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C950\C955 FAQ

1. What's in the box of EMEET webcam?

It contains a C950\C955 webcam and a quick start guide.

2. Device display of EMEET C950\C955


3. How can I turn the device on/off?

  • Turn on
Plug the USB-A connector into your computer or laptop, the device will automatically turn on.
Then open the meeting software you want to use with it, the device status indicator will show white.
External Webcam C950
  • Turn off
Unplug the USB connector from your computer or laptop, the device will automatically turn off.
Also, an easier way is to put the lens back to the stand, facing upwards to activate the auto privacy protection mode.
  • Plug-and-play 
       supports your computer to recognize the webcam immediately.
    Note: If your computer does not instantly recognize the webcam, try to plug it into a different USB port or restart the computer.

    4. What is the size of this webcam?

    The overall product dimension is 2.13 x 1.38 inches and can be folded to a compact size with 1.46 x 1.38 inches, which is more convenient to carry in a small handbag.

    5. How to install the device?

    • Place your webcam on a computer, laptop, or monitor at any position you desire.
    • Unfold the universal clip to fit the top of your monitor or laptop screen.
    • Manually adjust the webcam up/down or rotate to the best position to frame yourself.

    6. How to adjust the camera picture parameters?

    Please connect the device to the computer and follow the steps below:
    • Connect the device to a computer via USB cable.
    • Open the EMEETLINK software to enter the setting interface.

      Webcam Setting

      • You can check the image in different resolutions, open or close the watermark, flip mirror the image, and open or close the auto privacy protection mode.

      Video Setting

      • You can set the power line frequency (anti-flicker) according to your own needs, also adjust the filters, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and white balance.
      • If you want to restore all settings, click "Restore Default Settings".
      Note: Only in customize filters mode, the other parameters can be adjusted.

      Other Settings

      • You can update the software version and rename your device.

      7. How does the auto privacy protection feature work?

      • The C950\C955 HD webcam with physical privacy cover to protect personal privacy.

      8. Does it have a built-in microphone?

      Full HD 1080P Webcam C950\C955 has a built-in microphone that could be helpful for noise canceling.
      No matter where you are, it greatly enhances the sound quality of your live videos or online calls, filtering ambient noise and making every call more natural and clearer.