EMEET has added a USB conference speaker to its range of products in the form of the new OfficeCore M1A.

Each of the HS100's earcups has ultra-soft cushions and a plump and adjustable headband so the headset can be worn all day without comfort.

A useful external conference camera with four microphones, a speaker and an automatic viewfinder.

It has a long-lasting battery and a fast-charging capability. Lifting the microphone arm to the vertical position will mute the microphone.

This is the ideal webcam for anyone who needs to work with a few people in a room when there's no speaker available to relay the audio.

It picks up voices even from several feet away. The output is surprisingly loud with hardly any distortion.

The M2 Max speakerphone is a shift into a more professional market with some powerful new features. It can be used in meetings ranging from 1 to 15 people.