This New S600 Webcam from EMEET Promises Sharper Images and Clearer Sound

Author: Mark Sparrow

If the webcam in your laptop could do with an upgrade, this new deluxe model from EMEET might be a good choice. The company has just announced the S600, a 1080P webcam fitted with a 4K UHD sensor to produce higher-quality images than a regular webcam. The new model also offers 60fps for smoother images. And because the S600 has a 4K sensor, it can provide 1080p quality images even when zoomed in for a narrower field of view.

The S600 webcam is aimed at Zoom users and livestreamers who want to upgrade their webcams. The new model has two noise-canceling microphones and a lens with an 88° wide-angle view. As you’d expect from this level of kit, the S600 has autofocus and automatic exposure functions for sharper images and balanced pictures.

A built-in privacy cover on the S600 can be closed simply by rotating the lens when the webcam is not in use. The S600 doesn’t need additional drivers, although its various advanced settings can be tweaked using the eMeetLink software. The software includes four effects filters and the webcam can be used with macOS 10.10 and above, Windows XP and above, Linux, Zoom, OBS, Xsplit, YouTube, Twitch, and most other apps that can support a standard webcam.

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