What is Noise Cancelling?

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What is noise cancelling?

Being in public can be noisy. Some may say it's even nauseating. That's why many people will have a headphone or earphones set in public. But, will that do the trick? Are headphones enough to block out the noise? In many cases, you will find that even having the best headphones will not be enough, especially if you are working in a noisy environment. Sometimes it will get so loud you can not even enjoy your music or make out what you are listening to from your headset and that's why you need a solution for all these distractions.

Have you heard of noise cancelling headsets? The new product HS150 launched by EMEET has good noise reduction technology. These are headsets capable of filtering out the noise such that you only listen to what is coming from your headset.

There are different types of noise-cancelling, such as active noise cancelling and environmental noise cancelling. This article focuses on discussing noise-cancelling technology and how you can utilize it to improve your listening experience.

What is noise cancelling?

One might ask, what is noise cancelling? It's a technology that analyzes the incoming sound and introduces an equal but opposite waveform to eliminate the noise. This technology is also sometimes referred to as active noise reduction or passive noise reduction. It has greatly improved over the last few years and it has been used widely in different products such as headphones, headsets and hearing aids.

There are different types of noise-cancelling as outlined below.

1. Passive Noise Cancelling

Passive noise cancelling is a technology that does not require any power to work. Instead, it uses materials to provide you with a way of reducing the impact of noise pollution and this is especially prevalent in hearing aids. This tech noise-cancelling round since the 1960s and has greatly improved over the years. Using this method, one can get rid of the disturbance that usually comes from your environment and focus on whatever you are doing better.

Passive Noise Cancelling

2. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Active Noise Cancelling is a type of headphone that will have the ability to reduce or block the noise electronically. It does this by using a microphone which will capture the ambient noise and then send it to a processor which will create a sound wave that is out of phase with the environmental noise, therefore reducing or eliminating the outside sounds from your ears.

Active Noise Cancelling headphones are great because they will be able to actively cancel out the ambient noise without the need of external power.

All that is required of the user is to turn on the ANC function and they will be able to enjoy their music in a quieter environment without having to worry about battery life.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

3. Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC)

Environmental Noise Cancelling is a good alternative if you want something more affordable or looking for a spare headset that you can use when you are working in an environment where there is too much noise.

It does not require a processor or any other electrical source but instead it uses the power of the built-in microphone and creates sound waves that are in phase with the noise of your surroundings therefore cancelling out the noise. This way the surrounding noise will not be able to reach your ears and the sound inside of your headset will be able to stay crystal clear.

Environmental Noise Cancelling is a great solution for reducing or eliminating unwanted sounds from your environment and you can use it with many different headphones.

Environmental Noise Cancelling

Does ANC have any health effects?

1. Reduced ear pressure

A very important benefit that people using these noise-cancelling devices is the reduction of pressure. Many times, since your ears are exposed to a lot of noise, they may feel pain and discomfort. But, with the use of an ANC headset, you will be able to minimize parts of the noise that is making it to your ears.

2. Reduced risk of tinnitus

Tinnitus is a very common condition usually caused by noise pollution. If you are feeling that your ear is ringing or there is a thumping sound in your ears. You should wear noise-cancelling headphones as it can cancel out much of the noise that may reduce the risk of developing tinnitus.

3. Reduced risk of hearing loss/loss of hearing

If you are someone that is facing a large risk of losing your hearing, then ANC headsets will be able to minimize the amount of sound coming from your environment and this enables you to experience sound with more clarity.

This technology will be great for users who are suffering from presbycusis or age-related hearing loss, for example.

Reasons why you need noise cancelling headphones

There are many people who use their headphones as part of their regular routine. Whether they are working, doing a hobby or maybe watching TV, all of these activities can be enhanced with the use of headphones. We are exposed to a lot of loud noises on a daily basis and these sounds can be very damaging to our ears over time.

Noise cancelling headphones is way to prevent the use of hearing protection. Many people think that wearing earplugs or earmuffs will make things better, but this is simply not true. Wearing these devices can lead to a number of side effects and on top of that you will also be restricting your listening experience.

Noise cancellation is great for those who spend most of their time at the computer and want to be able to Focus on work at its fullest. You can also use headphones to block out unwanted sounds that may be distracting, such as someone talking or the noise of the street. This will enable you to focus on your work and make sure that you are able to achieve your goal with ease and comfort.

Best noise cancelling headset for work

One of the companies that have been at the forefront of providing top-notch noise-cancelling products is EMEET. The company offers different products to suit different consumer needs.One of the revolutionary products in the noise cancelling field is EMEET's noise cancelling headset with mic HS150. That is best noise cancelling headset for work.

The product has set itself apart from other devices being offered in the market by 3 key attributes.

1. Excellent noise cancelling

HS150 This headset utilizes a hybrid noise cancelling technology that entails both ANC and ENC to provide users with the best sound and listening quality. Whether you work in customer care service or taking a conference call, the noise cancelling microphone headset ensures that you not only hear crispy clear voices but also transmit the same quality of sound.Choose among three modes to shut the ambient noise outside your world and get focused or to hear what happens around you and feel connected.You will be able to enjoy your content more with the availability of both ANC and ENC on the headset filtering out all the unnecessary distractions.

2. Superior comfort

With the HS150, EMEET has designed the headset with a headband that is made from high quality foam. This is a great solution as it pampers your head while also ensuring that you do not feel the pressure. This means that you will have no problem wearing the HS150 on your head without any discomfort whatsoever.

3. Connect to two devices simultaneously

How about that? EMEET's HS150 is one of the few if not the only device in the market that allows for two devices to connect at once . This enables you to be able to switch between listening to two different devices without disconnecting your headset. For example, you can switch from listening to music to taking an office call without disconnecting from any of the two devices.


The EMEET HS150 as a noise cancelling Bluetooth headset,it comes equipped with a dual 5.0 Bluetooth technology, it has seamless over ear sound interaction that allows you to control several features of your devices such as volume control, it has 120 degree rotation that makes it easy to wear and adjust lastly, it is equipped with 6 noise cancelling Microphones & Exclusive VoiceIA Technology that filters out the noise and transmits crispy clear communication and with a 6 hours usage on a 1.5 hours charge you could never go wrong.

If you are looking for a device that has both ANC and ENC, then EMEET's HS150 should be on top of your list!

Also, if you are looking for a simpler headset with noise cancelling technology, EMEET's range of noise reduction products is sure to cover any of your needs. Just visit us today and select the right product according to your needs.

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