Review for EMEET Geniuscall HS150, Bluetooth Headset with Microphone and ANC Noise Cancelling


 Author: Tech ET


I will review this EMEET geniuscal Call HS150, a Bluetooth Headset with Microphone and ANC Noise Cancelling.

Main Features

  • What is in the box

    1. A HS150 Headset

    2. A carrying bag

    3. A USB dongle

    4. A USB cable

    5. A safety guide

    6. A user manual

  • Foldable

    It can be folded to be a smaller shape.

  • LED Indicator

    There is an LED that indicates the battery status. And when it is connected successfully, it also will indicate you.

  • Audio Quality

    I tested its quality by listening music, that's cool.

  • Noise Canceling

    The noise canceling function is so amazing. I make some noise in the room, but when I wearing the headset, I really can't here any background noise.

  • Comfortable

    It offers the greatest comfort. Memory foam padding and soft protein leather touch the skin without squeezing my ears. 



EMEET GeniusCall HS150 is a wireless over-ear noise-canceling headphone with microphones that provide you with ultimate comfort and long-time listening up to 48 hours. The best choice for clear calls in the noisy open office.

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