Best Video Conferencing Equipment: For Office and Home

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The past several years have witnessed tremendous changes in how we work. The increasing rates of remote and hybrid work has created new ways for business employees to cooperate and collaborate. Thus, video conferencing plays a more significant role in collaboration, giving us more communication opportunities and saving time and money.

Essential Equipment for Video Conferencing

If video conferencing is a daily routine during your workdays, here are a few things you may need to look for:

· A reliable computer or laptop

A reliable personal computer or a laptop is no doubt one of the must-haves for video conferencing.

· A good HD camera

you may integrate your laptop with a built-in camera. However, if you're going to video conferencing with your client or prospects, the excellent video quality that built-in cameras probably fail to provide is extremely important.

· Microphones and speakers

No one likes the experience of asking the other end if they can hear you. Therefore, good-quality microphones and speakers are essential for efficient video conferencing.

· Display

If you're doing video conferencing with multiple attendees in a conference room, then a display is possibly a necessity for a clear presentation.

· Internet Connection

To make the conferencing go smoothly, you'll need to ensure that the internet connection is fast and stable.

· Online Meeting Software

Many online meeting software on the market, such as Microsoft Team, Zoom, etc. You may choose the one you're familiar with or the one that works the best for you.

Best Video Conferencing Equipment List

When it comes to video conferencing equipment, you'll need to consider several factors, one of which is how you work.


Though remote working is going viral, the majority of employees are still working in the office. For most office-based employees, the personal office and conference rooms are the two places they may spend most of their time.

Personal Workspace

A clean and tidy workspace makes people feel comfortable when working. Well-performed equipment makes work efficient. What about the combination of both? A professional video conferencing equipment that makes your work efficient and de-clutters your workspace. The answer is the EMEET SmartCam C980Pro, a powerful all-in-one webcam.

EMEET SmartCam C980Pro

The C980Pro is an all-in-one webcam that contains an HD 1080P lens, 4 noise-cancelling microphones and a powerful speaker. With the C980Pro, you no longer need extra microphones or speakers with their annoying cables cluttered on the table. It delivers crystal-clear images during your video conferencing with your boss or clients. At the same time, the 4 noise-cancelling microphones ensure your voice comes across clearly and naturally with no noise from the keyboard tapping or the air conditioner. Also, the 81dB speaker is loud enough to ensure you hear every word from the other party.

There aren't many webcams that integrate a camera, microphone and speaker into one, but EMEET tactfully makes it, even at a surprising price of under $90.

Conference Room

When holding meetings in a conference room, the biggest challenge is to include everyone equally and make everyone feel engaged. To solve this, it could be a huge problem for traditional webcams because of their limited functions. That's why conference room cameras came into being.

EMEET Meeting Capsule+EMEET OfficeCore M3

The EMEET Meeting Capsule is an all-in-one conference camera that houses an FHD 1080P camera, 8 AI microphones and an 89dB speaker. It can provide a 360° panoramic view of the entire conference room with AI active speaker autofocus that automatically zooms in on whoever is speaking, creating an immersive video conferencing experience by reproducing an organic face-to-face interaction. Besides, with its exceptional audio performance, everyone in the room can hear and be heard clearly.

What makes the EMEET Meeting Capsule different from other conference room cameras is its unique 5 video modes that enable multi-scenario use. Whether you're holding a multi-attendee hybrid meeting, a presentation, or a personal facetime, you can find the suitable mode that works the best for you.

With our signature speakerphone M3, you can extend the audio pickup range to 36ft to apply them to an extra-large conference room. Indeed, you can use both 2 devices separately based on your own needs.

Work From Home(WFH)

Working from home is nothing new nowadays. According to a survey conducted by Gallups, 30% of employees prefer "never" to come to the office, and many say that they like spending two or three days in the office per week and spend the rest working from home. Indeed, working from home eliminates the cost of time and money of commuting and offers flexibility to balance work and other family needs or obligations.

But, WFH does have its shortcomings. For example, inefficient communication due to low-quality equipment. Thus, investing in high-quality equipment such as webcams or speakerphones is an effective way to solve this.

EMEET SmartCam C970L

The EMEET SmartCam C970L is an HD 1080P webcam with a 3-level adjustable touch ring light, which is suitable for working from home, especially when you're confused by the lighting condition in your study. With C970L's auto light correction technology and ring light, you can always stand out among others. Besides, the field of view of C970L is conveniently adjustable via EMEETLINK between 75° to 90°, which allows you to choose whether to focus more on your own or show more of your surroundings to the other side.

EMEET OfficeCore M3

If you're pursuing much higher audio quality in video conferencing, then a speakerphone is exactly what you need for working from home. The EMEET signature speakerphone M3 provides a 360° voice pickup radius of 5 meters range, which enables you to continue communicating with the other end when you don't need to be tightly confined in front of the computer. Also, the noise cancellation supported by EMEET's exclusive DSP algorithm makes the conversation clearer without any distractions from your kids or the hustle from the outside.

Besides, with the auto-switch between conference mode and music playing mode, listening to your favourite songs using M3 during the break is an excellent way to relieve yourself from your busy work.

On the Go

Nowadays, more and more people are not satisfied with working in one single place for a long time. Thus, new professions have come out, one of which the most classic ones is digital nomads, who make their living by working and travelling around the country or even the globe. Portability is always the priority for those who are always on the go.

EMEET SmartCam C950

Suppose you're suffering from grainy images from your laptop's built-in camera when doing video conferencing on business travel. In that case, you want to change to a higher definition webcam but want to avoid adding to the burden of travel. Then, C950 is definitely the ideal choice for you.

The EMEET SmarCam C950 is a personal, portable 1080P webcam that is ideal for on-the-go workers. With a delicate folding design, it only weighs 74g, which is merely as light as an egg that you can tuck in your bag and take it anywhere. Though it is a small gadget, the professional experience it brings will undoubtedly be impressive.

EMEET OfficeCore Luna

One of the headaches for on-the-go workers would be the unpredictable external noises, distractions, and interruptions around you because you never know what will happens next. Thus, to ensure your video conferencing goes seamlessly, a well-performed noise-cancelling speakerphone with an excellent loudspeaker is of great help.

The EMEET OfficeCore Luna has 3 Omnidirectional microphones with excellent noise cancellation powered by EMEET's exclusive DSP algorithm VoiceIA. With a portable palm-size design, Luna takes up little space on the table or in your bag, allowing you to stow it away and hold meetings anywhere you need easily.


Whether you're working in the office, frequent a conference room, working from home or consistently on the go, travelling to different places, video conferencing is an efficient and convenient way to connect and communicate with your colleagues, boss or clients. Of course, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for all the scenarios above. Therefore, how to select the right and high-quality video conferencing equipment depends a lot on the working model you're now engaging in.

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