VoiceCore Dual-Channel
Noise Cancellation Technology

What is VoiceCore
Noise Cancellation Technology?

VoiceCore is the latest ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) algorithm self-developed by EMEET and exclusive to EMEET open-ear headphone series. Specially developed for voice calls, the VoiceCore algorithm is able to cancel close-end noise up to 50dB and far-end noise up to 30dB, ensuring a clearer coversation and smooth collaboration.

Dual-Channel Noise Cancellation

While traditional ENC focuses merely on cutting down the environmental noises around you during voice calls, to ensure a clearer communication like no other, EMEET introduces the far-end noise cancellation technology into traditional ENC, enabling cancelling environmental noises either from your site (the close-end) and the other side you're talking to (the far-end).

Close-End Noise Cancellation

When you're talking with VoiceCore technology enabled, the environmental noises around you will be depressed so that the other side can hear you clearly.

Far-End Noise Cancellation

When the other side's talking, the environmental noises from their side will be depressed by VoiceCore so that you can clearly hear what they're talking about.

Types of Noises Cancelled by VoiceCore

Steady-State Noises

In our daily lives, we often come across various types of background noise such as the sounds of traffic, HVAC systems, and other appliances or the hustle and bustle of a crowd. However, using deep learning technology, VoiceCore can effectively identify, isolate, and suppress these steady-state noises, providing clear and accurate communication for effective collaboration and seamless interactions.

Transient Noises

Transient noises, including sounds of knocking, doors slamming, car horns, and more, can be disrupting and distracting. When there're no conversation going, these kind of noises will be completely cut. While the conversation is going on, transient noises will be depressed moderately to ensure that clear communication is not compromised.

See and Hear How VoiceCore Performs

Original Audio Signal
Other Open-Ear headphone Audio Signal
EMEET AirFlow Audio Signal with VoiceCore