How to Improve Productivity for Hybrid Teams?

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How to Improve Productivity for Hybrid Teams?

During the epidemic, businesses shifted towards work from home. It was challenging to continue to operate as usual in the offices.

A hybrid meeting is a need for every business that needs to be successful in the industry. However, the productivity of hybrid meetings is somewhat low because of a lack of knowledge and the right equipment. Using the correct ways and advanced video conferencing tools can help increase a hybrid team's productivity.

What is a Hybrid Team?

Hybrid teams are versatile work structures that allow some employees to work remotely while others work from a central location or office. A Gallup Poll researched workplace health, and the results said that almost 54% of people want to continue hybrid working for different reasons.

Many companies had already understood the importance of hybrid working. Yelp is a leading company in San Fransisco that decided to close its three offices and shift to remote working in February 2021. At the end of the year, they had generated $1 billion in revenue. It’s an example that businesses moving towards the WFA model are growing fast.

Hybrid working is cost-effective and flexible for the employees, so the only way to move forward and have successful working teams is to accept hybrid and remote working.

The Advantage of Hybrid Teams

Before considering shifting towards hybrid teams, it is essential to look at the advantages of remote working to give you an idea of what you will be getting after adopting remote working for your business.

1. Attract Professionals

Any company that wants to improve itself and get more profits needs to have professionals working within the company.

If your company believes in working remotely,it is more likely to attract professionals. It's because hybrid working offers an opportunity to stay in comfort at home and still earn a living. So while hiring professionals, there will be no need to consider the region; instead, professionals can be hired globally.

2. Flexible Office

Hybrid teams can schedule meetings regardless of where they are located instead of adhering to a set daily schedule. It is possible to hold remote meetings, regardless of geographical barriers, with the right audio and video equipment.

Waking up early, getting ready for a formal set-up, and sitting straight on an office chair all day are the things that employees have to face while working on-site. On the contrary, working in hybrid teams will bring independence in all these matters.

3. Balance Family Life and Work

Working in a conventional office destroys the balance between work and family life. After working for a fixed time in the office, when the employees return home, they are tired enough to skip family time to have rest.

Working remotely helps to maintain a balance between family life and work. You can schedule when you want to spend some time with your family and which time you want to spend on the job.

The Challenge of hybrid Teams

1. Remote Trust Crisis

According to research conducted during Covid-19, 34% of workers believe their employers are not trusting them, believing they are not paying attention or spending enough time on job-related tasks. 41% of managers admit they distrust their employees because they think remote work can demotivate them.

Working remotely brings trust issues between employees and employers. There is always a thought that employees may have distractions and lack motivation when they WFA. While the employees also feel distrust from the employers, which brings low confidence.

2. Dilution of The Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a vital role in maintaining the environment of an office. However, remote employees can not benefit from it.

Remote workers don’t get to experience corporate culture in the office and sometimes feel excluded or unable to fit in with the company.

3. Communication Barriers and Misunderstandings

Communicating face-to-face in an office environment proves to be the most effective way. However, mostly only a microphone is used for communication that does not deliver a good quality voice like a speakerphone during a remote meeting. Sometimes, a point is explained better with the help of expressions and actions instead of only speaking it, and webcams can achieve this.

Employee productivity is always the arteries of a business

Enhancing the productivity of the employees is crucial to making a business successful. Here are some ways to implement hybrid teams and get the best results.

1. Building a remote working culture 

Businesses make a more significant mistake of believing remote teams do not need any working culture. However, hybrid work companies should emphasize their employees' inclusiveness, fairness, and ease of work.

2. Learn Remote Leadership Skills

If you are a business owner leading a hybrid team that WFA, then learns the remote leadership skills. You will have to encourage and motivate each team member to keep them working with positive outputs. Express your trust in the employees; that is helpful to allow the employees to work with confidence and improve productivity.

3. Invest In Equipment and Technology To Support Telecommuting

It is recommended that remote employees use external cameras or even have external cameras provided by the company. Remote meetings and calls are unavoidable in telecommuting. How to better communicate with on-site personnel face-to-face? It is a good choice to choose an external camera because there are apparent differences between built-in and external cameras.

There can be a lot of noise in your home disturbing while communicating with a remote team, so it is essential to have noise-cancelling headphones. Noise-canceling Noise-cancelling headset avoids background noise and continues a successful hybrid team meeting.

Use the right collaboration equipment so employees can be productive at all times. Asynchronous CWM(collaborative work management) software, for example, Asana or Microsoft Planner.

4. Assign Tasks and Goals, Focus On Results

According to workplace research, More than half of U.S. employees don't know what they are expected to accomplish, It is a strategic way of knowing the involvement of employees and improving their productivity.

5. Enhance Communication With Remote Employees

Communicate with employees continuously, without leaving them on their own, as it will generate a sense of cooperation and responsibility among them. There is a need to pay attention to the work status of remote employees, as you cannot fully understand their office environment and work experience from a distance.


Every business, whether office-based or hybrid, needs increased employee productivity as it's the driving force for business operations. If you are a business owner, knowing the challenges that come in the way of the successful productivity of hybrid teams and their solutions can help you widen your business with more revenue each year. The coming years in the business world can only be successful if it focuses on enhancing hybrid teams' productivity.

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