What is a Smart Conference Room Camera?

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It is vital to set up a good connection between office-based and remote participants to make meetings more successful and effective to create higher work productivity. But there are various types of conference camera sold on the market, with different functions.

In the article, we will look into the key functions of the conference room camera and help you select a suitable video conference camera for your needs.

What is an Intelligent AI conference camera?

Smart video conferencing cameras capture motion and sound by rotating and adjusting their lenses to capture video images naturally and intuitively. It should always include:

  • Intelligent AI Algorithm
  • Omnidirectional Camera
  • Microphones & Speakerphones

AI conference Camera Vs Traditional Conference Camera & Built-in Camera

An article was written not long ago, and it was on Traditional External Webcam VS Built-in Webcam. The outcome was that the external webcam provided better quality video resolution, audio pickup and speakerphone. However, this doesn't mean that a traditional webcam is suitable for all scenarios.

The downside factors of Built-in Camera and Traditional Conference Camera are limited viewing angles and no automatic image enlargement. For example, when you conduct a business meeting with 3 other colleagues and use the traditional conference camera or built-in camera from your computer, due to the fixed viewing angle you have to sit closely together and unable to move freely.

Traditional webcam is more suitable for personal use, like when you conduct an online interview with one other colleague or a one-to-one meeting with clients. An Intelligent AI conference camera can complete a conference meeting with many participants (office-based & Virtual), and the equipment can perform at a high-quality standard that gives the virtual participants the most realistic experience.

The functions included within the Intelligent AI conference camera

With the following features, an intelligent video conferencing camera can enhance the efficiency and productivity of meetings:

Automatic Detection

A crucial function of an intelligent AI conference camera is capable of automatically detecting and displaying the currently speaking participant with its image sensor. This function can give the virtual participants more real-life experience. Imagine you were present in the conference room and a person is speaking, and obviously, you will turn and look at the current speaker. The intelligent camera mirrors human behaviour and provides the most realistic experience for the virtual participants.

The purpose of a meeting is for the company to collaborate or coordinate with other businesses. There will be many people talking and giving ideas simultaneously. The virtual participants must know who is talking, so the intelligent AI conference camera will focus on the current speaker and make sure that the virtual participants receive all the essential information.

Omnidirectional Camera

An omnidirectional Camera is a 360 conference camera that lets the virtual participant see all the present participants and view the entire meeting room. Also, your attendees can freely move around in the meeting room while making their speech, and the virtual participant can still see the current speaker.

Microphones & Speakerphones

Microphones allow office-based participants to elaborate their ideas and thoughts to the virtual participants freely. The speaker may not be right next to the conference device. Therefore, the microphone must have an intelligent AI algorithm for natural communications to ensure that the virtual participants can hear all the information.

The speakerphones should have Hi-Fi standard grades so that the office-based participants can hear the information from virtual participants. The virtual participants are located in different places, and some participants may have noisy backgrounds. Therefore, the high-quality speakerphone can ensure the participants on the other side can capture all the critical information.

Easy setup

Conference equipment being easy setup is also important. Let's say you just received an urgent meeting request from a client, and you only have limited time to gather the participants and set up the conference equipment before the client gets mad. Therefore, setting up the video conference camera with a simple Bluetooth or USB connection is more time-consuming, and you could accomplish other tasks.

Typical Intelligent AI conference camera: EMEET Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule is an excellent example of video conference equipment with an intelligent AI conference camera. Its 360° conference camera and 1080P resolution automatically focus on the present speaker, and 8 omnidirectional beamform microphones pick up every word within a radius of 18ft (5.5m), allowing the participants to move freely around the meeting room. Also, you can connect the Meeting Capsule by plugging in the power adapter and USB connection to use the device instantly.


To sum up, when purchasing a video conference camera, you should always consider the camera, speakerphone, and microphone quality and understand whether the product is easy-to-use & easy to set up. It is critical to make the virtual participants feel not like outsiders but that they are one of the team so it won't threaten productivity and affect the business. You and your team can experience the most significant hybrid meetings with the intelligent AI conference camera.

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