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EMEET OfficeCore M3

Latest Professional Speakerphone for Meeting Rooms and Work from Anywhere

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  • 360° × 5m HD Voice Pickup and Positioning

    4 sensitive omni-directional mics enable up to 5-meter, 360° voice pickup, smart algorithm captures and shows speaker's direction with ring light.
  • Industry-Leading Noise Filtering

    Initiated suspended mic cavity avoids vibration noise from speaker, exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA® cancels echo and ambient noise, enabling crystal-clear full-duplex conversation.
  • High-Quality Sound for either Meetings or Music Playing

    5W high-performance speaker with auto-switch between smart conference mode and music playing mode.
  • Simple and Portable

    20-hour battery life, USB adapter slot and delicate carrying bag allow meetings anywhere, anytime.
  • Smart Coverage

    Hook up 2 M3 to cover up to 20 attendees, or daisy chained with EMEET Meeting Capsule for an HD video hybrid meeting.
  • Instant Collaboration

    Multiple connection methods via USB, USB adapter, Bluetooth or 3.5mm Jack with universal compatibility. Start meetings within seconds.
  • 2022 Reddot Winner

    Meticulously crafted by reuseable aluminum alloy process. Simplicity and high-quality feeling fit for various meeting rooms and personal workspace.
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EMEET OfficeCore M3

EMEET OfficeCore M3

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EMEET OfficeCore M3

EMEET OfficeCore M3

Sale price $179.99 Regular price
Regular price $179.99

Stay in the Conference Room or Stay with You

2022 Reddot winner with 360° voice pickup and positioning with ring light, latest VoiceIA®4.1 audio algorithm, initiated suspended mic cavity, 5W speaker and 20-hour long-lasting battery life, ideal for small to medium meeting rooms and work from anywhere.

360° Voice Pickup and Positioning

4 omni-directional microphones allow you to be heard anywhere in the room. The smart audio algorithm detects the active talker's position and the ring light illuminates on the corresponding side, denoting the incoming human voice direction accurately.

Top-of-the-Class Noise Filtering

Equipped with the latest exclusive VoiceIA®4.1 algorithm, M3 is capable of eliminating echo and blocking out the displeasing background noise satisfyingly, making sure that the other end of the conversation hears but crystal-clear voice.
Before VoiceIA®
After VoiceIA®

Full Duplex for Ultra-Smooth Conversation

To keep conversations flowing as they do in reality, full duplex technology works wonders, ensuring freedom of expression at any time. No need to wait for your turn in a heated discussion, just feel free to talk as both ends of the conversation are transmitted at the same time.

5W Speaker with Convincing Sound Quality

Built with a composite diaphragm and an independent speaker cavity, this 5W, 45mm speaker features an auto switch between conference mode for crystal-clear human voice and music mode for thick low frequency and penetrating treble, relaying every detail, and every rhyme to your ears without distortion.

Meeting Room in Your Pocket

M3 is designed to have extreme durability and portability with its included extra-large 5200mAh battery capacity for up to 20-hour use, a delicate carrying bag and a convenient USB adapter slot so you can always tuck it in your bag, carry it along easily and hold meetings anywhere, anytime.

Intelligent Conferencing Solutions for Various Coverage

Collaborative experience: One EMEET OfficeCore M3

  • Voice Pickup Range: up to 5m (16.4ft)

  • Suitable for rooms with up to 12 people

Extended audio: 2 EMEET OfficeCore M3 with a Daisy Chain Cable

  • Voice Pickup Range: up to 10m (32.8ft)

  • Suitable for rooms with up to 20 people

(1) EMEET OfficeCore M3*2

(2) EMEET Daisy Chain Cable*1

Extended audio: One EMEET Meeting Capsule Daisy Chained with an EMEET OfficeCore M3

  • Audio range: 11m (36ft)

  • Video range: 4m (13ft)

(1) EMEET Meeting Capsule*1

(2) EMEET OfficeCore M3*1

(3) EMEET Daisy Chain Cable*1

Versatile Connectivity for Extreme Flexibility

M3 offers various connection methods for you to choose from, including USB-C that enables auto power on, USB adapter A300, 3.5mm Jack and Bluetooth for 2 devices simultaneously, all of which provide a stable and reliable connection. Choose the one that suits you the best and launch meetings right away.

Customize Settings with Ease

Works with EMEETLINK for PC. Adjust the standby time of the device, change the Bluetooth name or upgrade the firmware to continuously improve the device and let it get smarter, all available in our exclusive software EMEETLINK.

Strong Compatibility

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android and Linux, etc. Works with a number of meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex, etc.

4-Mic Array

4 omni-directional microphones offer 360° voice pickup

Product Comparison

Model M3 M2 Luna
Price $179.99 $169.99 $79.99
Recommended For Workspace & Home Office, Huddle Room, Medium Room, Work From Anywhere Workspace & Home Office, Huddle Room, Medium Room, Work From Anywhere Workspace & Home Office, Huddle Room, Work From Anywhere
Meetings With Up to 12 people Up to 10 people Up to 8 people
Daisy Chained Up to 20 people Up to 16 people Up to 16 people
Microphone Array 4 Omni-Directional Mic Array 4 Omni-Directional Mic Array 3 Omni-Directional Mic Array
Voice Pickup Range(Tested in lab environment) Up to 5m/16.4ft Up to 3m/9.8ft Up to 2m/6.5ft
Loudspeaker 89dB@0.5m, 5W 89dB@0.5m, 3W 89dB@0.5m, 3W
Connection Method USB-C Cable, Bluetooth, USB Adapter, 3.5mm Jack USB-C Cable, Bluetooth, USB Adapter, AUX in/out USB-C Cable, Bluetooth, USB Adapter, AUX in/out
Connected Devices 1 Corded, 2 via Bluetooth simultaneously 1 Corded, 1 via Bluetooth 1 Corded, 1 via Bluetooth
USB Adapter EMEET A300 EMEET A200 EMEET A200
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 4.2
Battery Included Yes Yes Yes
Play Time Up to 20 hrs Up to 10 hrs Up to 10 hrs
Dimensions(W*H*D) 5.3 in* 5.3 in*1.4 in (135mm*135mm*35mm) 4.9 in* 4.9 in*1.4 in (125mm*125mm*35mm) 4.7 in* 4.7 in*1.5 in (120mm*120mm*39mm)
Weight 0.86 lb (390g) 0.63 Ib (290g) 0.66 lb (302g)
Award 2022 Reddot Winner N/A N/A


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EMEET OfficeCore M3

EMEET OfficeCore M3

What is VoiceIA®4.1 Algorithm?

VoiceIA® is an EMEET independent research and development acoustic technique. Turning on VoiceIA® noise reduction can greatly reduce some noises during meetings, such as keyboard tapping, air conditioning noise, and general unwanted background noise. It can offer crystal-clear audio when you call.

What about the battery life and capacity of the EMEET Bluetooth Speakphone M3?

The M3 has a built-in 5200 mAh battery and when it is fully charged typically supports a 18-hour continuous call.

It will take about 4-5 hours to get fully charged if you use a regular household outlet.

But the Charging Time may vary depending on the remaining battery power and battery condition.

How to use the daisy chain(Cascade Function)?

Use a daisy chain cable to connect the OUT/LINK ports of each device.

Source light of the device shows green under the USB connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

Source light of the device shows blue under Bluetooth connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.


Microphone Mute button、Volume "+" "-" button、VoiceIA® button can be synchronized while cascading.

It’s an extension of a mono speaker and microphone to improve the range, not stereo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Madam C.
Great sound quality!

This is an excellent system. I use it in the library at our school when listening to audio books. Students are able to sit anywhere in the library and hear the story. The volume is loud and clear, and I particularly love the Bluetooth capability. I would highly recommend.

One of the best speakers I've had

The sound quality on the speaker is amazing. It's loud, it's clear, and it also has a mic so you can answer the phone call. The speaker comes with a charging cord, but no charging head, and a case.

Hank H.
Never use the speakerphone feature on your cell phone again! This is the way to go.

I am a Board Member of our Property Owner's Association. We have one board member who can't attend physically and must call in during meetings. Occasionally, a member will be sick and will need to call in.

We've tried using the speakerphone feature built into our smartphones with poor success. It is always difficult to hear and understand the person calling in and visa versa. I ordered this EMEET M3 conference speaker with noise and echo reduction in hopes it would improve call-in intelligibility.

Let me start by saying, wow! What a huge improvement. We can clearly hear those calling in to the meeting and they can clearly hear us. The VoiceIA feature (which intelligently processes the audio both ways to enhance clarity) works great. We use it all the time.

I found the M3 easy to pair with my cell phone. Basically, hold down the Bluetooth button on the back of the unit then go to your cell phone, open the settings, and click on "connect." It's that easy. Now, any time I turn on the M3 with Bluetooth enabled on my cell phone, it connects automatically and we're ready to start our meeting.

The M3 has four built-in noise cancelling microphones. Placed at the center of our meeting table, it is able to pick up voices from any direction. A full charge of the internal battery can hold up a conversation for up to 18 hours. I've personally never tried to talk that long but I imagine one could hold several meetings before needing to recharge the unit.

Built into the front of the M3 are volume control buttons, a switch to enable or disable VoiceIA (intelligent audio processing), a microphone mute/unmute button, and a button to answer a call, reject a call, or hang up a call. They're all pretty straight forward in their use.

Provided with the M3 is a USB charging cable and a semi-hard protective shell to carry it around without damaging it. The manual is minimalistic but provides enough information to use the M3 to its full capabilities. The manual is relatively well written.

Although I don't use the feature, one can download software for a PC and tether the M3 to a PC via USB for meetings. The M3 also works with Mac OS, Zoom, Teams, Skype, GoTo Meeting, Webex and a few other meeting apps.

The M3 feels solid, is well designed, compact, easy to use, and more than meets my needs for holding meetings with call-ins. Back in my corporate management days, I've used quite a few expensive conference devices. This M3 is no small player among the big boys. Its quality, clarity, and audio processing capabilities are top notch and worthy of being at the center of any conference table. Best of all, it works from my cell phone! It offers excellent value for the price. I highly recommend it.

Ed O.
Has Great Small Room Full Coverage - Sound Quality is XLNT on Both Ends - Easy Setup for Me

These speaker phones are a necessity if you ever do conference calls with several people in the same room.

This thing is engineered and designed excellently for just that purpose.

It has four mics that pick up everyone in the room very clearly, even if they aren't all that close to the unit.

It also has a very clear speaker with loud volume so that everyone in the room can hear what is being said.

Setup was a breeze and using it on our zoom calls is now going to be standard operating procedure.

The last one of these I owned was 10 years ago. Cost way more than this and wasn't nearly as good.

If you're looking for a great speaker phone for conferences, this one will definitely please.

Free R.
360 degree speakerphone for the new zoom culture

If you've paid attention to world events in the past few years, you've likely noticed that everybody is using Zoom and other video calling in everyday business. I still work at the office, but many clients have switched to Zoom meetings almost exclusively.

One logistical problem we've always had was if there were more than 2 of us, huddling around the office phone is not a good solution. So when I saw a 360 degree bluetooth speakerphone it was an instant match for me.

This thing is pretty neat. It has a little light indicating where the sound is coming from in the room, showing it's using the array of microphones to best get your voice and minimize echo from the room.

The speaker itself, that you use to hear the people on the call, is loud enough but kind of high on the treble side and has little to no low range. That's okay for phone calls, but you wouldn't want to use this as a daily speaker for videos or music.

I found that I can connect my phone to bluetooth AND connect USB to my computer at the same time, and it handles calls from both without having to change any settings. It switches back and forth whenever an audio event occurs on one or the other.

Good value for the price!


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