Collaboration for Creation

With the power of artificial intelligence technology, EMEET provides the value creators with a solution for hybrid workspace and remote collaboration.

Featuring the self-developed VoiceIA audio algorithm optimization technology, far-field voice pickup, high-definition streaming, and multiple microphone arrays, EMEET conferencing series provides users with stable HD images and immersive calling experience as the real-time translation and speech-to-text tech makes communication easier. Since found, EMEET has gained 100+ global core patents in design and audio/video technology. Our products are sold and used worldwide as our featuring speakerphone is awarded as “Best speakerphone for working from home“ by CNET. 

Creation and innovation are highly valued. With the aim to make collaboration simple and more delightful, we will continue providing outstanding customer service and trustworthy products.

Fast Facts

Products sold and used in 120+ countries.

180+ million meetings held with our conference series.

100+ global core patents in design and audio/video technology.

industry-leading technology


VoiceIA® acoustic processing technology combines traditional acoustics with deep learning processing methods to provide a reliable sound separation solution for embedded platforms. The core technologies include reliable full-duplex echo cancellation, microphone array positioning & enhancement, Intelligent voice noise reduction & de-reverberation, and multi-speaker role separation.

HD Transmission Tech

EMEET is dedicated to providing enterprises with cutting-edge communication technology platforms and communication services through real-time cloud communication. The major advantages include decentralized transmission between users, guaranteed privacy without being monitored, stable transmission of HD picture quality, and speech recognition & translation technology support.


Empowered by the large scale of Internet data and the powerful natural language processing engine, WOHOSPEECH™ supports the speech recognition and translation of 22 languages. It mainly includes speech synthesis technology and automatic text summarization technology.