Give 15% Off
Get Double Points
By joining our referral program, you can earn the same amount of EMEET Points for every US dollar your friend spends. Your friends will receive a 15% discount.
*EMEET Points is EMEET's virtual currency and is used on its official website to redeem Coupons, Free Product Gift.
Your Reward
2 EMEET points for every US$1
Your Friends' Reward
15% off

EMEET Rewards Program Benefits

  • Step 1

    Share your link
    Log in and generate your exclusive link to share with your friends.

  • Step 2

    Give 15% off
    Your friends get a 15% off site-wide code by entering their email address via your link.

  • Step 3

    Get EMEET Points
    You will get the same amount of EMEET Points as your friend's first completed order.


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Have a Question?

How do my friends receive a referral reward?

You can share your exclusive link with your friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. You can also directly copy your exclusive link and send it to them.

How many points can I earn for referring a friend?

It depends on how much your friend spends on their first order using your referral code. For example, if your friend spends $1000 using the code, you will receive 1000 points as a reward.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you like!

Can my friend participate multiple times?

No, only the first order using the referral link is valid. Please note that existing registered users cannot receive the 15% discount coupon through the referral link.

How can I track my referral rewards points?

You will receive an email notification after your friend completes their order, reminding you that you have just earned new points through the referral program.

How do I use the 15% discount code?

It is a site-wide discount code that can be used at checkout. Please note that the code is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and cannot be combined with other coupons.