EMEET Nova Webcam Review: Meet In Your Best Light


Not only do you want a webcam that helps you connect with others remotely, but you also want one that helps you look your best. The EMEET Nova Webcam promises to help you look more professional through autofocus and auto low light correction. I recently had the opportunity to try this webcam out for myself.

Overview of Features

The EMEET Nova Webcam is small and portable, making it a great addition to add to your laptop bag for meetings anywhere. It connects easily to your computer via a USB cable, making it widely compatible. It also works with most meeting software, so you can connect with clients and co-workers where they want to meet.

The plug-and-play installation makes it ideal for all types of users. With no drivers or software, you’re able to start using the webcam immediately on Windows and Mac devices.

Some of the most impressive features that’ll make your next meeting look and sound even better include:

  • 2 MP camera featuring 1920 x 1080p resolution
  • 96-degree wide angle autofocus lens
  • 4-layer lens for sharper video
  • 2 omnidirectional noise canceling mics
  • Auto low-light correction to correct lighting and white balance
  • 180-degree flexible clip to fit most any laptop or monitor
  • Support for tripod

    Getting Started

    Right out of the box, the EMEET Nova Webcam is simple to set up. Just unfold the clip and attach it to the top of your monitor or laptop screen. Then, plug in the USB cable and wait for your system to install it automatically.

    If your system doesn’t set your microphone and camera defaults to EMEET, the instruction booklet takes you step by step through how to change this on both Mac and Windows. I was pleasantly surprised to see such detailed instructions, as many webcams skip over this part and just say “change your settings.”

    If your laptop already has a built-in webcam, you may have to manually select the EMEET webcam in your chosen video-calling app.

    The EMEET Nova Webcam in Action

    The first thing I always do when trying out a webcam is do a quick comparison with my built-in laptop webcam. That gives me a good idea of the overall video quality before I even start a meeting.

    The following image is my built-in laptop webcam:

    While it’s not terrible, the image is rather grainy. Plus, it’d be difficult for more than one person to be in the shot at a time without feeling crowded.

    The next image is the EMEET Nova webcam:

    As you can tell, the image is much sharper, though it did seem almost blurry at times during my testing. However, the video does look better than my built-in webcam. Plus, when placed at the right angle, which you can easily adjust, you can have several people in the same shot.

    Testing During a Meeting

    While the above tested out the initial video quality, the next test was to see how well the mics performed. I had a meeting in Google Meet and another in Skype.

    I put on some background noise with a Spotify playlist to test out the noise-canceling feature. While I could hear my music in the background, the other party couldn’t. It wasn’t until I really turned it up that they could hear it well. Otherwise, they just heard my voice and some very faint typing. In the webcam’s defense, I am a very loud typist.

    Throughout our meeting, the other party had no trouble hearing me. We didn’t experience any echoing or fading. In fact, I stood up at one point and moved around just to see how well the mics picked up. Even when I was several feet away, the other party could hear me clearly.

    Here’s where I wasn’t quite as impressed, though. I took a screenshot of myself at the end of the Google Meet meeting. My client said I looked slightly blurry at times, but overall still clearer than my built-in webcam. They were kind enough to see how I looked on both webcams.

    It could have been the light, though. The colors also seemed a bit more faded than I expected. However, I usually look much more washed out due to being pale. The white balance correction did add a little more color to my face.

    Auto Low-Light Correction Works

    Of course, I had to put the EMEET Nova Webcam to the test concerning the auto low light correction. I always struggle to find a good place that’s not too dim or too bright. To see just what the webcam was capable of, I tried it with just a small desk light on dim about six feet away. Overall, it was incredibly dark where I was sitting.

    However, the webcam still picked me up with no problem. In fact, I could actually hold a meeting like this, though it probably wouldn’t look as professional. Maybe I could just read a scary story.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the EMEET Nova Webcam performed great throughout my tests. I could be heard clearly and the focus stayed clear even as I moved around. While there did seem to be a little blur, it wasn’t a real issue. Honestly, my built-in webcam has more blurry.

    If you struggle with finding brighter lighting, this webcam has you covered. The auto low-light correction works well and helps balance colors.

    While I do wish it came with a tripod, there is a place to add a small screw on a tripod yourself. If you don’t need one, then the built-in clip is all you need.

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