Why are People Starting to Hate Work-From-Home?

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Over the past two years, Work-From-Home has rapidly grown and initially, most employees envy Work-From-Home because of the freedom and ability to self-manage their work time. However, as time passes, more people start to dislike working from home as they seem to think it is too dull, overworked and boring.

Survey Review of Remote Workers

Many people are currently still rooting for remote work, and many remote roles are available on the job hunting website. However, In a survey by PwC published in 2022, 11% of US workers said they would like to work full-time at the office, while 62% said they would like to spend at least some time there. According to GoodHire, more than half of managers are confident their employees will return to work full-time.

These people may have different motivations; some desire the sociability of the office, while others prefer to have a clear line between work and home. While mapping out their post-pandemic working models, companies must consider the needs of those who want to work in offices and those who don't.

Future of Work

A recent survey published by Forbes predicted that work from home would double by 2021. The number of people working remotely by 2025 is expected to reach 70%. Managers and other business leaders thrown into the work-from-home waters headfirst have expressed concerns about working remotely. As a result of the data, we now know that we can work remotely without sacrificing productivity. A report stated that many people feel more productive outside of the office, and employers feel more confident in the productivity of their employees. It is also important to choose digital solutions that meet companies' unique needs, whether in the office, on the road, or in the conference room.

Why "Hate" Work-From-Home?

1. Unable to Make Friends

For some, remote work is a great convenience, but losing social contact and the office environment can be debilitating for others.

Abi Smith, business manager at food producer Spice Kitchen, said, "I would never apply for a home or remote-working role" as working from home makes you not want to leave your house for an extended period, and it may massively affect your mental health. Also, other than speaking with your family, there are no others you can talk with, as when you work from home, you rarely contact them unless it is work-related. Therefore, a long period of work from home could make you feel depressed and unable to make new friends.

2. Lack of Communications

When you're working from home, you're either in a meeting or doing something that requires the help of a colleague, and it would be much easier to communicate while working in an office. Especially when an important group project requires others to collaborate, everyone shares their ideas. But there is no opportunity for communication, as everyone is working from home, and it isn't easy to arrange meetings with everyone simultaneously. Then, because of the lack of communication, the project may go downhill and cause the company to lose business and affect your career. Therefore, people think working in the office is a good communication platform; you can maintain good communication.

3. Distraction From Other Things

We can all say that distractions occur at any office or home location. Distraction is a crucial factor in employees' productivity. Some people think working from home has more distractions than working in the office, such as interruptions from family members, outside noises, childcare, etc. With those potential distractions, it isn't easy to focus on work and causing an effect on work productivity. However, there is a lot of distraction in the office, such as people talking next to you, social media and internet browsing etc. It is fair to say that either working from home or office, you can be distracted by anything.

4. Lack of Self-Management

Another reason is that some people spend more time working when they work from home than work-from office due to a lack of self-management. When working in an office, employers monitor employees and give employees pressure to work. Although, when working from home, the employees are not monitored by their employers, which loses their pressure and concentration on work. Therefore, for the employees to finish their daily workload, they have to spend more time working. After periods of time working under these circumstances, employees are starting to "hate" working from home as they have spent more time working than in the office, which would lead to WFH burnout.

5. People Should Separate Work & Home

Some people do not want to bring their work to their homes. When finishing work for the day, people think they can "switch off" if they are feeling stressed at work. Doing so can reduce work-related stress, anxiety, or other mental health problems. Vice versa, personal issues can be handled at home and simply "switched off" when attending work. However, if they work from home, separating the work issue from home is complicated and vice versa.

Equipment solutions

The groups of people that wanted to return to the office were primarily because of distraction or lack of self-management. Selecting suitable conferencing equipment can reduce your concerns and highly improve your work environment. Some recommended products may help you resolve your problems.

1. EMEET GeniusCall HS150

EMEET GeniusCall HS150 is a wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphone with microphones that provide you with ultimate comfort. This headset can help you reduce the background noise, help you focus on work and give you the best work environment.

2. EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max or M3

If you don't like the feeling of a headset around your head, but you still want to have high-quality communication with your colleagues or telecommuting with the client, the EMEET Office M2 Max or M3 speakerphone would be your primary choice.

3. EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro

If you want to communicate with your colleagues or have a video conference meeting, the EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro would be the most suitable equipment for your home office. The C980 Pro, a 1080P Camera with 4 Omni-directional Mics and 2 professional Speakers, will give you the best meeting quality. With the speaker, you will feel like you are actually present in the office.


To sum up, despite small groups of people looking forward to returning to the office and finishing working from home, many people still enjoy WFH. As to the Forbes prediction, there will be more and more remote roles available in the future, and potentially working in the office will be uncommon. Therefore, selecting suitable home office equipment to set up your health home office will help you faster to adapt to WFH.

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