CES 2023: EMEET Launches 360 Conference Camera & 2 Brand New Products

EMEET is back at CES for 2023 and has two exciting new products to reveal.

EMEET Tech is an innovative high-tech company based on artificial intelligence technology. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of conferencing products such as cameras, speakerphones, webcams, and headsets.

Recently, EMEET leaked some information about its latest line of products for CES 2023.

Flagship Product: EMEET Meeting Capsule

It is known that EMEET will continue focusing on its flagship product at this CES exhibition and will also give consumers a comprehensive understanding of it from the appearance, function, and design concept behind it. This flagship product is EMEET Meeting Capsule. It is an All-in-one high-end conference device integrating an exclusive brilliant 360° flip lens, 8-microphone array, Hi-Fi speakers, and exclusive audio and video algorithms, aiming to provide a perfect one-stop-shop for online/remote conference solutions.

Some features of note include:

  • 1080P HD camera with 360° panoramic view angle.
  • 8 microphones allow the audio pickup radius up to 3m.
  • 90dB Hi-Fi speaker.
  • Intelligent multi-modal algorithm autofocuses on active talkers responsively.
  • Exclusive VoiceIA(®) DSP algorithm and full duplex.
  • 5 video conferencing modes: Collaboration, Speech, Classic, Spotlight & InPrivate.

Collaboration Mode

Collaboration mode is suitable for hybrid meetings, a 360° panoramic view of the entire meeting room is shown at the lower bottom of the screen, and at the top is the current speaker screen.

Speech Mode

Speech mode is identical to collaboration mode; it has a 360° panoramic view of the meeting room and is shown at the bottom of the screen. But at the top of the screen, there is only 1 speaker that will be shown at a time.

Classic Mode

Classic mode is 180° wide-angle mode. It accommodates the picture in front of the lens, but the mode does not provide AI automatic face capture and does not enlarge the images.

Spotlight Mode

Spotlight mode is a standard webcam mode; it has a default viewing angle of 65° and accommodates the 65° picture in front of the lens.

InPrivate Mode

The microphone and images are fully disabled to protect the user's privacy.

Upcoming Product: EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro

There is not too much information on the Meeting Capsule Pro just yet, but based on our current knowledge, the Meeting Capsule Pro not only has all the key features of the Meeting Capsule but more!

Some new features include:

  • 4k Dual Camera Stitching.
  • 10 Microphones.
  • 15W Hi-Fi Speaker.
  • Wireless Connection Available.

There are more brand-new features that haven't been said, but let's save the best for CES 2023.

Upcoming Product: EMEET StreamCam One

EMEET's first-ever self-created streaming camera is suitable for various streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitch, Youtube Live, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Three cameras can be Bluetooth connected and display multiple different angles at once. Stream your story anywhere with the EMEET StreamCam One. More key features will be displayed at CES 2023.

EMEET at CES 2023

The CES event will open soon, and EMEET will head back to Las Vegas again with a much larger booth and more advanced technology and products to showcase to the world. Driving change in essential areas, challenging the status quo, driving innovation, and providing multi-scenario conference solutions, is the way EMEET is moving forward.

A live demonstration will take place for all the products above. Also, some new products will be on the show. There are many more new features, and we will further disclose more unreleased products at CES. If you have the time, make sure you pay a visit to EMEET's showcase at CES Las Vegas between the 5th and 8th Jan 2023.

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