How healthcare service is delivered has altered tremendously due to the trespassing of the pandemic, leading to a fast-growing demand for telehealth solutions for medical staff and patients. Ensuring a high-quality and efficient service with advanced technology in the field of healthcare is now as significant as that in any other industry.

Better Connection, Better Cure

EMEET provides a wide range of solutions for healthcare organizations of various scales, covering possibly every communication need for physicians, patients and specialists to hear and be heard, to see and be seen, to care and be taken care of and to build a solid connection within to let everyone get access to medical resource and get the most out of it.

C980 Pro for Telehealth

Professional Audio/Video

- Low-power consumption with plug-and-play convenience allows detailed presentation in HD 1080P images under any circumstances, enabling face-to-face conversation anywhere and anytime.

- Four noise-canceling microphones with 2 powerful loudspeakers deliver exceptional audio quality, allowing more efficient communication for physicians and remote patients.


C980 Pro For Care and Attention Rooms

Inpatient Monitoring

- 90° field of view with 1080P resolution clearly presents patients' status and device data in real time, by assessing and checking remotely with high definition video, effectively alleviating the care team's routine ward round workload and improving nursing efficiency.

Convenient Connecting

- All-in-one 1080P webcam with 4 mics and 2 speakers makes it much more easier for patients or families to reach out to physicians when necessary.


M3 For Administrative Staff

High-Quality Communication

With the fast-growing development of healthcare, the quality of communication between administrative staff and physicians or patients needs to catch up as well.

- Integrated the latest DSP algorithm for optimized background noise cancellation and echo elimination, M3 makes conversation between administrative staff and physicians or patients much simpler and smoother.

Productive Multi-Party Meetings

M2 Max*2

M2 Max delivers crystal-clear audio, empowering accurate diagnosis and efficient solution discussion between multi-party physicians without missing any speech that matters.

EMEET Meeting Capsule+M3

When presentations are necessary for further process, EMEET Meeting Capsule daisy chained with M3 provides extra convenience for either physicians or board members and administrative staff as well.

Meeting capsule+M3 for Seminars & Training

Strengthen Academic Exchange

The progress of medical methods requires the update of knowledge from time to time. As medical operation education, surgery presentation, specialist training and CME courses are going online, reliable and proper technologies are needed more than ever for remote access without decreasing the quality at the same time.

- The EMEET Meeting Capsule offers immersive academic exchange experiences with the 360° panoramic camera, 8 AI mics and Hi-Fi speaker that cover every corner.

- Exclusive AI algorithm autofocuses active speakers and zooms in on the display, making training more intuitive and impressive.

- Daisy Chained connection with the M3 supports broader audio coverage from 18ft to 36ft, allowing more participants for more scenarios.


With our exclusive EMEETLINK, more details can be shown due to the free customization of image parameters, enabling crisp and clear images in any circumstances and improving the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficiency of communication.
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