C965 FAQ

1. How can I turn the device on/off?

  • Turn on
Plug the USB-A connector into your computer, the device will automatically turn on.
Then open the software you want to use with the webcam, the device status indicator will show blue.
  • Turn off

Unplug the USB connector to your computer or laptop, the device will automatically turn off.

  • Plug-and-play
supports your computer to recognize the webcam immediately.
    Note: If your computer does not instantly recognize the webcam, try plugging into a different USB port or restarting the computer.

    2. How to install the device on a tripod

      • Look for a 1/4 threaded hole in the bottom of the camera.
      • Twist the pieces together until they are snugly joined.
      • Place your webcam with the tripod anywhere you desire to the best position to frame yourself.



      3. How to install the device on the PC?

        • Place your webcam on a computer, laptop, or monitor at a position you desire.
        • Unfold the universal clip so it fits the top of your monitor or laptop screen.
        • Manually adjust the webcam up/down to the best position to frame yourself.

        4. How to protect my privacy?

        The webcam has an incidental protect privacy cover in the box . Please follow the steps below to install it.
        • Wipe the front of the webcam.
        • Tear off the tape on the cover.
        • Paste the cover onto the front of the webcam.
        • Press and hold the cover firmly for 3s.
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