EMEET’s New Meeting Capsule Is An Intelligent 3-In-1 Webcam For Video Meetings

Author: Mark Sparrow

We’ve all grown used to using our laptops for video meetings over the past couple of years when so many of us have been working from home. But now that many of us are drifting back to the office, things are going to have to change. The combination of the pandemic and the push by many companies to reduce carbon footprints means traveling all over the world to hold face-to-face meetings is going to become less frequent events.

We are all going to have to get used to holding remote video meetings across time zones, and we need easy and affordable ways of linking up two meeting rooms, often on the different sides of the globe. Those video meetings must show clear images, pick up everyone’s voice effectively, as well as enable everyone taking part to be able to interact effectively.

To make remote meetings with multiple participants in multiple meeting rooms more effective, EMEET has developed the Meeting Capsule. This is a three-in-one videoconferencing solution that delivers high-quality video feed and clear audio for business and home-office users, as well as those who want a premium meeting room webcam.

Featuring a high-resolution 1080p camera, an array of eight omnidirectional microphones, plus a full-duplex audio system with 10W of amplification. The Meeting Capsule contains some of EMEET’s latest technological innovations and has been specifically designed to boost the effectiveness of online meetings by offering the best remote collaboration experience. This enables users to adapt to the new business reality where hybrid working has to mesh with round-table meetings without affecting the effectiveness of the communication process.

The EMEET Meeting Capsule uses hardware and software technologies for video recording, streaming, and broadcasting in a single three-in-one webcam. It has five operating modes. Collaboration mode stitches together images of the various participants in the meeting. Speech Mode shows an overall panorama of the meeting room as well as a close-up of the current speaker. Classic Mode encompasses everyone in a group shot while Spotlight Mode focuses only on the person currently speaking. Finally, privacy mode swivels the camera lens downwards and mutes all the microphones so that private consultations can take place.

The physical design of the EMEET Meeting Capsule is genuinely impressive. It’s an incredible piece of industrial design that enables users to record 360-degree views with all-around HD live videos. This automatic feature removes the need to reposition the camera so that everyone is included in the shot. With auto framing and face-tracking technology, the person speaking remains center shot.

A mic array and a full-duplex audio system use AI-powered Voice IA 4.0 technology to suppress and filter out unwanted noises in the room such as air-conditioning units. The eight microphones can pick up speech from all around while a voice recognition feature can automatically optimize each speaker’s audio quality by leveling up the gain when anyone is speaking with a softer voice.

The EMEET Meeting Capsule’s camera is fully adjustable on two axis – up and down, forward and backward – giving users maximum flexibility to position the camera, whether that be on a conference table, mounted on a screen or secured to a wall. Users can change the camera angle and position by using the EMEET PC application or supplied remote control. There are even buttons on the unit that can be used to line up the perfect framing for a meeting. For privacy protection, the Meeting Capsule can switch off the camera and microphones with a single button.

When in use, the EMEET Meeting Capsule operates in four video modes and is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS as well as a wide range of meeting applications including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Skype and Google Hangouts. The Meeting Capsule doesn’t require a software driver and all the adjustments and operations are run by the device’s onboard firmware.

Verdict: The EMEET Meeting Capsule is a very effective meeting solution for round table meetings. It offers an all-around view and can intelligently frame speakers. There’s an array of eight noise-canceling microphones onboard and the Meeting Capsule processes voices of all volumes to ensure a consistent level. Compared to a regular webcam, the EMEET Meeting Capsule is quite expensive but it’s still quite a bit cheaper than some of the turnkey meeting room solutions on sale from the big names in video conferencing.

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