Hybrid Classroom Solutions And Equipment

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With the development of science and technology, the influence of information technology on the education industry is increasing. In the education industry, technology is not only a simple multimedia device and technical means but also a brand-new teaching concept. Education has expanded from traditional teacher-centred to student-centred and gradually changed from focusing on results to concentrating on results. Process, as one of the most essential and core components of the school teaching process, the high-tech classroom is the best place to apply modern information technology to the field of education. At present, major countries and regions in the world regard classrooms as the leading positions for students' learning, experimentation, operation and innovation ability training. In traditional teaching, teachers often face a lot of complex, tedious, unattractive, and difficult to adapt to the modern information technology application environment and other problems.

Physical Structure of Classroom

The system will comprehensively consider specific needs and site conditions according to different classroom functional requirements for proper planning and space utilization. The space layout of the classroom should fully consider the rationality of classroom function division and equipment configuration. Appropriate setting according to the teaching content, the number of students, and the number of classrooms: appropriate setting of multimedia equipment such as computers according to the number of classrooms; reasonable selection of blackboard height, font size, colour, etc.; appropriate setting of multimedia projectors; teaching courseware and auxiliary equipment according to course standards Teaching Supplies.

Application of Multimedia Technology

The application of multimedia teaching equipment enables teachers to conduct language teaching. Teachers can display, communicate and discuss what they have learned in classroom teaching to improve students' ability to think about problems and communicate and cooperate. The traditional classroom is the concentrated expression of students' learning styles and learning spaces. Because traditional classroom resources are few, limited, and not rich enough to achieve equality for everyone, teachers do not give students timely feedback; there is a lack of interactive opportunities.

Hybrid Classroom Layouts For Effective Learning

The traditional teaching model often adopts the model of "large classrooms, many people, and small desks". Although this model can bring great convenience to students, it also has relatively serious operational difficulties and professional requirements for teachers. And it also brings some trouble to teach. In response to this situation, under the current background of education reform and development, interactive teaching is vigorously promoted in the school education system, and application of multimedia in education is thoroughly used for interactive teaching to make teaching more lively. Therefore, it is proposed to build a variety of teaching modes, such as "multimedia classrooms" and "network classrooms" in the school, to solve various problems encountered in traditional teaching effectively.

Essential Equipment List For Hybrid Classrooms

Remote classrooms have been popularized in ordinary schools in many areas, and it is also a way for many parents to consider how their children will carry out teaching activities in schools. If you and your children are going to take distance classes in the future, then you need to consider this issue. First of all, you must have basic teaching equipment: computers, wireless networks, camera, etc.

1. Computer

The computer is the most vital equipment to conduct an online seminar, but with the development of technology, many people are using their mobile phones to attend online seminars. However, using a mobile phone has a significant limiting factor of small screens. Students may not be able to see the information shown by the teachers. Therefore, using a computer would be the ideal equipment for online seminars.

2. Hybrid Classroom Software

Teachers can carry out remote education through the Internet, so installing a video system is recommended to ensure smooth video playback without stuttering. There is a software called: Distance Education Cloud Video System. Its function is to allow teachers and students to see the video of their school anytime, anywhere. There is other meeting software suitable for hybrid classrooms, such as Zoom Meeting, one of the market's most shared best video conferencing software. The Zoom Meeting software also has a recording function available. Therefore, teachers can save the seminar to post it on the shared cloud and enable the students to later review for revision purposes. Furthermore, other software has recording functions, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, etc.

3. Hybrid Classroom Hardware

You can separate the hybrid meeting hardware into two categories-- Teacher's equipment and student's equipment. Teachers would require much better video conferencing camera than students as the teachers would need to elaborate on the educational information and deliver it to the students. Therefore, the Teacher would require higher-quality video conferencing camera for the students to see and hear clearly. On the other hand, the student would need a standard external webcam with a microphone and speakerphone, as the student would need to listen to the Teacher clearly and occasionally interact with the Teacher. The main reason for choosing an external webcam is that it can deliver quality video sound with great features and functions like light sensitivity, Field of view, Auto-Focus, and Resolution. In contrast, cheap built-in webcams have lower video quality but do not require additional expenses.

Video Conferencing In The Classroom

The EMEET Meeting Capsule would be the most suggested conferencing equipment for teachers, as the Meeting Capsule is a 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera with 8 microphones and a 90dB Hi-Fi speaker. This allows the student to see the entire classroom, and teachers can freely move around the classroom, like writing on the whiteboard or making a speech while walking around. The Meeting Capsule has a facial tracking system that can locate the current speakers at 360°. Also, the Meeting Capsule can link an additional EMEET OfficeCore M3 speakerphone, which can increase the audio pick up range from 18ft to 36ft.

Another scenario is the teacher conducting an online seminar from their home office, and you would only need to sit by the computer. Then, the latest released product would be suitable for this situation. The EMEET SmartCam S600 is EMEET's first 4K Ultra HD Webcam with a pro-grade sensor that reproduces every detail, delivering lifelike, grain-free images. Therefore, you can select the appropriate video conference equipment based on your needs.

Video Conferencing For Education

For students wise, the EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro is suggested, as is the C980 Pro at a reasonable price with high-quality 1080p video resolutions with 4 omni-directional Mics and 2 professional 81dB Speakers. It has a 90° FOV angle, so the teachers can see clearly what the student is up to and see whether the student is paying attention to the seminar. The 2 professional speakers enable the student to hear the teacher.

nother suggested equipment would be the EMEET SmartCam C970L. It is an autofocus camera with a built-in fill light that streams videos in 1080P Full HD resolution at a frame rate of 60fps and is equipped with 2 noise-cancelling mics. The price of the C970L is lower than the C980 Pro, but the quality matches the C980 Pro. Therefore, the C970L is also recommended.


To conclude, with the emergence of new classrooms and the introduction of various new high-tech equipment, the quality and effectiveness of teaching in primary and secondary schools have been greatly improved. Based on this, a new generation of campus information system "smart classroom" is gradually emerging in around the globe. All kinds of equipment and functions used in remote classrooms are connected to the wireless network through technical means. This enables video and real-time conferencing to train students and teachers in the classroom. At the same time, it can extend remote multimedia classrooms to more districts and schools. It not only injects new vitality into the development of educational information but also brings about significant changes in the field of education and brings excellent help and promotion to the innovation of teaching mode, teaching content and teaching method. In the future, remote multimedia classrooms will be better applied in various regions.

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