Open-Ear Headphone Optimized for Calls

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  • Comfortable open-ear design
  • Optimized call quality with detachable boom mic
  • VoiceCore dual channel noise cancellation
  • 8.5g lightweight, skin-friendly coating
  • Multipoint connection, USB dongle
  • 8-hour battery life & quick charging
  • UV-light sterilization
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6-month Extended Warranty
$ 856.00
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Open-Ear Headphone Optimized for Calls

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MXN $ 2,738.00 $ 3,080.00
User Manual

Open-Ear Comfort, Optimized for Calls

Improved Call Quality
Clearer Communication
Seamless Collaboration
Detachable Microphone

Equipped with two built-in omnidirectional microphones and a detachable microphone boom, AirFlow is designed to capture your voice with utmost clarity, ensuring a professional-grade voice calling experience.

VoiceCore Noise Cancellation

Take your voice call experience to the next level with our Industry-leading VoiceCore algorithm, which filters out noises both from the on-site end and the remote end up to 50dB, ensuring a crystal-clear communication for both parties like no other.

Multipoint Connection

Connect AirFlow to up to two devices via Bluetooth or Dongle at the same time and switch seamlessly between them to enhance your workflow.

16.2mm Driver
Bass Boost
Anti-Sound Leakage
16.2mm Dynamic Driver

The 16.2mm dynamic driver combines high-quality sound with superior durability for an unbeatable audio experience. With its larger size, the driver produces richer, clearer and more detailed sound, giving you an enjoyable listening experience.

Bass Boost

The all-new HyperBass algorithm delivers deeper and more powerful bass tones that make your music come alive, taking bass performance to the next level while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Anti-Sound Leakage

Keep your music and calls private even in quiet environments.

UV Light Sterilization
Battery Life
IPX5 Waterproof
Touch Control
UV Light Sterilization

Sanitize your earbuds with the built-in UV light that enables up to 99.99% sterilization of commonly seen bateria like colibacillus and staphylococcus aureus

Battery Life

Listening time
with charging case

Talk time
with charging case

With up to 8 hours of listening time (4hrs talk time) every single charge, EMEET AirFlow allows you to tune in for all day long.

IPX5 Waterproof

No worries about getting caught in the rain or sweating at the gym.

Touch Control

The smart touch control offers quick access to multiple functions, which can be customized in EMEET TUNE, simplifying every operation for a seamless user experience.


Whether you want to fine tune the EQ, monitor your daily use or upgrade firmware, just download the EMEET TUNE to your phone!

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The video compares with other products of the same type, this airflow has the best sound quality at maximum volume.

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Sean Talks Tech

The EMEET AirFlow open-ear style earbuds bring a few unique features to the table including a detachable boom mic and UV-C lights inside the battery case.

Andy's Tech Tone

There are two unique features unseen in other open earbuds, potentially intriguing to those centrally engaged in voice-oriented tasks.


Mesmerized by the captivating features of this open-design earbuds, my girlfriend and I find ourselves in a state of absolute fascination.


Experience the perfect blend of exceptional audio quality, comfort, and convenience with EMEET's latest Airflow Open-Ear Earbuds.

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Crystal Clear Sound and Comfort With EMEET AirFlow Earbuds
Open-ear earbuds aren’t anything new, but having a detachable mic for even clearer calls is a welcome addition to the market. The EMEET AirFlow Earbuds recently introduced this new design, promising a lightweight, ergonomic experience, paired with excellent sound. I had the opportunity to test out these claims for myself.
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These EMEET AirFlow Open-Ear Earphones Sound Good And Fit Well
The EMEET AirFlow are the first open-ear earphones I’ve tried that almost fit my ears. They are certainly a good idea for joggers and cyclists who need to be aware of their surroundings when exercising.
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EMEET AirFlow Review – Crisp, Clear Audio with Bonus Features
Most notably, the comfort they provide is what stood out to me the most. After wearing them for up to 8 hours at a time, I never once felt as if they gave any discomfort. In fact, if I didn’t have my music on, I almost forgot I was wearing them.
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EMEET AirFlow is a game-changing Open-ear earbud that shapes your listening experience. This sleek, small gadget converts your music listening into an immersive experience.
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EMEET AirFlow launch as ideal open-ear buds for both work and play
The Airflow buds even have their own detachable boom mic for the OEM's VoiceCore dual channel noise cancellation for calls, not to mention UV santization built into a charging case that is also backed to confer prolonged battery life on the new open-ear buds.
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Meet the EMEET AirFlow open ear earbuds
What do you look for in a pair of earbuds? Comfortable open-ear design? 40-hour battery life? Dual noise cancellation? IPX5 waterproof? How about all that and a detachable boom microphone and UV light sterilization? That’s what you get with the new EMEET AirFlow wireless open-ear earbuds.
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EMEET Showcases Revolutionary AirFlow Open-Ear Earbuds at CES 2024
EMEET AirFlow: Elevating User Experience with Innovative Design
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EMEET AirFlow earbuds are made to take your worst business calls
What sets these earbuds apart is their unique proposition of delivering exceptional sound quality while ensuring a crystal-clear call experience.
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Open-Ear Headphone Optimized for Calls

How to connect earbuds via Bluetooth to a device?

1. Connect to a mobile phone

Put both earbuds in the charging case and press and hold the touchpad on both earbuds until the status indicator light on the outside of the charging case flashes blue, indicating that the earbuds are in Bluetooth pairing mode.

On your mobile phone, select EMEET AirFlow from the list of available Bluetooth devices to pair.

Once the connection is established, the light on the charging case will turn steady blue.

2. Connect to a PC computer

Insert the included USB dongle into a USB port on your computer. The dongle will automatically connect to the earbuds.

The status indicator light on the dongle will flash blue, indicating that it is in pairing mode.

Once the connection is established, the light on the dongle will turn steady blue.

How to check the battery level?

1. Check the battery level of the earbuds:

  1. The battery level of the earbuds and the charging case can be checked in the EMEET TUNE application.

  2. iOS users can check the battery level of the earbuds by adding the battery widget, and Android users can view the battery level of the Bluetooth earbuds.

2. Check the battery level of the charging case:

  1. The battery level of the earbuds and the charging case can be checked in the EMEET TUNE application.

  2. Charging case battery level status (the light will stay on for 3 seconds when opening/closing the case): green light indicates that the battery level is above 20%, and red light indicates that the battery level is below 20%.

How to use UV sterilization?

Our earbuds charging case features built-in UV light that can eliminate 99.9% of common bacteria found on earbuds, such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, in just 1 minute.

1. Automatic sterilization

When the sterilization conditions are met, and the charging case is connected to USB charging, it will automatically start UV sterilization within 2 seconds.

2. Manual sterilization

When the sterilization conditions are met, press and hold the UV button for 2 seconds to manually start UV sterilization within 2 seconds.

3. Sterilization conditions

  1. The charging case is in the charging state or the battery level of the charging case is above 20%;

  2. One or two earbuds are placed in the charging case;

  3. The charging case is in the closed state.

All three conditions must be met to start the sterilization function.

How to use the detachable microphone boom?

1. Inserting the microphone boom:

Take out any earbuds and the microphone boom from the charging case. Check the microphone boom and earbud microphone interface to ensure there are no foreign objects.

Align the plug of the microphone boom with the earbud microphone interface until the metal part of the plug of the microphone boom is completely inserted into the interface. Otherwise, it may affect the pickup effect.

2. Removing the microphone boom

When the microphone is not needed, it can be removed from the earbud interface. Please do not pull too hard to avoid damaging the microphone or earbud.

After removal, it is recommended to put the microphone boom back into the charging case slot to avoid loss or damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

The case doesn't hold a charge. I have to charge the ear pieces in the case with the case plugged in. And that charge is good for 3 hours, unacceptable.


Battery cannot last more than a few hours when using it on calls

Kjerstine K.
This set of headphones is a total hit!

.. and let me tell you, my son is very hard to please, especially when it comes to new technology and new product lines. I thought for sure he was going to give me grief over wearing them, simply because he likes the name that adorns the case of his previous pair (starts with an A), and tends to believe that it doesnt get much better than that name and their products. But this version and style of headphones its just better and safer for the ear all together. And thankfully, my son felt the same way. He absolutely adores his new set and cant say enough good about them. So I can definitely recommend these!


Great product. I use for business in zoom. As well as personal calls! I love it!


Everything as I expected… great sound absolute comfort. The price is just right also.


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