EMEET at CES 2023

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The biggest tech event——CES, finally kicked off at Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC), NV, the United States, on 5th January 2023.

This time, EMEET is again attending CES 2023 with their flagship product EMEET Meeting Capsule and the new concept of Meeting Capsule Pro. Also, the entire speakerphone and webcam series are on the show. The whole booth can be split into four sections. Each section has different types of products on display. Let's take a look!

Section 1: Streaming Webcam Series

The EMEET StreamCam ONE is EMEET's first-ever camera designed for live streaming. This is the first time StreamCam ONE has been made public, meaning that EMEET has officially entered the field of live broadcasting. This time, EMEET aimed at the pain points in the live broadcast process, such as excessive equipment, cumbersome wires, and complicated operations. It used its experience and accumulation in audio and video technology to create a multi-camera wireless streaming media live broadcast solution for the host. It can realize the wireless connection and multi-camera switching of three devices at the same time. At the same time, users can push real-time images to major live broadcast platforms by using the function of one-click streaming.

Section 2: Meeting Capsule Pro Demonstration

In 2022, EMEET launched a flagship product, EMEET Meeting Capsule, which subverts the field of innovative conferences. It is an all-in-one high-end conference device integrating an intelligent 360° flip lens, 8-microphone array, 10W high-fidelity speaker and exclusive audio and video algorithm of EMEET. It has collaboration mode, speech mode, classic mode, spotlight mode and InPrivate mode, etc. Various functional options provide a perfect one-stop solution for online/remote meetings.

Based on EMEET Meeting Capsule, EMEET launched its upgraded version at CES - EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro. The upgraded version adopts the industry-leading binocular fisheye splicing structure design, which improves the video image quality to ultra-high-definition 4K resolution. Also, it can capture the details of participants and meeting rooms more clearly so that remote participants can also have an immersive meeting experience.

Section 3: Speakerphone Series

The display stand shows the entire speakerphone from M0 to the latest product of M3. Also, two new products are displayed on the stand: the M0 Plus and Luna Plus Meeting Kit.

Section 4: Webcam Series

The Webcam series displayed all the EMEET's webcams. The hottest-selling EMEET SmartCam C960 is also included. The C960 has high-quality imaging, audio pickup, and crystal clear speaker and, with its reasonable price, makes it the hottest selling product standing out from the entire series.

If you have the time and are near the event, we recommend you visit the CES 2023 and take a tour around our booth. You will be amazed by our latest display products. Coming visit between 5th~8th January at Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC) at booth #19153.

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