EMEET CES 2023 Recap

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The biggest and highly-anticipated tech event——CES, kicked off at Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC), NV, the United States, on 5th January 2023.Recovering from the epidemic's impact, the CES 2023 is likely to be the largest in its 56-year history, with over tens of thousands of visitors and brands from home and abroad.

As one of the exhibitors and a rising star in the field of intelligent audio and video, EMEET again attended the event and gained much of the favour of technology enthusiasts and media friends from all over the world during the show. Let's take a look!

Booth Layout

EMEET returns to Las Vegas Convention Center this year with a larger booth compared to the one in 2020. The whole booth is mainly divided into four sections, which include the streaming cameras series section, the speakerphone series section, the webcam and headset series section, and the demonstration and experience section for the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro.

New Launches

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro

As the name suggests, the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro is an upgraded version of our flagship, EMEET Meeting Capsule. It adopts the industry-leading binocular fisheye splicing structure design, which improves the video image quality to ultra-high-definition 4K resolution. It can capture the details of participants and meeting rooms more clearly, creating an even more immersive meeting experience for remote participants. In addition to the video quality, the audio quality is also improved. The microphone array has been upgraded from 8 to 10, and the speaker has been upgraded from 10W to 15W, together with VoiceIA, our independently-developed audio processing algorithm. It can achieve high-quality noise and echo cancellation, significantly reducing noise interference in remote meetings, allowing information to be delivered smoother, and making hybrid meetings more efficient.

Furthermore, the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro is also equipped with whiteboard correction technology, allowing the lens to focus on the whiteboard anywhere in the conference room automatically. Also, the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro supports wireless video and audio cascading, making it more flexible and suitable for rooms of various scales.


The EMEET StreamCam ONE is our first-ever wireless camera specifically designed for live streaming, which redefines the actual wireless streaming camera. It is an all-in-one wireless streaming camera with a wireless magnetic lavalier microphone. It is equipped with a 1/2.8" Sony image sensor; the EMEET StreamCam ONE delivers HD 1080P video when streaming. EMEET's exclusive streaming application, EMEETSTREAM, can wirelessly connect three cameras simultaneously, offering different angles. Also, with the one-click streaming function, users can stream to different live streaming platforms all in a simple click in EMEETSTREAM, making streaming easier than ever!

EMEET GeniusCall HS80

In CES2023, our latest generation of telephone headset, EMEET GeniusCall HS80, was also officially announced. Unlike the two previously released headsets HS100 and HS150, the HS80 comes with a wireless charging base. With high-speed charging technology, the HS80 can be used continuously for up to 6 hours when charged for only 15 minutes. The headset's overall weight is only 175g, and the left and right sound channels can be switched at will, providing a more comfortable and flexible wearing experience. Equipped with the VoiceIA algorithm, the audio performs outstandingly as always, reducing background noise, highlighting the human voice, and bringing an excellent communication experience for businesses!


At CES2023, our independently innovative products: EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro and EMEET StreamCam ONE, are in the limelight, which has attracted numerous guests, including technology enthusastists, social media influencers, and media friends, etc., stopping by our booth to experience our audio and video solutions. All of them generously showed their interest and appreciation for EMEET's products and technologies.

Some interesting facts

·One of our guests was deeply impressed by the EMEET StreamCam ONE, and she voluntarily helped us introduce it to passing visitors.

·Lots of well-known camera media, including Digital Camera World, showed close attention to the EMEET StreamCam ONE and offered to interview us.

· Many visitors spoke highly about our booth layout being excellent and asked for related experience.

In the Future

We had so much fun and received your feedback on our products. Thank you for all your attention and appreciation for EMEET. In 2023, we'll keep on committing ourselves to the research and development of audio and video solutions. Alongside your valuable suggestions and feedback that matter the most, exploring new fields, launching new products and technologies in line with the trend of the Z era, and bringing more intelligent and convenient solutions to the world!

Find more exciting clips on our TikTok and Youtube channels!

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