EMEET believes that in meetings everyone is a value contributor. Everyone should be heard and seen. Everyone's thoughts should be recorded. Everyone's feelings should be concerned.

In August 2016, with the mission of "better communication, better world", five passionate engineers gathered in a small workplace, hoping to use the power of technology to create an intelligent mobile collaboration space for every value contributor. This is where it all began.

Today, EMEET has transformed into a leading global company mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of intelligent audio and video communication products and cloud services driven by self-developed AI.

As of now, EMEET has been granted more than 200 core invention patents and other patents in the field of audio and video in China, the U.S., Japan and Europe, with a global presence and serving more than 3 billion people.

  • >55%

    of the employees are R&D personnel
  • 300,000+

    units produced per year at max production capacity
  • 180,000,000+

    meetings held with our conference series

What We Make

  • Conference Camera

    All-in-one 360° panoramic video conference camera
  • Speakerphone

    Easy-to-use yet powerful speakerphones empowered by intelligent technology.
  • Webcam

    High Definition webcams with noise-canceling mics.
  • Headset

    Wireless, noise-canceling, incredibly comfy, and long-lasting headsets.

Intelligence-Driven Innovation

EMEET never stops innovating, hoping to reform the field of audio and video with the power of intelligence and bring the best solution to every customer around the globe. From our self-developed DSP algorithm VoiceIA, WoHospeech intelligent audio processing technology to our own video algorithms equipped in our latest products, we're dedicated to innovating the way people communicate with each other and building a better world with intelligent technology.

Professional Labs

For a long time, EMEET has been insisting on deep work in the field of audio and video, constantly innovating independently and building several high-specification labs from scratch including video lab, audio lab, DQA lab, wireless lab, and noise elimination & reverberation lab, in which we update and iterate our products and services through endless experiments.

Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

EMEET has been granted 200+ intellectual property licenses (invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, software copyrights, etc.) in China, the United States, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world.

Guaranteed Quality

EMEET has its own full-automatic manufacturing workshop with dozens of production lines, producing 300,000+ units per year at maximum production capacity. 100% of products will be scrupulously tested before delivery, some of which enjoy a 2-year warranty. At the same time, EMEET has received ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 quality management system certifications.

Global Presence

EMEET has a complete and multi-channel sales system around the world with dedicated customer managers, supports customized products and technical services, and provides diversified solutions. So far, we have obtained multiple authoritative certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. Over 120+ countries and regions where EMEET's products have set foot on.



Technically, we’re geeky engineers. Socially, we’re the friendliest bunch around! Let us know how we can help.

Email: support@emeet.com

Tele: +1 866 312 3636 (Toll Free)

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM (EST)

Address: Unit 03, 9/F, Austin Plaza, No.83 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hongkong.