What is ANC in Headphones?

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What is ANC in Headphones?

One of the cons of working in an office is the high level of noise you have to deal with. noise can also be a distraction even if you work from home, especially if you have kids.

Some people are generally sensitive to constant noise. If you find yourself getting irritated by loud and consistent noise, then you are probably one of those people. You need a solution ASAP! Unless you have a noise-canceling headset with mic

What is ANC in headphones?

If you are frequently exposed to loud noise at home or work, then ANC technology is the solution to your woes!

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology will revolutionise your life. ANC tech allows you to reduce unwanted background sound by introducing a second sound that cancels out the first sound. A noise-cancelling bluetooth headset, for instance, cancels out almost 70% of any ambient noise you are trying to block. ANC not only helps block outside noise but also amplifies the music you are listening to by making it more crisp and clear.

While ANC tech helps block out lower-frequency noise, it can also help block voices to an extent, allowing you to enjoy some proper quiet time!
There are different types of ANCs.

1. FeedForward ANC

In feedforward ANCs, the mic is placed outside the cup of the ear. This allows the mic to process the sound and create anti-noise before the person hears it.

2. Feedback ANC

Feedback active cancellation is another type of ANC tech and in this type of tech, the mic is inside the ear cup which places it in front of the speaker and allows the ANC to better correct and cancel noises. 

3. Hybrid ANC

In feedforward ANCs, the mic is placed outside the cup of the ear. This allows the mic to process the sound and create anti-noise before the person hears it.

ENC refers to Environmental Noise Cancellation and it essentially blocks out background noise by cancelling or suppressing it through the build of the device. By blocking external noise, this technology allows you to really enjoy your music/podcast/show. They are also an excellent way to block out voices to enjoy some peace.

Some devices combine both ANC and ENC technology, which allows them to be more effective when it comes to noise cancellation. Such a noise cancelling microphone headset allows for an amazing listening experience and completely blocks out all external noise!

4. Convenient

Daisy chaining two speakerphones do not complicate the operation at all. Touch the icons on the interface of either speakerphone, the other will automatically go in sync. It means that you can simultaneously mute both speakerphones, and increase or decrease their volumes, which is quite convenient.

The benefits of noise cancelling

Noise reduction helps reduce background noise and distractions when you are at work, allowing you to be more productive. They also help you concentrate better at home or any other place.

The best thing about the best noise-canceling headset for work is that they tend to be multi-mode. Beyond the noise cancellation aspect, they also allow you to have a better music listening experience as the lack of background noise elevates the music. Many noise-canceling devices allow you to take calls as well, and the noise reduction tech ensures that you can hear clearly.

Noise reduction tech is also great for your ears in the long term as studies have shown that exposure to loud noise can cause health issues such as hearing loss and sleeping disorders.Noise reduction technology can improve your life if you use it correctly. So, how to select a best noise cancelling mic headset?

How to choose noise-cancelling headphones?

When purchasing a noise-canceling headset or any other device with noise-canceling abilities, here are the features you should consider.

1. Noise Cancellation Tech

The best noise-canceling mic headset will come with the most advanced noise-canceling technology. This ensures that any ambient noise is blocked out so you can focus on your work without distraction. It also allows you to attend meetings easily and ensures the person on the other side can hear you clearly. 

2. Several microphones

The best noise cancelling headset for work should have multiple microphones. This ensures that the voice gets picked up and the person on the other end can't hear you clearly. This is even more important on a speakerphone where multiple people may be relying on one device during meetings and are seated in a big room.

3. Comfort level

Any good noise-canceling microphone headset should be comfortable to wear! You should be able to wear it over long periods without your ears hurting. So make sure that the device you pick has soft ear cushions that do not put a strain on your ears. The EMEET HS150 comes with soft earmuffs that are a treat to your ears! 

4. Usability

Make sure the device you pick is easy to use. A complicated device can waste your precious time in setting up. This is why it is important to pick a device that you can easily connect and use. The EMEET HS150 allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time, which makes it very easy to use.

5. Portability

If you travel a lot or like changing up your working space, you should opt for a portable device. This will ensure that you can easily carry the device around and attend your meetings from anywhere! The HS150 is extremely portable and you can also wear it while traveling or walking. 

6. 2-way audio

A good noise-canceling microphone headset should aid a smooth 2-way conversation. It should allow you and the person on the other side to speak at the same time without being interrupted. It should also transmit the conversation in real-time so that there are no delays and lagging. The HS150 enables great 2-way conversation. 

7. Price

As the consumer, you should always ensure that you get the best deal for your money. Make sure that the noise-canceling headset you pick is not overly expensive. However, ensure that it has all the features you need and it works well. The HS150 is a great affordable

Which noise cancellation headphones is the best for you

If you're looking for noise-cancelling headphones, EMEET has recently launched the HS150 noise-cancelling earphones and this will truly change your life! The HS150 is the best noise-canceling headset currently available in the market and here's why. 

1. Excellent Active Noise Cancelling

VoiceIA is an EMEET independent research and development acoustic technique. Turning on VoiceIA noise reduction can greatly reduce some noises during meetings, such as keyboard tapping, air conditioning noise, and general unwanted background noise. It can offer crystal-clear audio when you call.

VoiceIA® acoustic processing technology combines traditional acoustics with deep learning processing methods to provide a reliable sound separation solution for embedded platforms. The core technologies include reliable full-duplex echo cancellation, microphone array positioning & enhancement, Intelligent voice noise reduction & de-reverberation, and multi-speaker role separation.

2. 6 Mics With VoiceIA Noise Reduction

This model has not 1, not 2 but 6 strategically placed microphones which guarantee that it will pick up your voice even in the noisiest of spaces. The VoiceIA Smart algorithm also artfully removes background noise for the listener. And the HS150 is very versatile and has three different noise cancellation modes you can choose from. All three modes allow you to cancel out any background noise and focus on your meetings!

3. Comfortable Design

Another great feature of the HS150 is how comfortable the design is. The over-ear design not only provides maximum noise cancellation but also cushions your ears for maximum comfort! The ear cushions are made of memory foam and have the most premium soft protein leather cover that gently touches your ears. This makes the HS150 the most comfortable noise-canceling headset to wear for long periods! 

4. Convenient And Efficient

The advanced EMEET technology allows you to connect this headset to two devices at the same time! So you can connect it to both your phone and laptop and then easily switch as you need to.The headset also has almost 48 hours of battery life, which means that you do not have to worry about the battery dying on your mid-call. The HS150 also comes with really comfortable earmuffs that are a treat to wear!


Some of the best microphones and headsets now incorporate noise-cancelling technology to enhance the user experience. If you are looking for the best noise-cancelling headset then you should surely opt for the EMEET HS150 headset.

The HS150 not only has hybrid active noise cancellation technology but also comes with a variety of other advantages. When considering the price, remember that you get what you pay for. In terms of ANC headphones, consider them more of an investment than a luxury purchase. It will help you boost productivity, lower stress levels, and achieve overall peace of mind. Over to you!

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