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EMEET OfficeCore Luna

Cost-Effective USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone for Work From Anywhere

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  • 360° HD Voice Pickup

    360° voice pickup with 3 digital MEMS omni-directional mics accommodates up to 10 attendees.
  • Worry-Saved Noise Reduction

    Exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA cuts down noise, and enhances voice.
  • Colorful and Portable

    3 variants of black, gray and blue with advanced sandblasting and palm-sized portable design.
  • Convenient Daisy Chain Connection

    Cascade 2 Luna via an EMEET daisy chain cable to cover up to 16 attendees.
  • Easy Setup

    Connections via USB, AUX, USB adapter or Bluetooth with broad compatibility enable instant meetings.
    Product Model:
    The blue one is Luna Lite. Its Dongle needs manual pairing. Please see how-to in FAQ
    For buying in bulk or other inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

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    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    Sale price $79.99 Regular price
    Regular price $79.99

    Anywhere Will Do

    Cost-effective USB/Bluetooth speakerphone that meets all-you-need functions with 360-degree voice pickup, worry-saved noise cancellation stylish outlooking, extreme portability and ease of use. Ideal for work from anywhere.

    360° All-Around Voice Pickup

    The 3-microphone array ensures everyone around can be heard no matter whether you're right next to it, being seated on the other side of the table, or even walking around in the room, you'll always be heard clearly by the other side of the call.

    Exclusive Audio Processing Algorithm

    The exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA is designed to effectively block out surrounding noise and balance vocals for a distraction-free conversation. Save your worries about not having a dedicated space for a sudden conference call. Just enjoy the noise-free call anywhere you want.

    A Walking Eye-Catcher

    Whether you want a low-pitch outlook or an eye-catching color to embellish your workspace, we've got the solution, providing 3 variants of black, gray and blue for you to choose from. With its chromatic, compact and portable design, Luna fits in about anywhere you can imagine.

    Work On the Go

    With a portable palm-size design, Luna takes up little space either on the table or in your bag, allowing you to stow it away easily and hold meetings anywhere you need.

    Smart Coverage

    Collaborative experience: One EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    • Voice Pickup Range: 2m (6.5ft)

    • Suitable for rooms with up to 8 people.

    Luna / Black
    Luna / Gray
    Luna / Blue

    Extended audio: 2 EMEET OfficeCore Luna with an EMEET Daisy Chain Cable

    • Voice Pickup Range: 4m (13ft)

    • Suitable for rooms with up to 16 people.

    (1) EMEET OfficeCore Luna*2

    (2) EMEET Daisy Chain Cable*1

    Versatile and Reliable Connectivity

    Set up a reliable and plug-and-play connection between your devices and Luna with either USB or AUX. Besides, you can also enjoy a convenient cable-free USB adapter or Bluetooth connection to begin your call instantly.

    EMEETLINK Software

    Update to the latest firmware in our exclusive EMEETLINK, where you can also change the Bluetooth name or standby time of Luna based on your needs.

    Broad Compatibility

    Launch meetings and communicate with your colleagues right away with out-of-the-box compatibility for mainstream operating systems and platforms.

    3 Omni-Directional Microphones

    3 omni-directional mics provide 360° voice pickup.

    Product Comparison

    Model Luna M1A M0
    Price $79.99 $79.99 $53.99
    Recommended For Workspace & Home Office, Huddle Room, Work From Anywhere Workspace & Home Office, Huddle Room Workspace & Home Office
    Meetings With Up to 8 people Up to 8 people Up to 5 people
    Daisy Chained Up to 16 people N/A N/A
    Microphone Array 3 Omni-Directional Mic Array 2 Omni-Directional Mic Array 4 Omni-Directional Mic Array
    Voice Pickup Range(Tested in lab environment) Up to 2m/6.5ft Up to 3m/9.8ft Up to 1m/3.3ft
    Loudspeaker 85dB@0.5m, 3W 80dB@0.5m, 3W 80dB@0.5m, 3W
    Connection Method USB-C Cable, Bluetooth, USB Adapter, AUX in/out USB-C Cable USB-C Cable, 3.5mm Jack
    Connected Devices 1 Corded, 1 via Bluetooth 1 Corded 1 Corded
    USB Adapter EMEET A200 N/A N/A
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 N/A N/A
    Battery Included Yes No No
    Dimensions(W*H*D) 4.7 in* 4.7 in*1.5 in (120mm*120mm*39mm) 4.4 in* 4.4 in*1.4 in (112mm*112mm*36mm) 3.14 in* 3.14 in*1.65 in (80mm*80mm*42mm)
    Weight 0.66 lb (302g) 0.43 lb (196g) 0.45 lb (202g)


    Ask a Question

    Have a Question?

    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    EMEET OfficeCore Luna

    How to pair the USB Dongle to my device?

    To pair a dongle with your EMEET device, please operate as follows:

    • Insert the dongle into the computer, and open the Bluetooth of your device.
    • Open the EMEETLINK software.
    • Click the "Search" button, then click EMEET Luna from the available list.
    • When it shows "Connected", the dongle is paired successfully.

    How to connect the EMEET Computer Speakerphone Luna via Bluetooth?


    Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device.

    Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speakerphone for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. In the mode, the status indicator turns blue and flashes.

    Enter the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device, then select EMEET Luna from the available devices list. When it is connected successfully, the device status indicator turns steady blue.


    Short press the Bluetooth button on the EMEET Luna, the device status indicator will turn white.

    Long press the Bluetooth button on the EMEET Luna, the device status indicator turns blue and flashes.


    When the device is turned on, the Bluetooth will be reconnected to your mobile device(the last connected device) automatically.

    How to use the daisy chain(Cascade Function)?

    Use an EMEET daisy chain cable to connect the OUT/LINK ports of each device.

    1. USB Connection + Daisy chain:

      Source light of the device shows green under the USB connection.

      Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

    1. Bluetooth Connection + Daisy chain:

      Source light of the device shows blue under Bluetooth connection.

      Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

    Note: Microphone Mute button、Volume "+" "-" button、VoiceIA® button can be synchronized while cascading.

    It’s an extension of a mono speaker and microphone to improve the range, not stereo.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    A great balance between cost and performance

    With all the Zoom meetings we've been doing in homes and meeting rooms I needed a good conference-room-style speakerphone. I did a lot of research, and read a lot of reviews, and chose to try this one (the eMeet Luna). I have not been disappointed.

    It works very well, and voice in and out is very clear. Music is adequate for casual listening (remember that it's optimized as a voice device).

    I like that it can be connected via BlueTooth, or via a cable to the common 3.5mm audio jack on phones and computers. I've used it both ways.

    I like the well-label, clicky buttons.

    James M.
    Love it!

    Would highly recommend!

    Andy M.
    Great for home office meetings

    I have been looking for a product for my home office desk. Part of my office hours goes in meetings and the usual headphones do not help. I tried a different brand product but didn't liked it.
    eMeet has great sound quality, connects in seconds and have a very long lasting battery. I have been using it since a month and this has not disappointed me since then. I have not heard complains from anyone in the meetings that I am not audible. Also I can hear everyone loud and clear as the laptop speakers do not do justice to the sound. A must have product for home office desk.

    Appel P.
    excellent features

    Microphone and speaker work very well. Used for a group size of 2 and 10. Would buy again.

    Frank P.
    Pleasantly surprised

    Friend of mine recommended me the Luna and Im so glad I gave it a try. Cant believe how well it does and the price is amazing.


    EMEET OfficeCore Luna User Manual Download Now