EMEET SmartCam C970L

FHD 1080P 60FPS Streaming Webcam with Fill Light

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  • 1080P 60FPS

    Always stay in focus with the smart autofocus in the 1080P@60FPS fantastic and seamless video.
  • Light up Your Beauty

    3-level adjustable fill light helps present the best of you in front of the lens.
  • Picture-Perfect

    Intelligent auto light correction ensures optimal visualization in varying lighting conditions.
  • Define Your Image

    Adjustable 75°-90° field of view with the digital privacy cover enables you to freely decide whatever to show.
  • Dual Noise-Canceling Mics

    2 omni-directional mics depress the distracting background noise and annoying echo.
  • Easy to Use

    Plug and play. Universally compatible with most streaming, and video call platforms.
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1080P 60FPS Webcam C970L

EMEET SmartCam C970L

FHD 1080P 60FPS Streaming Webcam with Fill Light

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1080P 60FPS Webcam C970L

EMEET SmartCam C970L

USD $49.99

Simple Seamless Streaming

Stream professionally with C970L in crystal-clear HD 1080P at 60 frames per second. Easily record your wonderfully memorable moments with the convenient touch fill light, no-drop audio, auto light correction, and an adjustable 75°-90° field of view.

High-Definition 1080P at 60FPS

Delivers clearer and smoother video with the HD 1080P and a fluid frame rate of 60FPS. C970L reproduces every natural tone, captures every detail, and streams every frame seamlessly, optimizing your streaming experience.

Focus on You

With the intelligent and highly-sensitive autofocus, C970L is capable of capturing and concentrating on you or whatever else you're presenting, saving the trouble of frequent manual adjustment.

Light up Your Beauty

Equipped with 3-level touch fill light, C970L enables you to optionally adjust the light output to show the best of you in front of the lens.

Pro Visual Optimization

The intelligent auto light correction adjusts the image brightness in real-time to provide professional visual optimization, keeping you naturally clear in varying lighting conditions.

Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones

Two omni-directional microphones block out the distracting background noise and annoying echo. Just freely speak out your ideas and interact with the other end because no interference will come in the way.

Privacy Protected

All you need is to slightly push the camera to less than 10° with the clip, then both the microphones and the camera will be shut immediately to protect your privacy.

Enhanced Control with EMEETLINK

Choose how you want to show yourself via our exclusive EMEETLINK by customizing any image parameters such as field of view, brightness, exposure, etc. Find out more interesting settings with EMEETLINK.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Plug the C970L into the USB port on your computer and you're ready to go. No extra drivers or tutorials are needed. Just that simple.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and macOS 10.10 or above. Works seamlessly with a host of software and platforms including Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, OBS, Facebook and YouTube, etc.

Various Mounting Options

Comes with an adjustable clip with a 1/4" thread at the bottom. Mount it on top of your monitor, lay it flat on the plane, or secure it tightly on a tripod, it's all up to you.


1080P 60FPS Webcam C970L

Product Comparison

Model C970L C970 C965
Price $49.99 $35.99 $34.99
Max Resolution FHD 1080P@60FPS FHD 1080P@60FPS FHD 1080P@30FPS
Field of View (Diagonal) Adjustable 75°-90° via EMEETLINK Adjustable 75°-90° via EMEETLINK 96°
Focus Type Auto Focus Auto Focus Auto Focus
Auto Light Correction Yes Yes Yes
Microphone 2 Noise-Canceling Mics 2 Noise-Canceling Mics 2 Noise-Canceling Mics
Fill Light N/A N/A N/A
Connection Plug-and-Play USB-A Plug-and-Play USB-A Plug-and-Play USB-A
Privacy Cover Digital Privacy Cover Digital Privacy Cover Physical Flippable Privacy Cover
Tripod-Mounted(1/4" Thread) Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (W*H*D mm) 120*44*53 120*44*53 100*59*55
Weight 215g 215g 146g


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1080P 60FPS Webcam C970L

EMEET SmartCam C970L

FHD 1080P 60FPS Streaming Webcam with Fill Light

How to adjust the camera picture parameters?

Please connect the device to the computer and follow the steps below:

Connect the device to a computer via USB cable.

Open the EMEETLINK software to enter the setting interface.

Firmware Update:

In the upper right corner, you can see your device’s firmware version. Also, you can click the “update” button to get the latest version.

Camera Settings:

You can open or close the auto privacy protection mode and flip mirror the image.

Video Setting:

You can set the power line frequency (anti-flicker) according to your own needs, also adjust the filters, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and white balance.

If you want to restore all settings, click "Restore Defaults".

Note: Only in customize filters mode, the other parameters can be adjusted.

How does the auto privacy protection feature work?

The EMEET C970/C970L has an electronic privacy function to protect personal privacy.

When the lens body is close to the upper bracket and the angle is less than 10°, the electronic privacy function is turned on. At the same time, the video will be closed and the microphone will be muted. Your screen will also show the mute icon.

Simply pull up the lens from the stand to recover video and audio in 3 seconds.

How many fps does this webcam capture?

The EMEET SmartCam captures video at a resolution of up to 1080P and 60 frames per second (fps).

The 60 FPS camera means you can get a clearer video experience. Compared with the 30 FPS camera, there will be no jamming and drag.

How to adjust the ring light(for C970L only)?

Compared with the C970 camera, the C970L camera has a ring light with three levels of light adjustment, which can make the face clearer in a dark environment.

Just gently touch the top of the webcam to adjust the light.

Note: The ring light on the camera can't be removed. Just turn it off when you do not need the light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Cristian A.
Excelente para jugar TCG's por meet

La compra como cmara secundaria para jugar TCG's por meet y cumple si trabajo del autofocus a la perfeccion, la luz alumbra los suficiente para que se vea toda la mesa, y la definicion es bastante buena.

Whiskey F.
Fantastic camera, yes the POV is adjustable

This is a fantastic camera. One of the reviews I read mentioned that you couldn't adjust the FOV as the listing indicates. You can, you just have to download the optional Emeet software. In the settings, it can go anywhere from 90 degrees to 75 degrees and anywhere in between.

I have a new laptop. The built-in webcam works great except for the fact that it has a fish-eye effect. When I'm being interviewed on podcasts/webcasts or in a Zoom meeting, it looks terrible, and the camera FOV is way too wide. Thus, I wanted a webcam that would give me a tighter shot and lose that fish-eye effect.

I also had a ring light that I used in poor lighting. However, it took up one of my USB ports. Adding an external camera would use one more. USB ports are precious commodities, so I opted for a webcam with a built-in ring light.

And, now, here we are with this Emeet C970L.

If you follow the instructions that are included in the box, you'll see it is suggested to download the Emeet software. Do that, and you'll be fine.

For Windows 11, you'll want to go to USB and Bluetooth Devices or simply type "Manage Cameras," and you can toggle between the built-in and USB cameras.

I did a few test runs in Zoom and discovered that both the USB camera and my built-in microphone had similar sound quality (which was good, nice, crisp, and clear).

The auto-focus worked great. I used an invoice, and I was able to read it at various distances. The camera was crystal clear, and there was no fish-eye effect, which is a godsend. The auto-adjusting for low light worked well, it improved greatly with the ring light.

There are three different light levels: low, medium, and high. The toggle button is on top of the camera. It requires only a slight touch.

The camera sits well on the top of my laptop screen. For the uninitiated, the "mounting" system seems confusing and like the webcam might fall off. In reality, they stay in place very well. Laid flat, it can also be used as a "tripod" of sorts, although your angle will be horrible and it will make your face look like you have six chins. Nobody wants that. There is a universal screw hole on the bottom for having a real tripod if that's important to you.

Some may notice there's no privacy cover. That's because it is automatic on this camera. Simply point the camera to the ceiling, and it automatically shuts off. It powers right back on as soon as you reposition the camera. I like that there's no manual slide or a physical cover to break, fall, or get in the way.

You get a heck of a lot with this camera. The only thing I can think of that someone may not like is it is a fingerprint magnet. To me, that doesn't even register as a downside.

This is a great camera. Stop reading reviews. You'll love it. Cheers!


Buen producto, llego antes de lo prometido.

Good quality webcam that's affordable

This webcam works as expected and has some nice features. This webcam is a great option for anyone who needs high-quality video for work, school, or personal use. The 1080P resolution provides fairly clear and sharp video quality. Nothing looked blurry or out of focus. The picture is bright and captures a very large area. My entire room will show up on the camera. The built-in microphone is okay, it will occasionally pick up background noise, but not bad overall. The camera does come with a privacy mode that you can use quickly and easily, which I like.

The webcam is also incredibly easy to set up and use. It's compatible with most devices, including laptops and desktop computers, and comes with a USB cable that easily connects to your computer. Once connected, the webcam is ready to use without any complicated software or drivers to install. One drawback is how the webcam is attached to your laptop. It feels a bit clunky and large like it could fall off easily. The big white ring isn't the most attractive either in my opinion. While this isn't the nicest webcam I've ever used, it's still good quality and would work great for zoom meetings. The price is very affordable. Overall, I would recommend it!

very good picture and details

It took a bit of work to get connected correctly, but it may have been user error and not on the camera. Once everything was up and running correctly, a really great camera with a really great picture. Originally got it for a backup camera. And will probably become our main camera.now


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