Best Setups for The Meeting Capsule+M3

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A successful business is built by teams' collaborating and working towards the same goals, and teams can set those goals in meetings when they come together. However, there have been more and more employees being separated into in-office and remote workers. Although they are in different environments, they can still work together.

EMEET Meeting Capsule

Originally, the intention of EMEET to develop the Meeting Capsule was to provide an immersive experience for all participants, including on-site & remote personnel.

A 1080P resolution, 30FPS, 360° conference camera and 5 meeting modes (Collaboration, Speech, Classic, Spotlight & InPrivate) make Meeting Capsule a perfect choice for remote face-to-face meetings. Plug-and-play technology makes the Meeting Capsule ready for use without additional hardware. Upon placing and plugging in the Meeting Capsule, it will automatically connect to your computer since the Meeting Capsule is universally compatible with various software programs.

AI voice tracking technology allows the conference room camera to automatically focus on whoever is speaking, zooming in on them automatically. Furthermore, Meeting Capsule will efficiently filter out disturbing background noises with the aid of voice IA noise reduction algorithms.

1.Meeting Capsule's Collaboration mode setup

Place the Meeting Capsule at the center of the conference room table for the Meeting Capsule to capture a 360° view of the conference room.

2.Meeting Capsule's Classic mode setup

Place the Meeting Capsule at the end of the conference room table; the Classic Mode imaging, a 180° wide-angle image, gives the remote participant the best user experience.

3.Meeting Capsule's Spotlight mode setup

Place the Meeting Capsule directly in front of you at a distance of around 60cm for the remote participants' optimal image and audio quality.

Meeting Capsule has an 18ft (Approx. 5.5m) range of capturing voices and images, which is highly suitable for a small to medium size meeting with up to 12 on-site participants.

Meeting Capsule + EMEET OfficeCore M3

When conducting a large hybrid meeting in a large conference room, the 18ft audio pickup radius may not be able to pick up all the audio from a far distance. Therefore, adding an additional speakerphone could increase the audio pickup radius to 36ft and allow the remote participants to hear vital information clearly.

Meeting Capsule + M3 setup

When conducting a hybrid meeting in a large conference room, the Meeting Capsule and M3 can easily be connected by a daisy chain, and no other additional operation is required.

The Meeting Capsule and M3 should be placed at a distance of 10ft (Approx. 3m) apart, ensuring the device can pick up all the audio.


To sum it up, we have seen more and more employees being separated into in-office and remote workers. With the correct hybrid meeting devices, we can bring all the employees together to work as one and make the company pursue further into the future.

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