EMEET Meeting Capsule (Gen 2)

360° Video Conference Camera with 8 Mics, Hi-Fi Speaker

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  • Includes everyone: 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera, 8 mics and 90dB Hi-Fi speaker.
  • AI-powered autofocus: Intelligent multi-modal algorithm autofocuses on active talkers responsively.
  • 5 video modes: Swivel lens with 5 video modes on your command for various scenarios.
  • Optimized voice pickup: Exclusive VoiceIA® DSP algorithm features noise reduction, human voice enhancement and full duplex.
  • Plug and play: Launch meetings instantly without the need for cell phones or WI-FI.
  • Smart coverage: Daisy chain with other EMEET speakerphones to expand the audio pickup range.
Product Model:
*Suitable for up to 15 people
Select Option:
· Suitable for up to 15 people
· Includes: Meeting Capsule, Remote Control
Classic Room Kit Hot
· Suitable for 10-26 people
· Includes: Meeting Capsule, OfficeCore M3, Remote Control, Daisy Chain
Choose the Daisy Chain Lenth You Want:
Regular Room Kit
· Suitable for up to 22 people
· Includes: Meeting Capsule, OfficeCore M0 Plus, Remote Control, Daisy Chain
Choose the Daisy Chain Lenth You Want:
Medium Room Kit
· Suitable for up to 24 people
· Includes: Meeting Capsule, OfficeCore Luna Plus, Remote Control, Daisy Chain
Choose the Daisy Chain Lenth You Want:
Large Room Kit
· Suitable for up to 28 people
· Includes: Meeting Capsule, OfficeCore Luna Plus Meeting Kit, Remote Control, Daisy Chain
Choose the Daisy Chain Lenth You Want:
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Conference Room Camera Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule (Gen 2)

360° Video Conference Camera with 8 Mics, Hi-Fi Speaker

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Conference Room Camera Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule (Gen 2)

MXN $ 9,582.00 $ 13,688.00
User Manual

Crafted for Hybrid Collaboration

All-In-One conference room camera for teams features a 360° 1080P camera, 8-mic array, 10W/90dB Hi-Fi speaker, and exclusive AI-powered audio and video algorithm, providing 5 video modes to create immersive meeting experiences for multiple scenarios.

Optimized 360° Audio and Video Coverage

360-degree 1080P conference room camera spots every detail within a radius of 13ft (4m). 8 omni-directional beamforming microphones pick up every word within a radius of 18ft (5.5m) with high fidelity. 10W/90dB Hi-Fi speaker allows every participants to hear clearly. Everyone's involved in an immersive collaborative experience.
EMEET Meeting Capsule 360° View: Placed at the center of the table. Capture everyone from all angles.
Traditional Tabletop Camera View: Placed at one end of the table. Limited to a certain field of view.

Intelligent AI Algorithm for Natural Communication

Exclusive AI algorithm captures and presents active talkers' faces perfectly on the monitor in response to voices so that remote team members on the other end can see the talkers' faces immediately when hearing their voices, reproducing an organic face-to-face communication.
Conference Room Camera Meeting Capsule

5 Video Modes for Different Scenarios

Whether in a group meeting or holding a meeting alone, whether doing a presentation or having a discussion, you can find a specific video mode among the 5 that satisfies your needs.
Collaboration Mode

Active speakers (up to 3) can be zoomed in on and appear on the screen at the same time.
A panoramic view of the conference room is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Collaboration Mode
Speech Mode
Classic Mode
Spotlight Mode
InPrivate Mode

To See the Entire Room

A 360° conference camera sweeps all the details within a radius of 13ft (4m) in sharp HD 1080P, covering the whole conference room without any blind spot.

To be Heard Clearly

8 intelligent omni-directional microphones pick up voices from all angles within a radius of 18ft (5.5m), taking your voice quality to a higher level.

To Hear Every Syllable

A 10W/90dB speaker provides Hi-Fi-grade sound, louder and clearer, details captured clearly by your ears.

Tactful suspended cavity design avoids vibration noise thus both microphones and speaker work perfectly well.

Plug and Play

Either by using our remote control from afar or clicking the physical buttons on the device to operate the EMEET Meeting Capsule is available.
  • Place the device on a table.

  • Plug in power and connect to a computer via USB and you're ready to go.

  • Select the EMEET Meeting Capsule as mic, camera and speaker.

  • Operate the device via remote control or the physical buttons on the device.No need for cell phones or Wi-Fi.

Convey Clearer Information

Exclusive VoiceIA® DSP intelligent algorithm enables 8 mics to achieve noise cancellation, human voice enhancement and full duplex, impressing the other end with premium sound and keeping online meetings as immersive as offline ones.
Click the button below to experience what's brought by our exclusive VoiceIA® for yourself.
Play demo Pause demo
Before VoiceIA® After VoiceIA®
For illustration only, the actual effect may vary.

Intelligent Conferencing Solutions for Various Coverage

Collaborative experience: One EMEET Meeting Capsule

  • Audio range: 18ft

  • Video range: 13ft

Meeting Capsule
$ 9,582.00  $ 13,688.00

Extended audio: One EMEET Meeting Capsule Daisy Chained with an EMEET OfficeCore M3

  • Audio range: 36ft

  • Video range: 13ft

Meeting Capsule + M3
$ 12,662.00  $ 17,453.00

(1) EMEET Meeting Capsule*1

(2) EMEET OfficeCore M3*1

(3) EMEET Daisy Chain Cable*1

Flexible Placement for Your Convenience

Out-of-the-box Compatibility

Compatible with all kinds of operating systems and meeting platforms.

Customize Parameters as You Want

Use the exclusive EMEETLINK to customize image parameters, switch video mode or adjust the initial angle of the image, etc. You can also upgrade the firmware to improve the device and let it get smarter.

Secure Your Data and Privacy

  • No audio content will be stored.

  • No video content will be stored.

  • No user data will be recorded by Wi-Fi.

  • The software won't record any user data.


360 conference camera Meeting Capsule


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Conference Room Camera Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule (Gen 2)

360° Video Conference Camera with 8 Mics, Hi-Fi Speaker

Can I turn on/off the panoramic frame?

Yes. Each time you turn on the capsule, a panoramic view of the room will be captured by the camera and appear on the screen.

Before turning on/off this frame, please make sure that the EMEET Meeting Capsule has entered either the Collaboration Mode or the Speech Mode (the lens faces up).

You can take the following two steps to turn on/ off the panoramic frame:

  1. Use the EMEETLINK software

    Download the EMEET PC software EMEETLINK and connect the capsule to your computer.

    Enter the setting interface, and find the panoramic frame on the right settings.

    When the button is grey, it means the panoramic frame is off.

  2. Use the remote control

    Just click the Panoramic frame button to turn it on/off.

Can I zoom in/out and adjust the view of the capsule?

Yes, you can zoom in/out and adjust the view of the capsule

  1. Zoom in/out

    In the classic mode, the camera can zoom in or out via EMEETLINK or the remote control.

  2. Adjust the view

    Speech mode: In speech mode, you can press the left and right buttons on the remote control to adjust what is being framed.You can also click the left and right icons on the EMEETLINK to make the adjustment.

    Classic mode: You can tune the view up, down, left, and right via the remote control or EMEETLINK.The default field of view for the classic mode is 180°. Please decrease the field of view to 140 or 120 before tuning.

How to set up EMEET Meeting Capsule?

First, plug the power adapter into an outlet, then the device will turn on automatically when the power is on. The input of the adapter is AC 100 - 240V, the output is DC 12V.

Next, plug the USB into your computer, open up your video conference software and select the EMEET Meeting Capsule as your mic, camera and speaker. No need for downloads and Wi-Fi.

What video conferencing software does the Meeting Capsule work with?

The Meeting capsule will work with nearly all web-based video conferencing software, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.

Can I use external speakers or microphones with the EMEET Meeting Capsule?

Yes. We recommend the following options if you'd like to extend the range of the EMEET Meeting Capsule's microphones.

  1. Use an EMEET Officecore M3 by Daisy Chain to extend the range of the EMEET Meeting Capsule's microphones from 18ft to 36ft.

  2. Connect 2 EMEET Meeting Capsules by Daisy Chain to extend the range of microphones from 18ft to 36ft.

Can I secure the EMEET Meeting Capsule to a table?

Yes. There's a Kensington lock slot on the EMEET Meeting Capsule. You can secure it on the table by using locks that meet Kensington standard. Click the link below to learn more about Kensington lock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Je suis heureux d’avoir pris le risque le produit répond très bien à mes besoins

Gary C.
Nice technology for the $$

Solid build. Easy install. Audio is excellent. Dedicated remote control (no app) is really convenient. Video: color and contrast, excellent. classic view is good. Other group views a bit blurry, not as sharp as dedicated camera, but acceptable for conferencing. Flexibility with one camera/speaker combination is outstanding. Easy connection to computer (and Emeet software), easy setup to Zoom. Would buy again.

Works like a charm!

This works very well! It spans the room well. Sound quality is very good.


Excellent built quality. The video and sound quality are outstanding. I currently using it for my Zoom meetings and loving it.

Darzo A.
Great Product for anyone looking for a all-in-one conferencing solution.

I worked as an independent contractor and jump on conference calls with clients on a daily basis. One of the things I struggled the most was having quality conference calls with my teammates especially when we were in the office and had remote attendees. Having everyone jumping on their laptops because we had remote attendees was needed but it felt we might as well just have taken the call from home if we were answering each other via screens anyways. That's where the EMeet capsule comes in as an indispensable tool. The fact that it provides clear calls, and 360 camera view allowed us to leverage interact normally in the room while interacting with remote workers in a much more natural way. The device's portability makes it easy enough to carry around so no longer need to book meetings in advance to get a room with equipment, you virtually make any room a capable conference room, and it helps tremendously. I know my use case may sound a niche, but if you are one of those still frequently working on the road, multiple locations, this product is worth the investment. One last comment, the company customer service is awesome, very professional and helpful, which is a very rare thing these days.


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