The Ultimate Office Video Conference Camera: EMEET Meeting Capsule Review


 Author: Tech4All


EMEET Meeting Capsule is a 3-in-1 conference camera. It's great for meetings and supports different angles of view. Check out the full review showing a lot of real life footage and covering all the pros and cons about this camera.

Main Features

  • AI capable camera

    Specialized into framing multiple users by using a single device. It is highly suitable for corporate clients faciliating online meetings with more participants.

  • 3-in-1 device

    Capsule hosting an ultra wide camera angle backed by the latest EMEET AI algorithms. It also includes, an inbuilt 360 speaker, an integrated array of 8 microphones.

  • Plug and play function

    Launch meetings instantly without the need for cell phones or WI-FI.

  • Lens protection

    The lens are pointing downwards when the device are turned off, to profect the lens from dust and accidental impact with other objects.

  • Simple operation

    Meeting Capsule has 5 different meeting modes and it can operate by a dedicated remote control.

  • Meeting mode includes

    Collaboration mode
    Speech mode
    Classic mode
    Spotlight mode
    InPrivate mode

EMEET Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule is a 360° conference camera that offers face-to-face quality experience for group-to-group(one) remote meetings.

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