Solutions for Students Attending Classes Remotely

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With the popularization of the Internet, we can see many live video classes on the Internet, such as English, mathematics, physics and so on. For parents, if their children cannot enter the classroom when they are in class at home, they will choose to use video conferencing equipment to connect to the network to listen to the class remotely. In this way, students can interact with teachers in class; however, there are many precautions when using video conferencing equipment. If the operation is not performed correctly, the network may be unstable, the picture freeze, the sound may be unclear, etc.

What Do You Need For Remote Classes?

Most students think that attending classes remotely you'll only need a mobile phone to attend and having a pen & paper to write down the key information. However, there are more in-depth considerations that you should also consider.

1. A Computer/Laptop

In a virtual environment, any computer will work, allowing you to take your classes efficiently.

 2. A Good Internet Connection

 It is not ideal for conducting a remote class with a video conversation that always cuts off. You can easily get irritated by it, and it is a waste of time. The lack of motivation can cause you to lose interest in learning. You will learn more effectively if you converse smoothly with your teacher.

3. A Microphone

A microphone can effectively help you to communicate with your teacher virtually when a question has been raised or some other queries that you would like the teacher to explain in further detail. Therefore, a microphone can aid your learning and motivate you further in your education.

4. A Webcam

A webcam allows your teacher to see you when you attend online classes. Students and teachers can develop a closer bond. As a result, allowing them to create a more personal connection. They can also better understand each other, show things physically instead of only digitally, etc...

Why Use Video Conferencing Equipment?

The conference equipment can use the HDMI interface to connect TVs, projectors, computers and other equipment and use the HDMI interface to realize functions such as screen sharing and screen playback. This way, teachers can provide real-time teaching pictures to students in the classroom through the Internet. Moreover, during the teaching process, the screen images can be transmitted to the TV in real-time through the camera for the children in the classroom to watch; the teacher can also send the students' class images to the TV in real-time through the camera, and play the teaching content to the children. If the children cannot see the teacher, they can also interact remotely with their classmates through the computer.

Online Audio Classes

Online audio classes refer to remote teaching conducted through audio or online. Online speech teaching can be divided into two types: remote learning based on mobile devices and fixed telephones and remote education based on PCs. Online Audio classes are where the student can only hear the teacher speaking but cannot see the teacher in person. Usually, teachers will display the teaching presentation so the students can view the key points from the presentation. Students do not require a webcam for this type of online studying as they will not be seen during the class. However, when the teacher speaks, the students must learn what the teacher says. Some students may need help hearing the critical points of the teacher clearly because of the problem with the audio equipment, which will lead to poor grades for the students. In this case, the EMEET OfficeCore M3 Speakerphone would solve this problem as the speakerphone has a 5W high-performance speaker with an auto-switch between smart conference mode and music playing mode. Also, it includes 4 sensitive Omni-directional mics enabled up to 5 meters, 360° voice pickup, and an intelligent algorithm that captures and shows the speaker's direction with a ring light. Therefore, you can hear everything using the M3 speakerphone to listen to online audio classes.

Online Video Classes

Video education relies heavily on visual content. Statistics show that 65% of the population is a visual learner. By watching videos, images, and infographics and using special applications and websites, these people will better remember and learn the information. Videos provide an engaging sensory experience for students. Widely appealing and facilitating efficient processing and memory retention, they appeal to a broad audience.
Due to the flexibility of remote classes, most students can freely select were to conduct the online classes, such as coffee shops, libraries, home or even on vacations. However, as we mentioned above, attending an online video class would need a good quality camera, and most of the time, the built-in camera in your computer may not be able to require your standard. Therefore, purchasing an additional webcam would be an ideal method. To select the correct video conferencing equipment for online video classes, the EMEET SmartCam C950 would be perfect. It has HD 1080P resolution with fixed focus and delivers crystal-clear and detailed images. Also, with its small size, it is easy to carry and place with the portable on-the-go design and multiple mounting options.


Solutions for students to take classes remotely With the expansion of society and the growth of information technology, education informatization has become an inevitable trend in education development. The solution for students to perform learning remotely is to realize students' independent learning and teachers' synchronous teaching through remote teaching software. Teachers, students, and their parents are all vital participants in this process. The program fulfils the need to study students in different locations and enables the school to provide better educational services to society.

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