EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit Officially Launched

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We're thrilled to announce that the comprehensively upgraded version of the EMEET Meeting Capsule, EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit is now available in EMEET official website.

Here we'd like to introduce you to the world of intelligence and professionalism, helping you experience seamless and smooth collboration for hybrid work.

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

Key Features

  • Dual 4K lenses, Sony sensor
  • 360° panoramic view, AI-powered speaker tracking
  • 8+2 mics and 10W Hi-Fi speaker
  • Whiteboard detection and correction
  • Wireless co-camera
  • Plug and play

Designed specifically to meet the needs of modern workplaces, EMEET's cutting-edge 360° conference camera offers a unique solution to the challenges of remote collaboration.

Dual 4K Lenses & AI-Powered Speaker Tracking

The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit boasts a superior visual experience compared to traditional conference cameras thanks to its dual 4K lenses and Sony sensor. It also offers an optional 360° panoramic view and an AI-powered speaker tracking feature that can zoom in on up to three active speakers, making it stand out on the market.

Outstanding Audio Performance

With its 10 microphones, the Meeting Capsule Pro delivers even more impressive audio performance than its predecessor, with excellent noise cancellation and full duplex capabilities thanks to the VoiceIA algorithm.

Wireless Co-Camera

The wireless co-camera is what sets the Meeting Capsule Pro apart from other conference cameras on the market. This portable, versatile camera is pre-paired with the Meeting Capsule Pro, and is designed for whiteboard correction and other meeting scenarios. Simply turn it on and you're ready to go.

The Ultimate Solution for Hybrid Collaboration

Overall, the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit is no doubt a game-changer that is worth considering in the conference camera market with its exceptional performance yet relatively affordable price.

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