remotely. Second, teachers may need help integrating all information into the classroom and sharing their knowledge with students. In addition, compared with traditional classroom teaching, distance education relies more on students to learn and interact for specific purposes. Therefore, selecting suitable video conferencing equipment would be necessary.

2. Engage students more deeply in learning

Conferencing video equipment outside the classroom can engage students more deeply in their learning. The lack of face-to-face interaction makes learning at the school more difficult, as students need help understanding better and digesting what they are learning. Teachers and principals have the same concerns, especially when classroom space is limited. Video conferencing equipment allows them to teach remotely and provides the opportunity to interact with other students related to what they are teaching or learning. Remote learning via video conferencing systems has become more accessible and effortless as new technologies and tools continue developing. Learning via distance can take place in a classroom or other space, such as outside a school, in a classroom, office, or outdoors, such as a field. Although video conferencing systems offer some benefits, they can be challenging to use in schools or classes due to their cost. Nonetheless, conferencing video equipment can allow teachers or students to engage more deeply in learning in the classroom, thereby giving them a better grasp of the course content. This may require a solid technical and organizational framework to support classroom teaching and multiple applications, such as Microsoft Teams, to enable this across all spaces.

3. Create stronger bonds between teachers and students

Conferencing video equipment can create a stronger bond between teachers and students. First, because conferencing video equipment uses the video and audio sharing services provided by the Internet, teachers and students can use the same platform to achieve teaching dialogue. This means that teachers can provide learning materials to students, and students can listen to learning materials through the Internet. Second, with a stronger bond between teachers and students, they will be able to work together to plan lessons and solve problems they face in the future. Finally, communication costs can be reduced using the same equipment when teachers and students are not in the same place. This means more time between them for face-to-face discussions about learning or planning for future lessons.

4. Ready to transfer learning environments without interrupting the learning process

Conference video equipment can transfer to the learning environment anytime without interrupting the learning process. With the development and progress of society, we have higher requirements for communication skills, collaboration efficiency and information technology in work and life. Therefore, more and more companies have begun to attach importance to video conferencing training for employees. Traditional conference video equipment is mainly designed and produced based on a PC or tablet computer. It can only use one device for conference video and voice transmission. This device can only provide one picture or several pictures; it cannot simultaneously realize multiple People conferencing and video conferencing. What if there is an unexpected situation during the training process and you want to transfer to another place for study? This is embarrassing for some companies that are inconvenient to move to or have no fixed conference room.

Select the Correct Video Conferencing Equipment: EMEET Meeting Capsule

To conduct an excellent remote learning experience for the student, teachers and schools need to consider the video conferencing they use to provide students with the most immersive experience. The EMEET Meeting Capsule is an All-In-One conference room camera for teams that features a 360° 1080P camera and an 8-mic array. The 360° camera feature enables the teacher to conduct remote teaching, and the students can still see the entire classroom, providing the best learning experience for the students.

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