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Luna Plus FAQ

What's in the box?

The Luna Plus Meeting Kit package includes 1 Luna Plus and 1 wired expansion microphone. Accessories include a wireless USB adapter A350, 1 C-A adapter, 1 C-C USB data cable, as well as 2 user manuals and 1 safety declaration.

The Luna Plus package includes 1 Luna Plus. Accessories include a wireless USB adapter A350,, 1 C-C USB data cable, 1 C-A adapter, as well as 1 user manual and 1 safety declaration.

Device display

What is the difference between Luna plus Meeting Kit and Luna Plus?

The Luna Plus Meeting Kit includes Luna Plus and a wired expansion microphone, which provides a wider coverage range and a better meeting experience.

How to turn on/off the device?

Manual on/off

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to power on or power off the product.

Auto on/off

Connect the product to a PC via a USB cable to power it on or off automatically.

The product will power off automatically if no connection or operation is performed in 1 hour.

Note: The auto-off duration can be modified in EMEETLINK software.

How to connect the device?

USB Connection

Connect the Luna PLus to your computer by using a USB-C cable, then long-press the power button to turn on the device.

When the connection is successful, the status LED light turns green to indicate you.

Bluetooth Connection

1. Connection Steps:

Follow the below steps to pair the Luna PLus to your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, or other mobile devices:

a. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device.

b. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speakerphone for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. In the mode, the status indicator turns blue and flashes.

c. Enter the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device, then select Luna PLus from the available devices list. When it is connected successfully, the device status indicator turns steady blue.

2. Disconnection

a. Short press the Bluetooth button on the Luna PLus, the device status indicator will turn white.

In this situation, if you short-press the Bluetooth button again, the Luna PLus will be connected via Bluetooth immediately.

b. Long press the Bluetooth button on the Luna PLus the device status indicator turns blue and flashes.

In this situation, to connect via Bluetooth again, you need enter the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device and select Luna PLus from the available devices list.

3. Reconnection

When the device is turned on, the Bluetooth will be reconnected to your mobile device(the last connected device) automatically. And there is no need to long-press the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode.

USB Dongle Connection

1. Automatically connect

Plug the USB dongle into the computer, the Luna PLuswill be connected automatically when it is turned on. And the status LED light of USB dongle & Luna PLus will show steady blue.

2. Dongle status

3. Pairing of USB Dongle

To pair a dongle with your EMEET device, please operate as follows:

  • Insert the dongle into the computer, and open the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Open the EMEETLINK software.
  • Click the "Search" button, then click EMEET Luna PLus from the available list.
  • When it shows "Connected", the dongle is paired successfully.

Expansion Mic Connection

Just simply unfold the 3.5mm cable attached to the expansion mic and plug it into the IN port of Luna Plus.

How to mute the microphone of the device?

Please short press the mute button to mute/unmute the microphone of Luna PLus

Just one-click to mute microphone, no need to click the computer interface via mouse.

And when the mute function is turned on, there will be a red indicator.

Can the products be cascaded?

Yes, with the purchase of the proprietary EMEET cascading cable, you can connect Luna Plus to Luna Plus, M0 Plus, M3, and Meeting Capsule devices for expanded coverage.

However, it is not compatible with M0, M1A, M2, Luna, or M2 MAX.

Additionally, if you buy two Luna Plus Meeting Kits, you can cascade two Luna Plus devices together and connect the expansion mic to each Luna Plus, achieving synchronous pickup and muting for up to four devices, with a maximum expansion capability of up to 25 people.

How to use the daisy chain(Cascade Function)?

1. The cascade function requires an EMEET daisy chain cable.

2. Use a daisy chain cable to connect the OUT/LINK port of each device.

3. There are two ways to use the cascading function.

USB Connection + Daisy chain

Source light of the device shows green under the USB connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

Bluetooth Connection + Daisy chain

Source light of the device shows blue under Bluetooth connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

4. Microphone Mute button、Volume "+" "-" button、Voice IA button can be synchronized while cascading.

5. It’s an extension of a mono speaker and microphone to improve the range, not stereo.

How to use the call button of the device?

This function can be used on telephone communication and Skype for business when the Luna PLus is connected to your device.

When there is an incoming call, the device indicator will light up flashes green.

Short press to answer and hang up calls.

Long press for 3 seconds to reject calls.

When you use the Luna PLus to answer calls, it will automatically play the call through the speaker.

When you use your phone to answer calls, it will be played through your phone. If you want to play the call via the Luna PLus, just select it when answering the call.

How to increase/decrease the volume of the device?

Short press the "+" / "-" button of the device to increase/decrease the volume of the device.

There are 5 sections of the volume.

Every twice you press the "+" button, the volume number will increase 20 with status LED changes.

Until press 10 times, it will up to the max volume with a prompt tone to remind you.

How to use the Voice IA function of the device?

1. What is Voice IA?

- Voice IA is an EMEET independent research and development acoustic technique. It can offer crystal-clear audio when you call.

- The core technologies include reliable full-duplex echo cancellation, microphone array positioning & enhancement, Intelligent voice noise reduction & de-reverberation, and multi-speaker role separation.

- Voice IA is turned off by default. In a quiet conference room without noise, the default mode is generally recommended.

2. How to turn it on/off?

Short press the Voice IA button, and the function will be turned on/off.

When it turns on/off, there will be a prompt tone (Voice IA ON, Voice IA OFF) and anindicator to remind you.

Kindly note, when you make a call at wireless state, there will be no prompt tone.

How to check the device's power? How to charge the device?

1. Check battery level

Short press the power button when the device is turned on.

And the device status LED turns green to indicate the battery level.

When the battery level is low to 5%, the status LED flashes red to warn the low battery.

2. Charge the device

Please plug the device into an outlet via a USB cable when the device is turned off.

When the battery is not fully charged, the status indicator lights up yellow-green and flashes.

When the battery is full, the status indicator lights up steady yellow-green.

3. Battery life and battery capacity

The Luna PLus has a built-in 2600 mAh battery and when it is fully charged typically supports a 10-hour continuous call.

It will take about 2-3 hours to get fully charged if you use a regular household outlet.

But the charging time may vary depending on the remaining battery power and battery condition.