The future of work is turning its tide to a more flexible hybrid world. For businesses, building efficient collaboration among employees and trust with customers distributed around the globe is of prime importance.

Move your business a step forward

EMEET supports every business with a variety of video and audio solutions to choose from, improving collaboration between employees and helping build trust with customers by providing high definition . Grow your business with EMEET always on your back.

S600+HS150 for personal offices

Dedicated working environment

-Ultra high 4k resolution presents the best of you to your remote colleagues or customers, impressing them with remarkable images.

-Convenient rotary privacy cover protects your privacy simply in a seconds.


-The HS150 over-ear design allows you a comfortable wearing for long-time calls


M3 for stand-ups

Engage everyone quicker than ever

-Plug-and-play convenience enables quicker startup, taking up less time of the busy working day.

-360° voice pick up ensures every attendee to be heard clearly. Information synchronization is eaiser than ever.

-Wireless Bluetooth connection allows the M3 to be placed anywhere without being hassled by the messy cords.


Productive conference collaboration

M2 Max for hybrid meetings

-360° × 5m voice pick up capture every speech of every in-room attendee.

-48kHz sampling rate helps deliver more natural voice, drawing you closer with remote colleagues or customers to build solid trust.

-Daisy Chain connection capability allows for larger conference room that accommodates more participants.


C980 Pro for hybrid meetings

-1080P resolution supports premium clarity, with auto light correction ensures a detailed image presented to the other end.

-4 noise-cancelling microphones with 2 speakers deliver crystal clear sound with minimum noise and high definition vocal.

-90° field of view keeps every attendee in frame without extra background.


Meeting Capsule for presentations

Immersive and impressive, both for on site and remote participants

-With the 360° panoramic view, the EMEET Meeting Capsule ensures every attendee is clearly seen by remote participants.

-The AI active speaker tracking feature and 8 omni-directional microphones with optimized noise cancellation create an immersive experience for remote participants.


Meeting Capsule+M3 for board meetings

Efficient decision-making

-Premium audio and video quality with exclusive algorithm for extended coverage of larger board rooms.

-The AI active speaker tracking feature and 8 onmi-directional microphones with optimized noise cancellation create an immersive discussion experience for remote participants, allowing them to clearly see whoever is speaking with high definition sound.

-InPrivate mode allows board members to discuss and make final decisions privately without ending the ongoing meeting, improving the conference efficiency with secrets protected.



With our exclusive EMEETLINK, more details can be shown due to the free customization of image parameters, enabling crisp and clear images in any circumstances and improving the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficiency of communication.
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