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Accessories FAQ


1. Is it suitable for a video conference in the office?

It is suitable, and it is a good webcam stand. You can put your webcam on this tripod, and it will be more stable than putting it on your computer.

2. What is the height it can be stretched, can it be extended?

It is expandable and the maximum height is 12.2 inches.

3. Is this tripod portable?

This tripod weighs only 76.5 g (2.7 oz), and its minimum size is 1 in (W)*6.2 in (H). You can put this compact tripod stand into your pocket or handbag and carry it wherever you go.


1. What models does this adapter A200 fits with?

It fits with Luna, Luna Lite, M2, M220.

2. What are the advantages of this adapter A200?

It's wireless, smaller and more portable than a USB cable, and more stable and faster than PC Bluetooth.



1. What are the advantages of this daisy chain?

This daisy chain could be used for cascading up to 2 EMEET speakerphones to expand the effective range of use of conference speakerphones.

2. Does it easy to use?

Simply plug the two ends of the Daisy Chain Cable into the OUT/LINK interface of the two Luna/M220/M2 Max/Luna Lite speakerphones to daisy chain them and stretch the Daisy Chain cable to an ideal position.

3. What about the extended length?

This daisy chain can be extended up to 118 inches.