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1. What's in the box of Speakerphone M3?

It contains an M3 speakerphone, a carrying bag, a USB cable, a dongle, a safety guide, and a user manual.

Bluetooth Speakerphone M3

2. Device display of EMEET OfficeCore M3

Conference Microphone and Speaker M3

Conference Speaker with Mic

3. How do I turn on M3 Speakerphone?

First, please find the Power Button of your device:

Bluetooth Speakerphone M3

(1) Auto power on

The device will automatically turn on when connecting to a computer, no need to press the power button by yourself.

And the device status indicator will light up steady green, with a prompt tone reminding you.

But this function is only effective when using the USB cable to connect the device.

(2) Manually power on/off

Long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on or turn off the device.

When the device is turned on, the equipment status indicator will flash blue with a prompt tone.

When the device is turned off, the equipment status indicator light will go off with a prompt tone. 

4. How do I connect to Speakerphone M3?

(1) USB Connection

Connect the Conference Microphone and Speaker M3 to your computer by using a USB cable, and it will automatically turn on.

When the connection is successful, the status LED light turns green.

Conference Microphone and Speaker M3

(2) Bluetooth Connection

Conference Speaker with Mic

Connection Steps

Follow the below steps to pair the M3 with your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, or other mobile devices:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speakerphone for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. In the mode, the status indicator turns blue and flashes.
  • Enter the Bluetooth menu of your device, then select M3 from the available devices list. When it is connected successfully, the device status indicator turns steady blue.


    • Short press the Bluetooth button on the M3, and the device status indicator will turn steady white. It means the Bluetooth is turned off and can not be found.
    • In this way, if you short-press the Bluetooth button again, the M3 will be  connected via Bluetooth immediately.
    • Long press the Bluetooth button on the M3, and the device status indicator turns blue and flashes.
    • In this way, to connect via Bluetooth again, you need to enter the Bluetooth menu of your device and select M3 from the available devices list.
    • You can uncheck the Bluetooth switch via the PC tool EMEETLINK to close the Bluetooth function.
    uncheck the Bluetooth switch


      When the device is turned on, Bluetooth will be reconnected to your device(the last connected device) automatically. And there is no need to long-press the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode.

      Uncheck the switch below via the PC tool EMEETLINK to close the auto-reconnect function.

      Uncheck the switch below via the EMEETLINK

      Connect two devices at once via Bluetooth

        For example, you can connect 2 different devices via Bluetooth (and 1 device via USB cable) at once.

        Or connect 1 device via a USB dongle and 1 device via Bluetooth.

        Automatically connect 

          Plug the USB dongle into the computer, the Conference Speaker M3 with Mic will be connected automatically when it is turned on. And the status LED light of USB dongle & M3 will show steady blue.

          (3) USB Dongle Connection

          Bluetooth Speakerphone M3

          Pairing of USB Dongle

            To pair a dongle with your EMEET device, please operate as follows:

            • Insert the dongle into the computer,  and open the Bluetooth of your device.
            • Open the EMEETLINK software.
            • Click the "Search" button, then click M3 from the available list. 
            • When it shows "Connected", the dongle is paired successfully.

            Insert the dongle into the computer

            Note: The dongle slot at the back of the device can keep the dongle safe. 

            keep the dongle safe

            Dongle status

              Dongle status
              During pairing
              Pairing successful
              Reconnection Skype for business incoming call Call going Mute Low battery alarm
              Dongle LED
              Flashes blue rapidly
              Steady Blue
              Flashes blue slowly Flashes green Steady green Steady red Flashes red rapidly

              (4) Headset Connection

              You can connect it to a headset using a 3.5mm headset cable.

              And when the headset is connected, the source LED turns yellow.

              Note: When connecting a headset, the M3's speaker will be automatically muted.

              Conference Microphone and Speaker M3

              5. How to check the power of M3? How to charge it?

              (1) Check battery level

              Short press the power button when the device is turned on.

              And the device status LED turns green to indicate the battery level.

              Check battery level

              When the battery level is too low, the status LED turns red to warn the low battery.

              turns red to warn the low battery

              (2) Charge the device

              Please plug the device into an outlet via a USB cable when the device is turned off.

              When the battery is not fully charged, the status indicator lights up yellow and flashes.

              When the battery is full, the status indicator lights up steady yellow.

               Bluetooth Speakerphone M3

              (3) Battery life and battery capacity

              The M3 has a built-in 5200 mAh battery and when it is fully charged typically supports a 18-hour continuous call.

                It will take about 4-5 hours to get fully charged if you use a regular household outlet.

                But the charging time may vary depending on the remaining battery power and battery condition.

                6. How to use the call button of EMEET OfficeCore M3?

                This function can be used on telephone communication and Skype for business when the device is connected to your mobile/computer.

                • Short press to answer and hang up calls.
                • Long press for 3 seconds to reject calls.

                When you use the device to answer calls, it will automatically play the call through the speaker.

                When you use your phone to answer calls, it will be played on your phone. If you want to play the call via the device, just select it as the speaker device when answering the call.

                Conference Microphone and Speaker M3

                7. How to increase/decrease the volume of of EMEET OfficeCore M3?

                • Short press the "+" / "-" button of the device to increase/decrease the volume of the device.
                • There are 10 sections of the volume.
                • Every time you press the "+" button, the volume number will increase 10.
                • Until press 10 times, it will up to the max volume.

                Also, the device has prompt tone and status LED to remind you.

                By pressing the "+" "-" button, the volume of the prompt tone and status LED turns blue.

                Conference Speaker with Mic

                8. How to mute the microphone of the EMEET M3?

                • Please short press the mute button to mute/unmute the microphone of M3.
                • Just one click to mute the microphone, no need to click the computer interface via mouse.
                • And when the mute function is turned on, there will be a red indicator to remind you.

                 Bluetooth Speakerphone M3

                9. How to use the DOA light function of the device?

                (1) What is DOA?

                DOA: Direction of Arrival. The DOA light indicates the orientation of sounds to achieve human-computer interaction.

                (2) How to turn it on/off?

                • Download and install the EMEET PC tool EMEETLINK.
                • Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable.
                • Open the EMEETLINK software. 
                • Select/unselect the DOA light switch.

                Download and install the EMEETLINK

                (1) What is VoiceIA®?

                • VoiceIA is an EMEET independent research and development acoustic technique. Turning on VoiceIA noise reduction can greatly reduce some noises during meetings, such as keyboard tapping, air conditioning noise, and general unwanted background noise. It can offer crystal-clear audio when you call.
                • The core technologies include reliable full-duplex echo cancellation, microphone array positioning & enhancement, Intelligent voice noise reduction & de-reverberation, and multi-speaker role separation.
                • VoiceIA is turned on by default, which can offer you a quiet conference experience.

                (2) How to turn it on/off?

                • The Voice IA function is turned on by default.
                • Short press the Voice IA button, the function will be turned on/off.
                • When it turns on/off, there will be a prompt tone (Voice IA ON, Voice IA OFF) to remind you.
                • During the call, when VoiceIA is turned on, the DOA LED will turn green. When VoiceIA is turned off, the DOA LED will turn blue.
                • Kindly note, when you make a call at wireless state, there will be no prompt tone. 

                11. How do I daisy chain speakers?

                • The cascade function requires an EMEET daisy chain cable.
                • Turn on 2 devices and connect one of them to the mobile device (using a USB cable, USB dongle, or Bluetooth to connect to the mobile device).
                • Use a daisy chain cable to connect the OUT/LINK ports of each device. 
                • The status indicator turns ice blue when Daisy Chain is connected.
                • After daisy-chain, the device supports meetings of 20 people.

                Note: EMEET Daisy Chain cables must be purchased separately.

                EMEET Daisy Chain cables

                12. How to lock EMEET OfficeCore M3?

                • You can lock the device through the Lock port to prevent theft.

                Note: The LOCK port is of a Kensington type which requires the users to buy a lock otherwise.

                If you are experiencing an echo issue, please first verify whether the echo occurs on your end or on the other side of the call.

                If you hear echoes that match what you're saying, the issue is most likely caused by the device that is being used by your partner on the other end. Please let your partner check the equipment.

                If your partner on the other end complains there have echoes, please check if the following steps can resolve the issue:

                1. Always keep the speakerphone at the latest firmware version.
                2. Please check whether the EMEET M3 is selected for both voice pickup and playback device. devices.
                3. Echo may occur by the environment. Therefore, we advise you to test the device in different environments to further troubleshoot the issue.

                14. What if my device squeals?

                If you're experiencing a squealing issue, please check if the following steps can resolve the issue:

                1. Please check if you're using 2 speakerphones in the same room at the same time (non-cascading situation). If so, please turn off one of the speakerphones.
                2. Please check whether the EMEET speakerphone is selected for both voice pickup and playback device.
                Squealing reason: There are two devices that can pick up and play sound in the same environment, and the sound played by device 1 is large enough and can be picked up by device 2.

                15. Does the EMEET M3 support multi-people?

                Yes, this full-duplex conference microphone with the latest noise reduction algorithm can support meetings with up to 12 people.

                However, please avoid multiple people talking at the same time. Otherwise, the other end of the video conferencing hears will be noisy.