EMEET StreamCam One unveiled: the true wireless streaming camera

Those who live stream tons of content or who record videos for various platforms often have to pay an arm and a leg for a proper camera, and then a ton more money on microphones and so on. The brand new EMEET StreamCam One, however, is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a single device to perform all jobs perfectly.

The EMEET StreamCam One is currently available in a pre-sale campaign but will have its widespread launch in May 2023.

8 things you'll love about the EMEET StreamCam One

There is more than meets the eye with the EMEET webcam. Besides the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous and compact, it's also a solid piece of technology you'll want to get your hands on.

1. Award-winning design

This is a sleek camera that can record videos and stream them online easily. The way StreamCam One looks was actually recognised and rewarded with the Red Dot Award for design in an international competition for product design, communication design, and design concepts.

2. Supports live streaming

The EMEET StreamCam One is a true wireless camera that supports mobile LTE networks, as well as dual-channel Wi-Fi. You can easily set one of these up for your Zoom meeting, a class you're teaching online, or to record an event or even an interview. Alternatively, you can go for a multi-cam set-up for more complex videos.

The latter is perfect for cooking classes, for instance, where you can focus one camera on you, another on the chopping board, and another on the skillet. It's also ideal if you're teaching sports classes, as setting up multiple devices enables you to catch multiple angles at the same time.

Whatever type of content you want to create, the EMEET StreamCam One is a fantastic choice, enabling you to be a one-person business.

3. Quality video

Another thing we have to mention about the EMEET StreamCam One is that it may be tiny, but it captures great-quality video. Using Sony's 1/2.8-inch sensor, this webcam can capture 1080P images at 30FPS and supports HDR.The images are crystal clear and smooth, so you'll have a great experience from the start.

4. Stream everywhere

Using the EMEET StreamCam One webcam, you can stream your images on every platform that supports the RTMP protocol, from YouTube to Twitch, from Facebook to Zoom, and so on.

If streaming live is not something you want to do, you also have the option of recording the content and editing it at home. The StreamCam One supports microSD cards or other local storage options.

5. Smart app support

You won't be alone on this journey, because there's an app you can download for your device. This tool allows you to start streaming to all major live broadcasting platforms with the tap of a button, enabling you to seamlessly switch between cameras for a better angle.

It's even possible to zoom in and out of the screen during live streaming to improve user experience.

6. No need for microphones

The camera comes with two built-in microphones that will capture everything you say. Then, there's the magnetic clip-on microphone that's located on top of the camera. You can leave that as it is, or you can remove it and attach it to your shirt, or hold it in your hand. It stays connected to the camera up to 10 meters away.

7. All-day use

The EMEET StreamCam One comes with a built-in long-lasting battery that will allow you to stream or record content for up to eight hours. This allows you to pack up in the morning and go anywhere you want to stream your content from, even if that's from the park, nearby the lake, or up the mountain. Wherever you want to go, this camera goes with you.

8. Fits in your bag

With the StreamCam One from EMEET, bag space is not something you'll have to worry about. The camera is tiny and comes with a fantastic case to hold it in, effectively protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Great quality, great price

If all of the above wasn't enough to tempt you, the price of this fantastic EMEET StreamCam One might. Ahead of its launch, you can get an early bird deal that saves you $50 by spending $1.

The code will be sent to your email address, and you can then place your order for the camera for $120, instead of $170. With each order, you'll get a free tripod for your webcam.

If you want to try your luck, there's a campaign running right now on Instagram and Twitter where you can win one of the three StreamCam One webcams for free!

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