Accessibility to knowledge is unchangeably indispensible to every single one of us in all ages. Now that with the changes in social situations and the advance of technology, the importance of accessibility to knowledge remains while the ways to get access to knowledge thrive with various forms undergoing.

Facilitate Flexible Teaching and Learning

EMEET offers diverse audio and video solutions for teachers, students and administrative staff regarding various scenarios, including flexible teaching, remote teaching, online learning and so on, engaging students, optimizing teaching and learning experience and pushing education forward.

Hybrid Training

Everyone's Involved and Everything Simple

The on-site students must be engaged, and so do the remote ones. Teachers should ensure the efficient communication and collaboration of all three parties, with no one, missed simultaneously.

- The EMEET Meeting Capsule with a 360° panoramic camera captures every corner, every blind spot that traditional webcams fail to cover in the classroom, creating an inclusive learning experience for the remote end.

- EMEET Meeting Capsule autofocuses on active speakers and keeps them centred, making communication more natural.

- The plug-and-play convenience effectively decreases the waste of time and manual needed to set up.


Remote Teaching

S600 for Asynchronous Teaching

- Teachers can pre-record courses via the ultra-high definition 4K webcam, which equips intelligent image optimization and 2 noise-cancelling microphones, creating immersive experiences for online learning students.


C980 Pro for Synchronous Teaching

- The 1080P resolution makes sure the teacher is captured and presented clearly, and the 90° field of view enables teachers to walk around using a whiteboard or other teaching tools for a natural teaching experience.

- Built-in microphones and speakers deliver premium audio, connecting teachers and students more efficiently.


M3 for Audio Remote Teaching

- Teachers can start teaching anywhere, anytime with M3's plug-and-play convenience and the long-lasting battery.

- The latest audio processing algorithm for noise cancellation and echo elimination ensures every student is heard, while the full-duplex enables spontaneous conversation.


Personal Study

M1A for Exclusive Study Rooms

- Plug and play with a USB cable, universally compatible with central operating systems and software. The M1A ensures that students focus on learning itself rather than the complicated setup of the device.

- M1A helps students be free from the pressure of headsets, relieving ears and reducing background noise, keeping them focused in a comfortable environment.


C950 for Personal Learning Space

- Suitable for personal use with the 70° field of view that centres you in the frame.

- The auto light correction saves the worries of lighting conditions, whether poorly or harshly lit.

- 2 built-in microphones with noise cancellation block out background noise effectively for smooth communication for teachers and students.


Efficient Multi-Party Conference


- 2 M3 deliver loud and clear sound without the disturbance of ambient noise, facilitating the discussion among multiple parties.


EMEET Meeting Capsule+M3

- The EMEET Meeting Capsule with a 360° panoramic camera, 8 microphones, and a 10W Hi-Fi speaker includes every attendee, giving a premium conferencing experience for the remote participants.

- Equipped with the exclusive AI algorithm, EMEET Meeting Capsule captures whoever is speaking and zooms them in on display, reproducing an organic face-to-face conversation.

- Expand audio coverage when daisy chained with M3 from 18ft to 36ft to meet the needs of larger spaces.



With our exclusive EMEETLINK, more details can be shown due to the free customization of image parameters, enabling crisp and clear images in any circumstances and improving the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficiency of communication.
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