What are Daisy Chain Speakerphones?

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What are daisy chain speakerphones?

Sharing one speakerphone with dozens of your colleagues in a large conference room, it's more likely that you miss most of the points even if you strain your ears to catch what's under discussion when seated some distance away from the speakerphone. Limited voice pickup coverage also prevents you from freely elaborating on your ideas. Consequently, not only can your mood be ruined but also your productivity comes low.

Isn't there any other option except huddling around the speakerphone to hear and be heard clearly? Don't worry, we are going to present to you an effective solution to this problem. By connecting two speakerphones in a daisy chain structure, it is now realistic to enjoy a decent meeting of up to 25 people.

What is daisy chain?

In professional terms, the daisy chain is a wiring schema in which devices are linked in a certain order.Two basic categories of daisy chains are linear daisy chains and ring daisy chains.

A simpler explanation would be, it is simple to link multiple speakers to a single audio source by daisy chaining them together, which allows all speakers connected by the daisy chain to receive the same audio signal.

What is daisy chain?

Ring daisy chain

Assume that there are n devices and a computer. All of them are chained in a circle.

Ring daisy chain

Linear daisy chain

Say there are n devices and a computer. The n devices are connected in a linear fashion, and the first device is linked to the host computer.

What are daisy chain speakerphones and how about the benefits?

1. Reason

In a large conference room with dozens of participants, only one speakerphone may not be able to pickup all the audios from different participants. But how about putting two on the conference table? As a result, the daisy chain structure is applied.

2. System

By building the daisy chain functionality into speakerphones and interconnecting two of them with a specially designed cable, we then get the system called "daisy chain speakerphones".

3. Extension

Obviously, daisy-chained speakerphones extend the voice pickup range and enhance sound amplification, so meetings attended by multiple people stop being an awkward situation. Every participant can freely utter their minds and clearly hear the other side of the conference call.

4. Convenient

Daisy chaining two speakerphones do not complicate the operation at all. Touch the icons on the interface of either speakerphone, the other will automatically go in sync. It means that you can simultaneously mute both speakerphones, and increase or decrease their volumes, which is quite convenient.

EMEET 5m Daisy Chain Cable

Power up your possibilities


EMEET 3m Daisy Chain Cable

3 meter (9.8feet) cable for video conferences in larger rooms


Meet EMEET Conference Speaker M2 Max speakerphone

As a significant step into the professional market, EMEET Conference Speaker M2 Max is packed with a few powerful new features, the daisy-chaining function included.

EMEET Conference Speaker M2 Max

  • One M2 Max is able to handle meetings up to 15 people. Doubling it up simply makes the number go higher to 25.
  • With four directional microphones and a sampling rate of 48KHz 16-bit, the M2 Max delivers all-direction pickup effect and high clarity sound.
  • Full-duplex tech ensures instant 2-way audio when both ends are speaking simultaneously.
  • A beefed-up 5W speaker enables voices to be heard more clearly in a larger room.
  • Operating the M2 Max is also easy. Just plug and play with USB-C, or wirelessly with Bluetooth or the included dongle. It is compatible with a wide range of platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, etc.

# How to use daisy chain function on Bluetooth Conference Speaker M2 Max

  1. A EMEET daisy chain cable is required.
  2. Plug either end of the cable into the OUT/LINK port of the M2 Max.
  3. There are two ways of getting daisy-chained speakerphones into work.

    USB Connection

    Use a USB C cable to connect either of the M2 Max to the computer. And then this speakerphone's indicator light will turn green and that of the other ice blue.

    Bluetooth Connection

    Pair one of the speakerphones with the computer wirelessly with Bluetooth or the included dongle. And then this speakerphone's indicator light will turn blue and that of the other ice blue.

Bluetooth Connection

speakerphone's indicator light


Sizes of meeting rooms can vary. However big or small, one thing is constant: You deserve a comfortable working environment that makes you attentive and productive.

This is our goal, too. We feel how you feel, concern what concerns you and endeavor to provide top-notch products to make meetings simple and collaboration easy.

Daisy chain speakerphones is a simple yet useful system. Setting it up in the conference room makes communication and collaboration easier when a large number of people attend the meeting.

As for the speakerphone model, EMEET Bluetooth Conference Speaker M2 Max would be a great option.

EMEET Bluetooth Conference Speaker M2 Max

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