EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

360° All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera.

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  • Dual 4K lenses, upgraded image quality
  • 8+2 microphones, crystal-clear audio
  • 10W Hi-Fi speaker, hear loud and clear
  • AI-powered active speaker tracking
  • Pre-paired wireless & portable co-camera
  • For whiteboard, for host and for more
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EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

360° All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera.

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EMEET Carrying Bag
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EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

USD $1,099.99 $1,299.99
User Manual
Tired of struggling to run video meetings that include everyone around the table?
The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit could be just what yoou need
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All Set for Hybrid Collaboration

Dual 4K Lenses Capture

Upgraded Image Quality

Featuring dual 4K lenses and a Sony sensor, the Meeting Capsule Pro is able to deliver stunning visuals to the remote end, allowing every attendee to be seen crystal-clear.

Be Seated and Be Seen

The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro provides a complete view of the meeting space with its 360-degree capture capabilities and dual 4K lenses that ensure high-quality visuals.
Dual 4K Lenses
Immersive As It Is

Following the Speaker...All the Time

The AI-powered speaker tracking allows up to 3 attendees to be zoomed in on while they're speaking so that remote team members can hear and see whoever's speaking clearly as if they're seated in the room.

Even Better Together

Video Daisy Chain wirelessly with an additional portable, versatile co-camera in different scenarios to deliver a more immersive hybrid meeting experience.

For Host
For Whiteboard
For More

Focus on the keynote speaker while an other active speaker is also zoomed in on the screen.

·Precise Whiteboard Detection and Correction

Intelligently detects the whiteboard stickers and zooms in on the whiteboard quickly and clearly.
Just write down your thought and let it be seen.

·Wireless ·Portable

Place the Co-Camera to anywhere when there's something to showcase during meetings.
Suitable for all kinds of conference rooms and scenarios.

Hi-Fi Speaker
Hear Louder and Clearer
Hear the remote side louder and clearer with the powerful 10W Hi-Fi speaker anywhere in the conference room.
10 WattHi-Fi Speaker
Noise Cancellation
Get Yourself Heard
The Meeting Capsule Pro boasts 8 omni-directional and 2 noise cancelling mics that are enhanced with a cutting-edge voiceIA algorithm so that it provides a complete 360° voice pickup in a radius of 18ft, making sure everyone is heard wherever they're in the room.
pickup radius
Full Duplex Audio
Smooth and Seamless Communication
Our exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA enables cancelling up to 2969 types of noises, including transient noises and continuously steady background noises, toghether with the full duplex audio, the Meeting Capsule Pro makes communication smoother and collaboration a breeze.
2969types of noises cancelled

Seamless Solution for Hybrid Collaboration

Daisy Chain with other EMEET devices to extend the audio coverage for larger conference rooms.
Suitable for up to 28 people
Suitable for up to 26 people
Suitable for up to 22 people
Suitable for up to 15 people

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit+Luna Plus Kit

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit+M3

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit+M0 Plus

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

Experience a more immersive and intelligent hybrid meeting with the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit.
Whether you're delivering a keynote speech, demostrating with a whiteboard or making other presentation, we've got you all covered.
Meeting Capsule Pro Kit+Luna Plus kit
Meeting Capsule Pro Kit+M3
Meeting Capsule Pro Kit+M0 Plus
Meeting Capsule Pro Kit
(Save $130.00)
(Save $140.00)
(Save $100.00)
(Save $200.00)

Plug and Play

Set and meet. Be meeting-ready in seconds with the plug-and-play convenience, user-friendly control and various mounting ways of the Meeting Capsule Pro.

Out-of-the-Box Compatibility

EMEET devices are designed to seamlessly integrate with the most popular operating systems and platforms, giving you the flexibility to work across multiple devices and environments.
Mac OS
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet
Face Time
Cisco Webex

Product Comparison

Model Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit Meeting Capsule
Lens Dual 4K fisheye lenses One fisheye lens
Focus Type AI-based focus AI-based focus
Video Pickup Radius 10ft 10ft
Output Resolution 1080P 1080P (in Classic Mode)
Wireless Co-Camera Yes No
Microphone 8 omni-directional beamforming mics
2 noise-cancelling mics
8 omni-directional beamforming mics
Audio Pickup Radius 18’ (5.5m) 18’ (5.5m)
Technology Noise cancellation
Echo cancellation
Voice enhancement
Full duplex
Noise cancellation
Echo cancellation
Voice enhancement
Full duplex
Output Level 10W 10W
Plug and Play Yes
USB-C to A
USB-C to A
Daisy Chain Option Audio and video Daisy Chain Audio Daisy Chain
Video Daisy Chain Wireless Daisy Chain with Co-camera No
Audio Daisy Chain M3, Luna Plus, Luna Plus Meeting Kit, M0 Plus M3, Luna Plus, Luna Plus Meeting Kit, M0 Plus
Power Supply AC 100 - 240V AC 100 - 240V
Whiteboard Correction Yes No
Mode Collaboration mode
InPrivate mode
Collaboration mode
Speech mode
Classic mode
Spotlight mode
InPrivate mode
Remote Control No Yes
Device Buttons Sensitivity button
InPrivate mode
Microphone mute
Mode switching
InPrivate mode
Microphone mute
Interface Power supply port
USB-C port
Daisy Chain port
Kensington lock port
1/4" thread hole
Power supply port
USB-C port
Daisy Chain port
Kensington lock port
1/4" thread hole
Privacy Cover Physical privacy cover
Digital Privacy Cover
Digital privacy cover
Dimensions Meeting Capsule Pro:3.82" W x 3.82" D x 12.13" H (97mm*308mm)
Co-Camera: 3.78" W x 2.32" D x 3.07" H
3.82" W x 3.82" D x 11.46" H (97mm*291mm)
Weight Meeting Capsule Pro: 2.30 lbs (1045g)
Co-Camera: 0.58 lbs (265g)
2.34 lbs (1060g)
Warranty 2-year warranty 2-year warranty


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EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit

360° All-in-One AI Conference Room Kit with Wireless Co-Camera.

How do I use Meeting Capsule Pro?

Connect the host to the power adapter. The host will automatically start after it is energized.

Connect the host to your computer via USB Cable.

The product is plug-and-play. When using it for the first time, select "EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro" as the default microphone, speaker, and camera.

  1. For macOS: System Settings > Sound > Sound Effects/Output/Input

  2. For Windows: Right-click the sound icon > Open Sound Settings > Select Output/Input device

  3. For video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, and Teams: Settings > Audio > Speaker/Microphone; Video > Camera

Long press the Co-Camera EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403) power button for 2 seconds to turn it on. The devices will automatically connect wirelessly.

Which products can Meeting Capsule Pro be cascaded with?

  1. Wireless Video Cascading

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro supports cascading video with its Co-Camera EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403), but it does not support cascading audio.

Please note that one Meeting Capsule Pro can only be wirelessly cascaded with one Co-Camera.

  1. Wired Audio Cascading

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro supports single-unit audio cascading with EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro, EMEET Meeting Capsule, Luna Plus, M0 Plus, and M3, but it does not support cascading video.

To complete the cascade, insert the EMEET proprietary cascade cable into the aux port of both the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro and the speakerphone.

  1. Wireless Cascading+Wired Cascading

The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro can wirelessly cascade with a Co-Camera EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403) for video and also connect with a speakerphone for audio via a wired connection at the same time.

Does EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro have call mode and music mode?

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro supports two modes: call mode and music mode.

  1. When the microphone is in use, such as during a conference call, the device will enter call mode.

    In call mode, the default settings use full-duplex mode, noise reduction, and echo cancellation to provide a clearer conference call experience.

  1. When the microphone is not in use, the device will be in music mode.

    In music mode, the speaker outputs high-fidelity sound quality, giving you an enhanced listening experience.

How does Meeting Capsule Pro's AI Speaker Tracking work?

EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro uses advanced algorithms and multiple microphones to accurately track and capture sound from different directions, combined with facial recognition technology for speaker positioning.

It is comforting to know that even if the speaker's face is obscured, the device can still recognize and locate the speaker's position.

How do I pair EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro and Co-Camera EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403)?

For the Meeting Capsule Pro room kit you purchased, the pairing process has already been completed at the factory.

All you need to do is to turn both devices and they will automatically pair.

When Co-Camera is pairing, the status indicator light will be flash green.

When the pairing is successful, a steady green light will be displayed.

When it is working to transmit video, it will show a steady red light.

If you need to manually pair devices, please follow these steps:

Turn on both the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro and the EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403) devices.

Connect both devices to your computer via USB cable and open the PC software EMEETLINK.

On the EMEETLINK page, select the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro page, choose the "Wireless Cascading" function, select the EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403) device and click on the "Pair" button.

How to use the whiteboard correction feature?

Just place the whiteboard stickers on the whiteboard in a diagonal form. That is, on the bottom left and top right corners.

We recommend placing the Co-Camera EMEET StreamCam One(Model: E700403) within a range of 1-3 meters from the whiteboard when using the whiteboard mode to get the best shooting and image quality.

If the camera is too far away from the whiteboard, it may cause the image to be blurry or distorted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very nice

Complete game changer! Set up takes some figuring out but the experience is well worth it! Sound quality alone was a game changer. Has great image quality. We highly recommend this for remote office meetings!

Asa K.
Wow, what an absolutely comprehensive product

This is just an amazing setup and extremely clever. For hybrid meetings or even recording meetings this is a really convenient way to get everything together in one package. The cameras are clear and the microphones work really well, though obviously at voice quality and not music or anything like that. Some day we'll have the technology to just open a door between two separate places, but until then this is really the only thing that's comes close.

Your All-in-One Video Studio

The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit is nothing short of astonishing. It's like having a full-fledged video studio right at your fingertips. Its remarkable ability to adjust itself to the environment automatically and your visual preferences sets it apart. Whether it's the lighting conditions or the room's layout, this intelligent device seamlessly adapts, ensuring you always look and sound your best during video conferences. Setting it up was a breeze; all you need to do is download the app, and from there, it takes care of the rest, making it accessible even for tech novices.
The audio and video quality provided by the EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro is out of this world. The true 4K resolution delivers crystal-clear visuals, bringing every detail to life. Additionally, the 10 microphones and the powerful 10W speaker ensure that your audio is just as impressive as the video. It's like having a professional-grade video conferencing setup in your own space. Whether you're in a remote team meeting or giving a presentation to a large audience, this room kit provides an immersive and high-quality experience that is truly exceptional.

Brandon H.
Awesome awesome awesome

I absolutely love the 360 camera, perfect for meetings and recording videos. It's definitely pricey but I think it's worth the money.

great product

Worth the money. Camera quality work great. This is great for a podcast. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Sound works great. very happy with this product would definitely recommend.


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