EMEET S600 Webcam Delivers A Sharper Image And Privacy

Author: Mark Sparrow

Many laptops come with a webcam that’s not much more impressive than a CCTV camera when it comes to sharpness and even exposure. If you take part in many video meetings, it’s possibly worth upgrading your webcam with a better-quality external model that will deliver a higher-resolution image.

The EMEET S600 is a 1080P webcam fitted with a 4K UHD sensor which is then downsampled to produce sharp and well-exposed images. The S600 can deliver 60 frames per second for a more fluid and natural image than many built-in webcams. Thanks to the 4K sensor, this webcam can be digitally zoomed into a narrower field of view without sacrificing image quality.

The build quality of this new webcam is a bit on the light side. Still, it seems well put together and has a very handy physical privacy shutter to ensure that even if your system is hacked, no one can view through the webcam unless you twist the lens barrel to open the shutter.

At the rear of the S600, there’s a USB-C port for connecting to the host computer. EMEET produces its own eMeetLink software for macOS and Windows, which opens a whole raft of settings for adjusting the exposure levels, color balance, sharpness and frames per second. The software can also update the S600’s firmware whenever a new version is released. The S600 can also work without the software on most operating systems that recognize a standard webcam.

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