This New Jupiter Webcam From EMEET Includes AI Framing Technology And A Built-In Speaker

Author: Mark Sparrow

Webcams have been selling like proverbial hotcakes over the past year as more of us have had to work from home. Even when we get back to our offices, webcams are still going to be a big part of office life now that we’ve all become accustomed to working via Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The boom in webcam use has attracted quite a few new brands and models onto the market. One of the latest to go on sale is the Jupiter from eMeet. This chunky webcam is unusual in having a speaker built-in as well as an array of four noise-canceling microphones. This is the ideal webcam for anyone who needs to work with a few people in a room when there’s no speaker available to relay the audio. 

The EMEET Jupiter has full 1080P HD resolution and includes AI algorithms that enabled the webcam to automatically zoom in and frame on whoever is speaking. The four microphones can also isolate voices with beamforming to get the best possible sound. The Jupiter’s small speaker is fairly low power with an output of 3W, but it’s loud enough for use in a small office as long as there’s not too much noise.

The webcam can be connected to a Windows or macOS computer without the need for drivers thanks to a removable USB-C cable. Because the cable is detachable, it’s easy to substitute the provided cable with one that has USB-C connectors at each end to make it easier to connect with modern laptops.

Aa removable lens cap on the Jupiter that’s secured with a thin piece of thread to stop the cap from getting lost. It’s not the most advanced anti-spy hardware, but it works well enough. The lens appears to be of good quality and has a reasonable level of multicoating. A white LED on the front of the webcam illuminates whenever the camera is working, reminding the user they are being watched.

Like most webcams, the EMEET Jupiter is attached to a universal stand with a built-in tripod mount. The stand enables the Jupiter to perch securely on the top of a computer monitor or it can be placed on a shelf or a pile of books. The webcam can also tilt and swivel on the stand so it can capture almost any view.

The Jupiter is compatible with most webcam software and can be used with everything from Facetime and Facebook Messenger, to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This is a plug-and-play device and there’s also a piece of software for Windows and macOS that can be downloaded from eMeet’s website for controlling and adjusting the settings of the webcam. For example, the software can be used to turn off the AI algorithms that automatically zoom in on the speaker’s face. The video feed can be adjusted for exposure, color balance, autofocus and other settings. That’s just as well as the video image out of the box isn’t always right in terms of color balance.

Once I’d connected the webcam to my Mac, the first thing I noticed was the amount of noise that the sensor produces. For the full price, I was expecting something a little clearer and with slightly less flicker. The image can look a bit choppy at times, especially at lower light levels. The Jupiter defaulted to a low resolution straight out of the box. However, I downloaded the EMEETLINK software and was soon able to reset the video resolution to full HD. I also tinkered with the color balance which was far too red at first. The webcam needs careful tweaking to get the best image quality from it.

When it comes to sound, the array of four built-in microphones. These do a good job of picking up speakers’ voices and can isolate background noises effectively. The sound coming out of the built-in speaker is adequate but that’s about as far as I’d go. It would be better to use a proper speakerphone like eMeet’s M2 Max because the output of the built-in speaker is a bit weak when used in larger rooms or noisy offices.

Verdict: The refresh rate of the Jupiter webcam seems a little jumpy and the color balance and noise levels from the image sensor aren’t quite as good as I was expecting. I would say the image quality isn’t the same as models from Logitech or AnkerWork. Given the price, I was hoping for slightly better. The size of the EMEET Jupiter is best described as chunky and slightly inelegant. It’s possible a little too large to carry around in a workbag and is probably better suited for office use. I understand what the team at EMEET is trying to do with the Jupiter and the AI zoom function and mics make voices clearer. However, I can’t say this webcam is any better than cheaper models on the market, plus the EMEETLINK software needs a bit more polish. For anyone who has to have a webcam with a built-in speaker, the Jupiter webcam is the only device I know that offers that function.

Tech Specs:

  • HD Resolution: 1080P
  • Refresh rate: 30FPS
  • Aspect: Widescreen
  • Field of View: 60° – 96°
  • Focus: AI
  • Auto exposure: Yes
  • Microphones: 4
  • Echo cancelation: Yes
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Speaker: 1
  • Connection: USB-C removable
  • Compatibility: Mac OS 10.4.3 or later,
  • Windows XP, Vista and 7/8 /10
  • LED indicator: Yes
  • Lens cap: Yes
  • Stand: Tripod-ready universal clip
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 56 x 80 x 63.2mm
  • Weight: 350g

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