How To Use ChatGPT To Optimize Your Meetings?

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Meetings have become an important activity in the modern work environment. According to research, Americans spend an average of at least 3 hours per week in meetings, with 30% spending even more than 5 hours. This means that meetings take up a large portion of our work time. However, with the right tools, meetings could be more productive and efficient than ever before. And ChatGPT happens to be the right tool you need!

While many others have been using ChatGPT for tons of fields, few mention its usage in meetings. Therefore, in this article, we'll demonstrate how to use ChatGPT to optimize your meetings in the following aspects.

  • Prepare for a Meeting

-Create a meeting agenda or template

-Search for meeting-related information and materials

-Review meeting materials

-Anticipate meeting questions

  • At the Meeting


-Generate answers to questions quickly

-Take meeting notes in real-time

  • After the Meeting

-Generate meeting minutes or summary templates

-Generate meeting minutes or meeting summary

-Polish or translate meeting minutes according to different occasions and people

-Clarify decisions needed to be made in the meeting

-Identify action items

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What is ChatGPT

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI. Its function is to predict the next word or phrase by processing large amounts of text data. The GPT model is based on a deep learning algorithm and is a technique widely used in natural language processing. GPT models have been used in many application scenarios, including automatic text generation, question-answering systems, machine translation, and sentiment analysis.

How does ChatGPT Work

ChatGPT uses a large language model to generate text. The language model is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, and it learns to create text that is similar to the text it was taught on. When you ask ChatGPT a question, it uses its language knowledge to generate a response. The response may be a simple answer, or it may be a more complex explanation. Though ChatGPT is still under development, it can currently simplify many aspects of your work. Here are some ways ChatGPT optimizes your meetings at work, saving time and improving your productivity.

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Prepare for a Meeting

Create a Meeting Agenda or Template

One of the critical steps before any meeting is to create an agenda or template outlining the topics to be covered. A great meeting agenda helps you get the most out of your meeting and ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

ChatGPT can help you create a meeting agenda by analyzing past meeting minutes, gathering relevant information from various sources, and generating a comprehensive list of topics to be discussed.

Here's how to use GPT to create a meeting agenda:

For example, if you're going to host a product marketing meeting, this is probably a valuable agenda for you.

Enter the prompt: Act as an experienced marketing specialist, and generate a product marketing meeting agenda.

Here's ChatGPT's output:

According to different types of meetings, you can also enter different prompts to better meet your needs, such as adding a timeline or making it a tabular form.

If you're tired of writing agendas, we've prepared some free meeting agenda templates here for you👇

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Using meeting agenda templates can save time and effort, standardize and improve the efficiency of meetings, and facilitate better communication and understanding among participants.


Or if you want to improve your meeting agenda, we've also prepared a complete guide for you👇

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A good meeting agenda is crucial for a successful meeting as it helps to keep the discussion focused, promotes active participation, and ensures that goals are achieved.


Search for Meeting-related Information and Materials

ChatGPT can help you search for relevant information and materials related to the meeting topic, such as reports, statistics, or previous meeting minutes. By doing so, you can ensure that all participants have access to the necessary information, facilitating more informed and productive discussions.Here's how to use GPT to search for information and materials:

For example, if you're a product marketer and want to promote your company's new 4K webcam, then you can ask for detailed data on the current 4K webcam market and have a quick look at it.

Enter the prompt: Act as an experienced product marketing specialist, find me detailed statistics of 4K streaming webcams on the market, including market capacity, market trends, Brand monopoly, popular products, the voice of consumers, etc.

Here's ChatGPT's output:

Review Meeting Materials

Before the meeting, it is essential to review the materials to ensure you are adequately prepared. ChatGPT can not only check your spelling but also analyze the materials and highlight the most relevant points, saving you time and ensuring that you are better equipped for the meeting.

To use GPT to review meeting materials, you only need to paste your materials and enter the prompt "review my meeting materials", then it can help you with tasks ranging from proofreading, formatting, and feedback to summarization, comparison, suggestions, and questions.

Anticipate Meeting Questions

Nervous about being asked questions in the meeting? No worries, ChatGPT can also handle that for you. What you need to do is to provide some context or information about the purpose, agenda, and attendees of the meeting. Then GPT will automatically anticipate some questions that might be asked. Remember, the more detailed your information is given to GPT, the better the results.

At the Meeting


Brainstorming is a vital aspect of any meeting, and ChatGPT can assist by generating new ideas and suggestions based on the meeting's topic. This can help spark creative thinking and facilitate more productive discussions.

Here's how to use GPT to help brainstorm during the meeting:

For example, if you're in a meeting talking about social media campaigns and struggling to come up with one, then you can ask ChatGPT for that.

Enter the prompt: give me 10 ideas for (social media campaigns to improve brand awareness.)

Here's ChatGPT's output:

Generate Answers to Questions Quickly

During the meeting, participants may have questions or require additional information. ChatGPT can help generate answers to these questions by analyzing relevant materials or utilizing its vast knowledge base.Here's how to use GPT to answer questions quickly:

For example, if you're in a meeting and are asked suddenly for some ideas for promoting a product, you can turn to GPT for help.

Enter the prompt: Tell me about (how you'll promote the conference camera EMEET Meeting Capsule)

Here's ChatGPT's output:

Take Meeting Notes in Real-time

Taking meeting notes is essential to capture all topics and decisions accurately. ChatGPT can assist by taking real-time notes, highlighting critical points, and identifying action items or decisions that need to be made.

Therefore, paste your online meeting room invite link and invite GPT to the meeting, ask him to take real-time notes, and then all is done.

After the Meeting

Generate Meeting Minutes or Summary Templates

Meeting minutes or summaries are crucial to ensure everyone understands what is being discussed and that tasks and decisions are captured accurately. ChatGPT can assist by generating meeting minutes or summary templates, saving you time and effort.

Here's how to use GPT to generate meeting minutes or summary templates:

For example, if you're a project manager and have many daily meetings, asking GPT to generate a suitable meeting minutes template is not a bad choice.

Simply provide the following information, such as the purpose of the meeting, attendees, what information you want to capture in the meeting minutes or summaries, your preferred format or structure, additional information, etc. And GPT itself will generate one. GPT itself provides several exemplary template structures for you as follows, and if you have specific needs, you can also give your commands to let it generate a special one for you.

Generate Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

ChatGPT can help generate meeting minutes or summaries by analyzing the notes and identifying the key points and decisions made during the meeting. This can help ensure all participants are on the same page and facilitate follow-up actions.Here's how to use GPT to generate meeting minutes or summaries:

1. Download the transcript of your video conference

2. Paste the transcript and use the prompt "create meeting minutes" or "generate the meeting summary."

3. Click enter

For example, this is an online interview transcript from Zoom and here's ChatGPT's output:

Using the prompt "Create meeting minutes."

Using the prompt "Generate the meeting summary."

Polish or Translate Meeting Minutes According to Different Occasions and People

Meeting minutes or summaries may need to be polished or translated into different languages depending on the occasion or audience. ChatGPT can assist with this by providing language translation and ensuring that the language and tone are appropriate for the intended audience.Here's how to use GPT to polish or translate meeting minutes according to different occasions and audience.

For example, suppose you have an all-done meeting minute and will send it to your colleagues, your superior, and a third-party agency. In that case, you may need different versions of your meeting minute with different highlights or tones.

1. Paste your original meeting minute or the whole meeting transcript on ChatGPT

2. Ask GPT to polish it according to different targeted audiences

Enter the prompt: Generate different versions of meeting minutes with different highlights based on the transcript above for a human resource manager and a business manager.

Here's ChatGPT's output:

As we can see from the output, ChatGPT will have different focuses according to different intended audiences.

Clarify Decisions Needed to be Made in the Meeting

ChatGPT can help clarify decisions made during the meeting by analyzing the notes and ensuring that all decisions are captured accurately. This can help ensure that follow-up actions are appropriate and aligned with the decisions made during the meeting.

To clarify the decisions needed to be made in the meeting, you can do it with a slightly different command.

1. Paste the transcript on ChatGPT

2. Type "identify key decisions in the transcript"

Here's ChatGPT's output:

Identify Action Items

Action items are critical to ensure that tasks are assigned and progress is made. ChatGPT can assist by identifying action items from the meeting notes and ensuring they are assigned to the appropriate individuals.

And again, change your command to "what are the key action items in the meeting" and done.

Here's ChatGPT's output:


Optimizing meetings is essential to ensure that time is used effectively and that productive discussions occur. ChatGPT can help optimize meetings by assisting with various aspects, including before, during, and after. By exploiting the power of AI, you can save time, increase productivity, and make your meetings more engaging and effective. Why not give ChatGPT a try and see how it can transform your meetings?

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