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EMEET GeniusCall HS150

EMEET GeniusCall HS150 is a wireless over-ear noise-canceling headphone with microphones that provide you with ultimate comfort and long-time listening up to 48 hours. The best choice for clear calls in the noisy open office.

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  • Excellent Noise Cancellation

    6 properly-placed microphones pick up your voice in noisy environments, and at the same time remove the ambient noise with our VoiceIA® smart algorithm.
  • All-Day Comfort

    The over-ear design offers the greatest comfort and noise isolation by cupping your ears within the ear cushions. Memory foam padding and soft protein leather touch your skin without squeezing your ears, so you can wear it all day long.
  • Connect Two Devices at Once

    You can connect your phone and laptop to it at the same time. It's easy to switch to and fro - a very friendly function for multi-tasking.
  • 48 Hours Battery Life

    Don't worry, your meetings won't be interrupted by the low battery of your headphone. 15-minute fast charging supports calls totaling up to 6 hours.
  • Concentrate or Connect

    Choose among three modes to shut the ambient noise outside your world and get focused or to hear what happens around you and feel connected.
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    Bluetooth Headset with Microphone - HS150

    EMEET GeniusCall HS150

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    Bluetooth Headset with Microphone - HS150

    EMEET GeniusCall HS150

    Sale price $129.99 Regular price
    Regular price $129.99
    Noise-Canceling Headphone with Microphones

    Enhanced Voice Clarity in Noisy Offices

    Our exclusive noise reduction algorithm VoiceIA® filters out background noise around you to ensure you are clearly heard by the other end of the call.
    Noise Reduction Headset HS150

    Wear it. Forget it.

    Featuring an ergonomic design, the lightweight headband and soft ear cushions apply little tension to your ears. You can wear it for long hours without feeling pain or soreness.
    Soft Protein Leather

    Your World Within, Noise Without

    Turn on the Active Noise Cancelling mode, and isolate yourself from the distractive and annoying sound, so you can focus on your work and be more productive.
    ANC Mode Headphone HS150

    Power Your Day on a Single Charge

    Alarmed by the low battery of your headphone during the call?  Battery life of up to 48 hours perfectly meets your needs even if you are a heavy call maker.
    Long Lasting Battery - Bluetooth Headset HS150
    • Two Modes Switch - Bluetooth Headset HS150

      Rotate to Mute/Unmute

      Rotate anticlockwise the microphone boom until you hear the voice prompt of "mute". Then it's safe for you to have a personal conversation without being heard.

    • Multiple Connection - Headset HS150

      Connect on the Fly

      Connect it to your device by a USB cable, Bluetooth, or a USB dongle. Wired or wireless, any connection is highly reliable and offers superb call quality.

    • High Compatibility - Bluetooth Headset HS150

      Universal Compatibility

      Work with mainstream meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, etc.

    One for All

    One for All Bluetooth Headset HS150


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    Bluetooth Headset with Microphone - HS150

    EMEET GeniusCall HS150

    How to turn on/off the device?

    1. Auto power on

      The device will automatically turn on when connecting to a computer via USB cable, no need to slide the on/off switch by yourself.

      And the device will broadcast the power-on prompt tone to remind you.

      When the device is disconnected from the computer, it will automatically turn off.

    2. Manually power on

      Slide the on/off switch to on or off position to power the headset on or off.

      When it turns on/off, it will have the prompt tone to remind you.

    How to use the device to make calls?

    You can use the multi-function button to make calls on telephone communication and Skype for business:

    1. A call is incoming when the headset is connected to your mobile/computer:

      • Short press the button to answer and hang up calls.
      • Long press the button for 3 seconds to reject calls.
      • Double click the button of the device to call back.
    2. If there is a new call incoming when a call is still in progress:

      • Short press the button to answer the incoming call, meanwhile hold the current call active.

        Press the button to switch between held call and active call.

      • Long press the button for 3 seconds to reject the call.

    How to mute the microphone of the device?

    1. When using the headset during a call, rotate the microphone to mute/unmute it.
    2. Pressing the mute button to mute the microphone.

      Short press this button to mute the device, unmute it by pressing this button again.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Best bang for your buck

    The headphones came well packaged. You will get the headphones, usb bluetooth computer adapter, usb to usb-c cable, manuals and a carrying mesh bag.

    When powering on the headphones I was really surprised to have 100% charge. I started the paring mode to my phone and the my MacBook with no issues whatsoever. Both devices found it and paired it. It fells really good, I used for a two hours zoom meeting and I was blown away by the high-quality sound. I will update review after a few months of usage.

    Excellent quality and very well made!

    I got these to be able to teach online without having the mic or speaker issues. Often they could not hear me or it was not loud enough with the integrated mic and speakers from the computer. This set is great cause now they hear me clearly and I also have noise reduction! I can use them not only on my computer but also Bluetooth to my cell and use it for music and calls. Very versatile and comfortable! I have had other headphones too snug that hurt my ears but these were not the case. Fit is great and comfortable.

    Serena A.
    Great headphones

    These are a superb set of headphones.
    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, these are very solid and well-made.
    I used them for my p.c. and found they provide a quality listening experience. The sound is crisp and clear, music and background sounds sound great.
    The noise canceling feature performance was way better than I expected. I was unable to hear anything outside of my game while they were on.
    The headphones came with a factory charge and I used them several hours before the battery died. They charged rather quickly and I used them on that charge for several days.
    These are great headphones for the money.

    Kevin C.
    Comfortable, Great for Voice, Not music

    This is a great Headset. First it is very comfortable. If I worked doing phone calls like as a customer service agent this would be even better. I got it for voice meetings so it works great. I listened to music and the music is like a cheap stereo, no lows and lots of treble. I messed with settings in the computer but sound did not get any better really really like medium and high tones. If you want something to use for chatting with a computer or a ps4/ps5 in a party chat this would work great. If you are looking for something for playing games like GTA 5 or listening to music I would get something else Some of the sounds in GTA 5 did not come through clear, but heard all the shooting. Explosions were the worst for me. People calling did not sound like they did with my playstation headset. Thats a better bet for the game but had to test it on a game. This says specifically it is a headset - so you are not getting a game/music/headset. just a headset. Dongle works great for me and I can get about 15 feet with a wall away from the computer easily but then it starts cutting out.

    Eddie V.

    It's awesome, don't have to worry about the cord that is attached on PC.


    EMEET GeniusCall HS150 User Manual Download Now