EMEET Meeting Capsule Webcam Makes Remote Group Conference Easier and Better

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Different conference room webcams can bring a huge impact on everyone’s experience of video meetings. Nowadays, it has been a common occurrence in business cooperations for conferences to be held with at least some team members attending remotely, and the COVID-19 has only exacerbated more demands on the remote video conference. However, attending a video conference with bad sound and video can be not only low efficient but also brings bad experience in business cooperation.

Luckily, the quality and flow of video conferences can be greatly improved with the best conference room webcam brands. For example, EMEET is a quite strong brand in the video conference webcam market with its various good-design and cost-efficient webcam products on Amazon.

As a high-tech innovation brand, which is committed to the research and development of intelligent voice, intelligent image and natural language processing, EMEET has launched many star products which attracts much good reaction from customers. All the products are aimed to make video conferences more efficient and easier. This article will give a brief introduction to EMEET video conference webcams.

The first is EMEET Meeting Capsule. It is commonly recognized that the enjoyment of the remote conference is directly connected with the degrees of the webcam. With a 360-degree View, this webcam can allow people in the conference to see the entire meeting room and business demonstrations clearly. What’s more, its auto framing and face-tracking technology allow the person speaking to remain center shot.

Featuring 8 AI Mics Array & 360°Voice Pick Up technology, EMEET Meeting capsule can on the one hand remove the unnecessary noise and pick up meeting attenders’ voice within a sphere of an 18ft radius. As a result, all attendees can be clearly heard even from the far ends of tables with the webcam for conference room.

For the purpose of bringing more immersive conference experience, it has integrated 5 Video Modes, which are Collaboration Mode, Speech Mode, Classic Mode, Spotlight Mode and Private Mode. Every mode brings different effects due to the webcam lens orientation and image presentation. Conference attendees can customize their meeting experience according to their on-site needs.

Apart from the above 3 advanced functions, EMEET Meeting capsule also has other advantages such as being portable but powerful. Click the below links to know more about the webcam.

EMEET Meeting Capsule: https://emeet.com/products/emeet-meeting-capsule

And also, there are many products of EMEET worth choosing. Know more information about them!

The other three EMEET webcams are quite popular on Amazon. For more information, please click below links.

EMEET S600 Webcam:HD 4K Quality,1080P 60FPS for Better Live Streaming


EMEET C970L Webcam:1080P 60FPS Webcam with Auto Focus,Three Level Adjustable Webcam Light

Link: https://emeet.com/products/webcam-c970l

EMEET Bluetooth/USB Speakerphone


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