EMEET Office Core M2 Max Speakerphone Solution


 Author: Laptop Retrospective


While not everyone needs this device, if you are, there are quite a few features to be had in this EMEET speakerphone M2 Max.

Main Features

  • Unboxing

    The box uses a slipcase design. We've got a nice pull tab to store our accessory and a long USB type A to C cable.

  • Setup and Use

    There have some buttons on the top of the device. Can use these buttons to check the battery life, adjust the volume, turn on/off the VoiceIA, etc.

  • Music/Audio Test

    The speaker volume no concerns there it easily reaches the 89 decibels. It is lound enough and clear.

  • Microphone Test

    I always like to test the device on Linux system. It can be used on the this system, that means it can work with evey system. 


EMEET Conference Speaker M2 Max

Size Max. Sound quality Max. Battery life Max. For maximized productivity of remote group Working.

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