Established in August 2016, EMEET believes that in meetings everyone is a value contributor. Everyone should be heard and seen. Everyone's thoughts should be recorded. Everyone's feelings should be concerned.

As professionals, we have all experienced the tediousness and inconvenience of remote meetings, and we'd been looking for a solution to fix this drawback for a better experience for a long time. When we failed to find a nice counterpart, we chose to create it ourselves. We developed an exclusive AI intelligent noise reduction algorithm and designed the first professional Speakerphone based on it.

That's where it all started.

EMEET Overview


Every value creator can communicate with partners anytime and anywhere, interact with fans, and turn fleeting inspirations into world-changing creations.
Everyone is able to work in a comfortable environment, and use the best state to release his or her talents for achieving the value of life. At that time, no longer being tired of commuting to work or business trips, everyone can save more time to create the world and enjoy the wonderful life.

EMEET Milestone

EMEET was founded.

Collaboration for Creation


Through trials and errors day and night, EMEET produced the first smart professional Speakerphone with self-developed VoiceIA® 1.0 noise-canceling tech, unfolding EMEET's new chapter.

USB Speakerphone | EMEET M1


We decided to create a new speakerphone with cyberpunk looking and easy-carrying size. EMEET's self-developed smart noise-canceling algorithm VoiceIA® 2.0 can filter out noise to create a superb remote meeting experience.

C980 Pro

The arrival of C980 Pro, EMEET's first-ever All-In-One webcam, has witnessed the huge progress EMEET has made. EMEET is now one of the very few brands which are capable of integrating an ultra-clear camera, a noise-canceling microphone, and a speaker into one device.


M2 MAX is the most breaking-through product in this field. With the leading 48KHZ sampling rate and the original suspended microphone cavity , it can perfectly filter the impact of sound vibration. Volume and sound are the same MAX. Professional speakerphone for you.Professional speakerphone for professionals.


A novel headset came into stage, which has three modes to switch at will, mute, smart noise cancellation or ambient sound. Designed with high-protein earmuffs, it is able to proof external noise fully while reducing the pressure on the ears, giving you a more comfortable wearing experience.