5 Best Webcams and Video Conference Camera for 2022

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The year 2022 has been a memorable year, during which we have constantly been challenging difficulties and making breakthroughs with one determined goal: to produce products of better performance and provide service of better quality to our users around the globe. This year, we received hundreds of thousands of voices from our beloved customers. We sincerely thank you for your appreciation of our products and service, which significantly motivates us to improve ourselves constantly. According to your precious feedback, we've compiled a list of EMEET webcams that are most liked in 2022. Read on to find out if your favourite is there!

Essential parameters to measure a webcam

When it comes to the measurement of a webcam or a video conference camera, there are several parameters you should be aware of.


The number of pixels contained in each frame. 1080P is the most common resolution on a webcam.

Field of View

The field of view is the width of a scene that the lens can capture. It ranges from 0~360° according to different scenarios and needs.

Audio performance

Most webcams are equipped with microphones, and some of them even are integrated with loudspeakers. Therefore, audio performance matters, especially noise cancellation and echo elimination capability.

Privacy Protection

No one wants to be spied on. Thus, it is vital to choose a webcam with specific privacy protection methods.

5 best webcams and video conference cameras

EMEET Meeting Capsule

Key Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080P@30FPS
  • Field of View: Adjustable 0~360-degree field of view
  • Audio: 8 noise-canceling microphones plus 1 10W speaker
  • Privacy Protection: Electronic privacy protection

Why Customers Love It

  • Intelligent, active speaker tracking
  • 5 video modes
  • Exceptional audio performance

Released in April 2022, the EMEET Meeting Capsule is an all-in-one Video Conference Camera integrated with a 360° FHD 1080P lens, 8 omni-directional microphones, and a loud and clear 10W speaker. Once it was launched, it was sought after by many of our customers. Especially the following three features: intelligent, active speaker tracking, 5 video modes and exceptional audio performance.

For multi-attendee video conferences, one of the quintessences of EMEET Meeting Capsule is the intelligent, active speaker tracking that zooms in on whoever is speaking, creating organic face-to-face interactions and strengthening collaboration. Another remarkable feature most favoured is the 5 video modes, which enable multi-attendee meetings or personal facetime. Our customers can always choose the most suitable mode according to their particular needs in different scenarios. In addition, with the 8 AI noise-canceling microphones and a 10W speaker, all the in-room participants can hear and be heard clearly.

It is critical to make the virtual participants feel not like outsiders but that they are one of the team, so it won't threaten productivity and affect the business, which is the ultimate aim of why EMEET Meeting Capsule was made.

EMEET SmartCam C960

Key Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080P@30FPS
  • Field of View: 90-degree field of view
  • Audio: 2 noise-canceling microphones
  • Privacy Protection: Physical privacy cover

Why Customers Love It

  • High-Cost Performance
  • Suitable for everyone, fits in every space

EMEET SmartCam C960 is an HD 1080P Webcam with 2 omni-directional, noise-canceling microphones, which only costs less than $40, and you can even get 28% off during the Black Friday event. It is precisely the high-cost performance that lets it be favoured by a majority of our beloved customers and consistently rank in the top 3 of all webcams.

C960 is such a webcam with comprehensive functions that it almost fits any place you can imagine. It is a webcam for everyone. No matter if you're looking for a gadget for video conferencing, online learning, or whatever and need to know which one to choose, then C960 is undoubtedly an option for you.

EMEET SmartCam C980Pro


Key Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080P@30FPS
  • Field of View: 90-degree field of view
  • Audio: 4 noise-canceling microphones plus 2 81dB speakers
  • Privacy Protection: Physical magnetic privacy cover

Why Customers Love It

  • All in one with a camera, 4 microphones, and 2 speakers

EMEET SmartCam C980Pro is an HD 1080P all-in-one webcam with 4 microphones and 2 speakers. It is not commonly seen that loudspeakers are integrated within the body of a small webcam due to audio issues, especially the annoying echo. However, it is not a big deal for C980Pro, equipped with the exclusive DSP algorithm, enabling excellent noise cancellation and echo elimination. C980Pro is the only webcam with speakers, except for the EMEET Meeting Capsule. That's what our customers like about C980Pro and why it ranks third of all webcams.

For those who are concerned about the tidiness of their workspace, C980Pro provides an option worth considering, de-cluttering the messy desktop caused by wiring arrangement. At the same time, if you're tired of wearing a headset from 9 to 5, why not take the all-in-one C980Pro a shot?

EMEET SmartCam C970L

Key Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080P@60FPS
  • Field of View: Adjustable 75~90-degree field of view
  • Audio: 2 noise-canceling microphones
  • Privacy Protection: Electronic privacy protection

Why Customers Love It

  • 3-level touch ring light
  • Fluid 60 frames per second

EMEET SmartCam C970L is a 1080P 60FPS webcam for streaming with microphones liked by most of the live streamers of all our customers. It features a 3-level ring light which can be adjusted by the touch on top of the body, allowing perfect lighting with the smart auto light correction tech under any lighting conditions. Another feature that our customers most favour is the 60FPS, which ensures absolutely seamless video during streaming with no lag.The C970L has been widely recognized not only by professional streamers but also by other customers who are suffering from poor lighting conditions. If it happens to you that you're having trouble with lighting problems during video calls, C970L is no doubt a solution worthy of consideration.

EMEET SmartCam C950

Key Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080P@30FPS
  • Field of View: 70-degree field of view
  • Audio: 1 noise-canceling microphone
  • Privacy Protection: Physical privacy cover

Why Customers Love It

  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable

EMEET SmartCam C950 is a highly portable, full HD 1080P webcam weighing only 74g. It is such a little fellow that you can tuck it in your bag and take it anywhere. It is no exaggeration to say that there's no match under $20.If you do a lot of business travel with many online video calls and are not satisfied with your laptop's built-in camera, this on-the-go design is undoubtedly a good alternative.

Product Summary

Model EMEET Meeting Capsule EMEET SmartCam C960 EMEET SmartCam C980Pro EMEET SmartCam C970L EMEET SmartCam C950
Design Appearance img img
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Exclusive 360° pano view
AI active speaker tracking
5 video modes
Highly cost-effective All in one 3-level touch ring light 60FPS Personal and portable
Resolution FHD 1080P FHD 1080P FHD 1080P FHD 1080P FHD 1080P
Frame Rate 30FPS 30FPS 30FPS 60FPS 30FPS
Field of View Adjustable 0~360° 90° 90° Adjustable 75~90° 70°
Microphone 8 AI noise-cancellilng mics 2 noise-cancelling mics 4 noise-cancelling mics 2 noise-cancelling mics 1 noise-cancelling mic
Speaker 10W, 89dB N/A 81dB N/A N/A
Privacy Protection Electronic Physical Physical Electronic Physical


These are the 5 best webcams and video conference cameras for 2022. We're honored that our products are liked by so many of our customers, and we sincerely appreciate your feedback, which motivates us to further improve our products and service.

If you have any other questions or inquiries, you're welcome to reach out to us anytime, and we'll get back as soon as possible.

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